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  1. Wetzel402

    Thread Help with MobileIron

    Hi all, My company uses MobileIron MDM and I would like to confirm that I should be able to unlock my bootloader and install TWRP without causing MobileIron to flag my device. Thoughts? If that much would work, I could at least make Nandroid backups and experiment with MobileIron + root or...
  2. Wetzel402

    Thread Features - discussion and suggestions

    I wanted to start a discussion about features and suggestions. My initial suggestion is to add a scroll bar. When the mouse is used a scroll bar should be shown on the active window. Clicking and dragging is not intuitive when using a mouse.
  3. Wetzel402

    Thread Moto 360 generic charging cradle

    It seems some people claim the Moto 360 charging cradle fits the Founder. Can anyone confirm this? There are many generic ones available on Amazon and Ebay. Update: I purchased a charger from Amazon figuring I could return it if it didn't work. Well, I am happy with my purchase. The Founder...
  4. Wetzel402

    Thread [CSS][UI][Phonegap][HTML]Share your CSS/HTML

    I thought I would start a thread were developers could share UI information. I am working with a "Google cards" style layout: .card { position:relative; -moz-border-radius: 1px; border-radius: 1px; -webkit-box-shadow: 0 8px 6px -6px black; -moz-box-shadow: 0 8px 6px -6px black...
  5. Wetzel402

    Thread Difference between Themer and Buzz laucher?

    I have been running Buzz laucher for some time now and just recently got a beta code to use Themer. My question would be what are the differences? So far I feel they are quite similar with the exception of Buzz having more features because it has been around longer. Thoughts?
  6. Wetzel402

    Thread XML parsing-best method, general discussion

    I am relatively new to programing and have been teaching myself as I go. I am trying to now integrate ESPN's API into my app which outputs XML data. I have done enough research to understand that I need to use an XML parser and that the XML can be displayed as a list view or web view by adding...
  7. Wetzel402

    Thread [Q] nvflash/APX mode help

    Calling all developers with extensive knowledge of NVflash :D I know NVflash commands but I have never tried to run NVflash on a device with an encrypted bootloader nor have I had to try to source all the necessary files so I have some questions. 1. Would the following command be correct...
  8. Wetzel402

    Thread [Root][CWM][Unbloat] A200 one click tools

    Hi everyone, Today we have a one click root tool and an unbloat tool. Both work very well and I in no way take credit for these tools. First off is SimpleTool by hbwelch. This tool creates a one click bootloader unlock, root, and clockworkmod CWM recovery. It works great and I have tested...
  9. Wetzel402

    Thread Disable charge led CWM flashable zip

    Hello everyone, I am trying to create a CWM flashable zip that will disable the charge led. My wife hates the led shinning all night long on the bedside table. Consider this a 1.0 version that does not work. Any help correcting the zips would be greatly appreciated...
  10. Wetzel402

    Thread Guide - Backup and restore via nvflash mode

    Hi everyone, Without further ado, here is a guide to backup and restore your DS7 in nvflash mode. Scripts where modified from existing scripts for another device. Thank you to whoever created it. Note: be prepared, the output files are about 15 - 20 GB in size Guide: 1. Prepare your...
  11. Wetzel402

    Thread BlueStacks Beta - editing the "boot" animation

    Hi everyone, I decided to create a quick guide and place to share your custom BlueStacks boot animations. Quick Guide: The boot or loading screen is made up of two different files. One is a static PNG image the other is a GIF animation. Both files are found in C:/ > Program Files (x86) >...
  12. Wetzel402

    Thread Safe Strap dual boot recovery for DS7?

    For the developers out there, how possible would it be to port hashcodes safe strap recovery over to the DS7? It would be great to have 2 systems for debug and testing purposes. Any thoughts and discussion on the topic please? :D
  13. Wetzel402

    Thread Flash clockwork recovery in fastboot?

    Hi everyone, This is probably a dumb question and possibly answered though I can't find it. Is it possible to flash cwm to the Bionic in fastboot? I see everyone using the bootstrap mod but was curious if a cwm image could be flashed instead via fastboot. If this is not possible could...