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  1. SykoraLukas

    Thread Rooting and custom roms in 2021

    Hey guys. Let's discuss about rooting and custom roms in 2021. Are you rooted? Why or why not? Is it safe to use banking apps on a rooted phone? What is your opinion on the new SafetyNet's hardware attestation? Is using a custom rom still worth it?
  2. SykoraLukas

    Thread Is official TWRP happening?

    Well, the title speaks for itself.
  3. SykoraLukas

    Thread Official LineageOS rom. Is it happening?

    Hey community. Is this sci-fi going to even happen? It looks like there are less devs for lavender than before. And it's worse every day. No, I don't want to use unofficial builds. Someone will maybe say "it's only an official tag dude!". No, it isn't. You MUST strictly abide rules of LOS...
  4. SykoraLukas

    Thread KCAL and MIUI

    Hey guys! Is here any kernel dev that can fix KCAL reseting on MIUI roms after screen lock? The same bug was on RN5 but they fixed it. It only happens on MIUI. Other roms are just fine. I have tried many kernels like: evira, genom, notkernel...
  5. SykoraLukas

    Thread ROMS for Lavender

    Hey, guys. Is there any rom for Lavender that does not require flashing gapps with every rom update? It's kinda annoying to do clean flash every time it's updated.
  6. SykoraLukas

    Thread Which ROM do you prefer?

    Hey guys! Which PIE Rom do you preference for best gaming experiemce? RR 7.0.1 LOS16 PEX AEX ?
  7. SykoraLukas

    Thread Dirac for custom ROM?

    Hey xda people! Is there any way to get "Advanced Settings" app from PIE roms like PE to Oreo Lineage OS? I love the sound modifications from that app even the quality is better, but I don't want to use PIE roms because they are buggy as sh#*t. Thank you
  8. SykoraLukas

    Thread Best custom rom for MIDO?

    Hey guys. Can anyone suggest me a good custom rom for MIDO? I have tried a lot of roms but no e seems perfectly stable yet. I want a good rom with updates.
  9. SykoraLukas

    Thread Rounded corners from EU rom?

    Hi, is there any chance to implement option "rounded corners" into settings from rom to beta global? I don't want to use apps from google play store.
  10. SykoraLukas

    Thread Adding ota support to built rom

    Hi guys! I wonder if there's any dev that can explain me and teach me how to add ota check inside a built rom? Or is there a way to build a simple app that check the rom installed and send you a notification that there's newer version? I don't want to use OTA Updater Center. Thank you guys!
  11. SykoraLukas

    Thread Add OTA to your rom for noobs?

    Hello! Is there any newbie friendly guide for adding ota support for my rom? Do i need to build a ota update checker app or something? Thank you
  12. SykoraLukas

    Thread [Q] Replace system update app?

    Hello! Could someone help me? I want to replace my system updater app. I want to go to the settings, about phone, search for update, and here I want to open the custom update app. How can I do that, please?
  13. SykoraLukas

    Thread Phone won't wake up from lockscreen

    Hello! Is there anyone who can help me? I have ported MIUI8 rom to my device (MT6755 soc.) from Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MT6797) and it boots up, almost everything works, but when I lock the phone, it won't wake up. It's just black screen and i can hear sometimes sounds only. Does anyone knows...