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  1. Roeni

    Thread Red exclamation mark when going to recovery

    Hi there, I recently flashed KitKat to my one used the pre-rooted RUU. (I am S-OFF with SuperCID) After that I tried to get into recovery, just to see if its working. But when I click on RECOVERY with the power button after some seconds a red exclamation mark shows up (see attachment). So I...
  2. Roeni

    Thread Camera rotation problem (CM10.1)

    Hi there, as you know the pictures taken with stock camera on 10.1 are rotated by 90 degrees. So I decided to play around with some config files. I found /etc/nvcamera.conf where one parameter is for orientation. Default for back-cam is 90 After the first modification not the taken picture...
  3. Roeni

    Thread "GSM Only" option in ICS?

    Is der any option in ICS to disable 4G/3G networks to only use GSM/EDGE? In Gingerbread this was possible :-/
  4. Roeni

    Thread [Q] Taking Screenhots

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is some easy way to take screenshots. Other Samsung devices have a shortcut for this: The Glide seems not to have. So is there any other way? E.g. by...
  5. Roeni

    Thread [Q] Strange HW-Keyboard behavior

    Hi, im using the i927 with OsiMood-Rom. Today its the second time, that my hardware keyboard behaves a bit strange: - When I press "e" the Email App opens - When I press "b" the browser opens First time I got it "repaired" with a reboot, for now a re-open of the keyboard helped. What is going...