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  1. sreekes

    Thread [Q] hspa connectivity issue

    My XE connects to Hspa network and will give a good bandwidth around 5 mbps. But the system suddenly drop the speed to some 200 kbps, still showings the hspa connection..I always use wcdma connectivity. Anybody having the issue, know any remedies?:confused:
  2. sreekes

    Thread iCS via OTA for XE in India

    Hi guys, hTC started rolling out the iCS via OTA, some of the XL folks got it already:laugh:. Any body got it for XE??? its too long time am waiting for it, since i got the XE in my hand on last October... Share your status for the Sensation XE..
  3. sreekes

    Thread [Q] sensation xe s-on, hboot 1.18

    From last October xe is in my hand. Am not getting the iCS OTA update, can I get some stock update which doesn't void ma warranty. Am having s-on boot 1.18. Please suggest me a suitable Rom for iCS with sence..:confused: