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    Thread Xprivacy LUA dont hide?

    Hello! i have an RN8P with A9 rooted and installed Xprivacy lua for hide from a game and im selected all filter but even im play as guest and im uninstalled and installed again it show me the same account? why? whats im wrong???
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    Thread Its possible to ROOT "second space" on RN8P?

    Hello guys! I have rooted my RN8P with A9 and i was wondering if is possible to root "second space" too or the root still already there because i already rooted my phone?
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    Thread MI Unlock Tool Problem

    Hello guys! I ROOTED and unlocked many time my RN8P (already waited 168 in the past) and now after couple month im decided to do a fresh install BUT when im downloaded "miflash_unlock-en-" for unlock my phone he telled me again to wait 168 hr....why? This is the first time he ask me to...
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    Thread After i changed magisk name the icon disappeared?

    I have A9 EEA rooted and after i changed the magisk name to "manager" like u can see from the screenshot from his config the icon that normal? Because i have an S7 EDGE rooted with OREO and changed also the name ma the magisk icon still there...why??? EDIT: im forgot to say...
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    Thread Cant delete system app with ROOT?

    Hi! I have A9 EEA rooted couple days ago and trying to uninstall system app like MI video etc etc but everytime im try to uninstall with lucky patcher he told me i need ROOT but my phone is already rooted....any tip???
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    Thread Redmi Note 8 PRO custom recovery / ROOT [HELP]

    Hi guys! I have an Redmi Note 8 PRO with official ROM EEA V11.0.3.0.PGGEUXM (Android 9) installed with bootloader already unlocked! Im tryed many guide online but everytime im try to install an custom recovery my phone bootloop with that recovery -----> twrp-3.4.0-0-begonia.img so there is any...
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    Thread Cant rename Magisk on my Redmi Note 8 PRO

    Hi! Like the title said i have an redmi note 8 pro with ANDROID 9 stock firmware rooted but while im try to change the name of magisk i recive an error and dont let me change the name and also my CTS profile is false.... Someone can help me pls?
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    Thread Downgrade redmi note 8 pro to OREO?

    Hi Like the title said i want to know if its possible to downgrade my RN8P to oreo (if yes how) because on A9 my CTS profile its false and i have tryed to change fingerprint too without success.... im waiting your answer guys ty
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    Thread ROOT Redmi Note 8 PRO [HELP]

    Hi guys!!! Like the title said i have and Redmi Note 8 PRO with android 10 and i want root it.... I have tryed many guides without success so i have downgrade my phone to android 9.... Its possible to root in both android 9 and android 10??? If yes can you give me both guides??? also witch is...
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    Thread Stock rom custom installation

    Hello!!! There is a way to install a stock rom or custom rom where i can chose before the installation wich app i want to install??? Because im tryed to uninstall some of system app like play music samsung pay etc etc but it become unstable so i want a rom with minimal installation possible to...
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    Thread Uninstall system app

    Hi! I have rooted my S7 EDGE and i want to uninstall some pre-installed app!!! I know i can freeze but i want to keep much possible clean my phone... this is the app i want to uninstall tell me what i can uninstall and what no pls!! samsung member e-mail samsung health S-voice galaxy app Chrome...
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    Thread Problem with root on my s7 Edge

    Hello!!! Yesterday after more than 2 years im decided to ROOT my s7 edge and put a custom rom called LineageOS but im uninstalled after some time because i dont like it!!! Then im decided to install again the ufficial firmware and downloaded from "SamMobile" and inside this ZIP file i find it...
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    Thread [Help] Problem download data game while my S7 edge is in stanby!!!

    Hi!!! Like the title said while im trying to download certain game for my S7 edge and i put my phone in stanby it stop to download it....i can download only if my phone is NOT in stanby why? is a common problem or is only my problem? its strange because is activate by default activation date in...