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    Post [Kernel][7.0/7.1.1][J700F/H/M]QUANTUM KERNEL V1

    Another Awesome Kernel by prashant sar :laugh: :good:
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    Post [ROM][7.1.1][J700F/H/M]Advanced 8 Port V4.1 [DISCONTINUED]

    Thanks for your hard work and this awesome rom :good: :laugh:
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    Post [ROM][7.1.1][J700F/H/M]Advanced 8 Port V4.1 [DISCONTINUED]

    Thanks for your work and this awesome rom ;) waiting for link :cowboy:
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    Post {offical} dna note 8 v1 {stable}

    Best bugless flagship port :laugh: Thanks for your Hardwork and this awesome rom :good: :cool:
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    Post [ROM][7.1.1][V2.0] ON5_PRO Port ROM For J7(5)(J700H/F/M)

    Was waiting for this rom :D Thanks for Your Hardwork:cool: and this awesome rom:good::good:
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    Post [ROM][N - 7.1.1][V1] ENIGMA UX ROM For j7(5)(J700H/F/M)

    Awesome rom bro thanks for your hardwork good to see you again
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    Post [offical] dna zero extreme

    Thanks for your hardwork bro:) dna rom always awesome? waiting for download link !??
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    looks great and stable Thanks for your hardwork downloading
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    Post How to Use Always On Display On Hyperian NN Rom J7(5) By Alloosh98....

    you say working like charn it drains battery like charm overnight
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    Post [ROM][7.0][V2][HYPERION FIRST TW NOUGAT ROM FOR j7 2015]

    Front flash fixed via addon zip ---------- Post added at 01:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:06 PM ---------- You need to decompile systemui apk and edit res value and recompile and sign and place in priv apps