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  1. OtisFeelgood

    Thread 5 Percent Off Coupon for First Timers

    5% off code works for first time buyers on or Shop Samsung app. Use code ref-ew8hq9 at checkout.
  2. OtisFeelgood

    Thread Honor USA Nougat Beta

    Seems like Honor USA is starting the nougat beta Edit: If you have a dual sim Honor 6X you have to send them both IMEIs
  3. OtisFeelgood

    Thread Opera Mobile 10.1 Released

    You can get it here:
  4. OtisFeelgood

    Thread Doom Live Wallpaper by jgittins

    Toastcfh brought to our(#HTC-EVO on freenode) attention this cool oldschool Doom Live Wallpaper. The wallpaper was created by jgittins and the original thread can be found HERE. Hopefully, we'll see more live wallpapers based on oldschool games(like Zelda from the NES). :D Edit: It can be found...
  5. OtisFeelgood

    Thread PRL 60667

    So I decided to check for a prl update and it updated my prl from 60665 to 60667. My friend did a prl update on his Hero but his is still at 60665. Did anyone else get this new prl? ;o Edit: I'm getting better reception now since the new prl.