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  1. timothydonohue

    Post [ROM] xXx NoLimits [OOS][OP5/5T] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [Stable & OB Roms]

    what is 'this' ? you can flash xposed during the aroma install. BTW, it would be less confusing to a lot of people if when they're posting problems, they would indicate -flashing nougat or oreo -flashing oreo 'stock' or 'beta' -going encrypted or decrypted. kind of wish OP would stipulate...
  2. timothydonohue

    Post [ROM] xXx NoLimits [OOS][OP5/5T] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [Stable & OB Roms]

    If you'll see my prior posts, you'll see I had this exact issue, and how I fixed it.
  3. timothydonohue

    Post [ROM] xXx NoLimits [OOS][OP5/5T] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [Stable & OB Roms]

    there's a zip in here you can flash, but when i tried to flash it, it didn't work. ymmv
  4. timothydonohue

    Post [ROM] xXx NoLimits [OOS][OP5/5T] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [Stable & OB Roms]

    maybe, but i certainly couldn't 'reflash' the same zip i originally loaded, because it was locked in an encrypted folder that i couldn't get to, after the first flash attempt. ---------- Post added at 08:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:37 PM ---------- but, also don't have the star...
  5. timothydonohue

    Post [ROM] xXx NoLimits [OOS][OP5/5T] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [Stable & OB Roms]

    okay, managed to fix my animation bootloop issues (coming from an earlier nougat install). 1) had to upgrade my twrp from whatever it was to the recommended codeworkx twrp 2) since my files...
  6. timothydonohue

    Post [ROM] xXx NoLimits [OOS][OP5/5T] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [Stable & OB Roms]

    unfortunately, i'm also stuck at the repeating 'boot animation' loop. i did a clean flash, then booted back into recovery and wiped data again, like i was instructed. trying to boot to system just results in a constant loop of of the startup animation. wiping 'data' does nothing. when i did...
  7. timothydonohue

    Post Oneplus 5 issue with h+ network

    here's the solution, guys, because i was running into the same problem here in the states. i'll start with the problem : The IMEI that gets shipped with these phones is not recognized by carriers around the world as being 4G capable, for some reason. SO, when you pop in a sim card, and the...
  8. timothydonohue

    Post [ROM] xXx NoLimits [OOS][OP5/5T] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [Stable & OB Roms]

    do you have decent cell and/or wifi (and presumably Bluetooth, or NFC, or whatever) signal? if your phone is struggling to get a signal, it'll kill battery in no time.
  9. timothydonohue

    Thread so, where to buy in USA without getting price gouged?

    So, I've checked out the pages in blackphantom's list of 'where to buy' ( this phone, but of those sites that I have examined, the prices being charged are all several hundred dollars higher than the base price (supposed to be around five...
  10. timothydonohue

    Post Google Folio Keyboard

    this is the folio page. not sure why you would take it over the other. i love the keyboard as it is, and you can change the angle to suit you, which i do not believe you can do with the folio.
  11. timothydonohue

    Post Sleeves?

    i use this and it works just fine so far. had it a few months.
  12. timothydonohue

    Post [XPOSED] Xposed Pokemon - catch 'em all [17/07/2016][V1.8-Map Added]

    i got mine to work again by sticking with the 'high accuracy' location setting. i had figured that it would jump around if i had it to this, trying to use my wi-fi and phone data plan at home, but it doesn't. seems to be fine taking the module. for anyone getting banned or soft banned, don't...
  13. timothydonohue

    Post [XPOSED] Xposed Pokemon - catch 'em all [17/07/2016][V1.8-Map Added]

    if you're smart enough to use xposed to use this, you should be able to use minmin guard and adaway
  14. timothydonohue

    Post [XPOSED] Xposed Pokemon - catch 'em all [17/07/2016][V1.8-Map Added]

    latest update seems to have broken the module, at least for me. clicking on the map doesn't seem to change the marker location, most of the time. and now pokemon go doesn't recognize the GPS signal feed that the module is supposed to be feeding it. i just get the constant 'gps signal not...
  15. timothydonohue

    Post [XPOSED] Xposed Pokemon - catch 'em all [17/07/2016][V1.8-Map Added]

    this is not a live map of pokemon. this is reported pokemon only, and will not help people in regions where people are not using skiplagged to report. plus, with a respawn of minutes, the map is essentially useless
  16. timothydonohue

    Post [GUIDE] Unlock Bootloader, Install Custom Recovery, and Root the Pixel C (2/4/2016)

    TWRP v 3.0.0-0 both april and may update fail. they say package expects build fingerprint of google/ryu/dragon:6.0.1/somenumber:user/release-keys or google/ryu/dragon:6.0.1/differentnumber:user/release-keys; this device has android/aosp-dragon/dragon:6.0.1/MMB29T/build02070424:eng/test-keys...
  17. timothydonohue

    Post [GUIDE] Unlock Bootloader, Install Custom Recovery, and Root the Pixel C (2/4/2016)

    has anyone managed to get the april update flashed? i tried flashing the zip in twrp, but keep getting errors (the update is expecting to see stock recovery, but doesn't like twrp, I guess)
  18. timothydonohue

    Post How are you enjoying Android N? It's a great software match for the hardware.

    there is a big thread, can't remember if it is stickied, that is either in the general or one of the development forums (for pixel c) that pretty much gives a step-by-step. it's pretty standard fair, for a nexus type device. essentially, you have to use adb and fastboot commands to flash a...
  19. timothydonohue

    Post How are you enjoying Android N? It's a great software match for the hardware.

    haven't updated to N because i don't want to lose key things like xposed. has anyone gotten xposed working on N? even more importantly, are people keeping root access with N? obviously there isn't a custom kernel yet.... i'm really wishing this tablet was more popular with devs, so that...
  20. timothydonohue

    Post Anandtech in depth WiFi testing of the Pixel C ..... It's bad

    meh, xceed kernel here, and no wifi issues. of course, i'm always in a reasonable wifi range. edit: i've been using 5ghz at home, and the 2.4ghz work wifi. i've also used my phone as a wifi hotspot without issue for about 6 hours. i was right next to it, though.
  21. timothydonohue

    Post Please do not let a few people with negative experiences scare you.

    i've had the pixel c a few weeks now, and i think the thing is fantastic. it really is top of the line hardware. yes, i do wish that there were more tablet optimized applications, but... for what i actually use this for, it's perfect. most of the google apps look great (google earth is...
  22. timothydonohue

    Post [GUIDE] Unlock Bootloader, Install Custom Recovery, and Root the Pixel C (2/4/2016)

    twrp won't mount the data partition appropriately. i can push su.img and install superuser.apk while in recovery mode, but when i boot up into android, it keep telling me that i don't have root. so, i can't update superuser or install busybox, and more importantly, i can't install any of the...
  23. timothydonohue

    Post COS 12.1 Full Rom

    this is still based on cyanogen, as was the original.
  24. timothydonohue

    Post [XPOSED][GS5.13.28] Xposed GEL Settings [3.0.1]

    i'm also on 5.1.1, using the alpha 4 xposed for lollipop
  25. timothydonohue

    Post [XPOSED][GS5.13.28] Xposed GEL Settings [3.0.1]

    I paid money, then it said it wasn't enough AND said invalid purchase. I then paid MORE money (which honestly should have been the difference between cost and what I already put in), and it said it was invalid purchase AGAIN. but it still charged me for it. Wtf? Honestly, I want a full...
  26. timothydonohue

    Post [Radio][Modem][5.X.X] Updated Modem and radio files from oxygen os

    it would be nice if everyone in this thread posted who their carrier was, along with whether they saw increases or decreases in reception/speed. i've noticed that my reception has gotten minimally worse since flashing CM12.1 over, but not so bad that i want to flash a new modem only to find...
  27. timothydonohue

    Post [OFFICIAL] MIUI 6 for OnePlus One ! Wait is over !

    4.4.4 ? no thank
  28. timothydonohue

    Post [XPOSED][MODULE][CM11+] EnableCMCallRecording

    for anyone wondering, this seems to work (at least i have the option to record a connected call, under the '3 dot' menu) on android 5.1, at least on cm12.1 for oneplus one, using xposed alpha 3
  29. timothydonohue

    Post [UNOFFICIAL] Systemless Xposed for Android 5.1/6.0 - v86.1 / 20160928 / SDK22/SDK23

    boot loop on cm 12.1, on the oneplus one. i did NOT uninstall modules from prior, only disabled them. just reflashed 12.1 over it again to get out of bootloop, but no xposed for me right now. sad panda face. youtube adaway is a god send. i'll try uninstalling the modules completely. EDIT...
  30. timothydonohue

    Post [17.04][ROM][5.1] CyanogenMOD 12.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    ---------- Post added at 08:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:15 PM ---------- there is no 12s currently, afaik
  31. timothydonohue

    Post How to play movies in Disney Movies Anywhere

    easy way to put vudu on the fire tv? i've basically sideloaded the phone app, and it's been a giant pain to try and get logged on, so far. having to USB connect a mouse just to navigate the app. suggestions?
  32. timothydonohue

    Post Fire TV Side Loader APP [Android]-[Version 1.5.15][Now Supporting Marshmallow ]

    seems like a great app, but it doesn't see all my phone apps, only a few of them. what's up with that?
  33. timothydonohue

    Post OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap back cover invite available!

    really? a 30% thanks to post ratio? i'm sure that your invite is now gone, but i've been here WAY longer than the silly thanks system was even invented, and had well over a thousand posts posts prior to its start. this 'ratio' requirement is biased against me.
  34. timothydonohue

    Post What kind of Evil companies are Micromax and Cyanogen?

    legal injunction. micromax has a legitimate contract in india. personally, also not very impressed with CM pulling this sh!t. i don't think stabbing partners in the back is a good way to start a company.
  35. timothydonohue

    Thread delete this thread

    mistakenly linked to the store, which still needs a stupid invite
  36. timothydonohue

    Post Finally! You can buy bamboo style swaps

    ---------- Post added at 05:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:52 PM ---------- case != back. i don't need anything to make this phone bigger
  37. timothydonohue

    Post Finally! You can buy bamboo style swaps

    80 bucks? that's 30 dollars more than original, and almost a quarter of the cost of the phone. **** that.
  38. timothydonohue

    Post [APP] [LIFESTYLE] Velocity - Pay at Restaurant

    can i use google wallet to pay? paypal can suck my left nut. they're a despicable company with which to do business, and i refuse to establish another account with them.
  39. timothydonohue

    Post [APP][2.3+][Xposed][Youtube AdAway]

    Not working for me after recent YouTube update either. I'm on version 2.1.3
  40. timothydonohue

    Post [HOWTO] enable both in-app and lockscreen rotation on 11S (33R, 38R, 44S, 05Q)

    lol, much appreciated. i totally forgot about that post, and was just updating the thread.
  41. timothydonohue

    Post [KERNEL][22/10][CM][3.4.110][UBER5.2] ☆ AK ☆ [v. 311]

    i still haven't heard why we went back to separate kernels, instead of unified kernel...i'm assuming it's because CM is making changes that are not sympatico with 11s
  42. timothydonohue

    Post [KERNEL][22/10][CM][3.4.110][UBER5.2] ☆ AK ☆ [v. 311]

    ak, i jumped on the unified kernel, but now notice you've split them up again. what gives? i liked the idea of a unified kernel. i'm guessing that CM must have changed some commits, or whatever, (possibly based on the new L SDK release?), and that's why OPO stock is separate again. how...
  43. timothydonohue

    Post dbrand glass

    not sure why you would want to replace the sandstone black. it's a stand out. maybe you're tired of it, but a lot of people are envious. replace the silk white, sure. not sandstone black.
  44. timothydonohue

    Post [MOD][CM11S][CM11] Dynamic OnePlus One Lockscreen Mod - Updated [04-10-2014]

    how does your mod play with the new 38R OTA for the 11S ? new lockscreen is gradient, and looks fantastic, but a theme matched gradient may also be pleasant.
  45. timothydonohue

    Post [HOW TO] install new 38R OTA if you have modified custom lockscreen already

    ah, you're right. i fixed my link to the post with the modified script. in order to delete the file cmkeyguard.apk, you need a file browswer with root access. i use es file explorer (among others).
  46. timothydonohue

    Thread [HOW TO] install new 38R OTA if you have modified custom lockscreen already

    Before you do anything else, make a backup. do it now. don't even read anything else until you've done that. seriously. stop reading. make a back up. you reading this means you're getting ready to start flashing things when you don't know if it will work. download the modified script OTA...
  47. timothydonohue

    Post [KERNEL][22/10][CM][3.4.110][UBER5.2] ☆ AK ☆ [v. 311]

    you don't need flashify, if you have the phone plugged into the computer and have fastboot. but, flashify is easy/nice if you have the img on your phone