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    Post Getting access to recovery combination(FTM mod)

    It can't use for imei recording, please don't try imei recording, imei won't work
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    Post Change Wifi , BT , IMEI , Serial Number of any mtk android phone .

    Does anyone know the Serial number it is located on and what partition the hex code is, thank all
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    Post Sonim XP8 (Root?)

    how to unlock sim card, ATT version XP880 thank all
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    Post [ROM] [Unofficial] [R] Lineage 18.1 G8X Thinq (mh2lm)

    Can you say in more detail, go to Lineage recovery then choose which option, I went to Lineage recovery but don't know how, choose update adb?
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    Post [ROM] [Unofficial] [R] Lineage 18.1 G8X Thinq (mh2lm)

    How to flash gapps to G8X, I can only flash rom, can't flash gapps, flash successfully but still start without ch play or go to main rom lg
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    Post LG V60 LMV600EA rooted

    yes i am testing that, but i need files from unlocked device bootloader, not extract from kdz
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    Post LG V60 LMV600EA rooted

    I need the file from the device with successfully unlocked the bootloader, not the word kdz, if the word kdz it is too simple, I have had it for a long time
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    Post LG V60 LMV600EA rooted

    Can you back up partitions like abl_a, abl_b, xbl_a, xbl_b, xbl_a_config, xbl_b_config and post the link here, I will be able to root other models
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    Post [ROM] ZTE Axon M Stock Firmware/Firehose

    I use the docomo version but converted to china, I use firehose and go back to the docomo but can't flash, someone help me
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    Post ATT G8x Firmware Dumps

    Need dump full G8X ATT, thank all, I need all partitions except the userdata partition, please help me, thanks
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    Post bricked lg v50 sprint variant.

    You just need to find a V50 Sprint device from another user or your friend, then backup all partitions, back them up, then flash to your device. Note: ignore imei partitions
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    Post TWRP Zip: Crossflash Sprint g8 to OPEN US 20C

    Finally, if you want the stock feel back, here is a zip containing unmodified OPEN US 20c product and system partitions. Extract the zip and flash the partitions, DO NOT try and flash just the zip in TWRP: Link...
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    Post [0 imei fix]Lg g7 thinq

    I follow the instructions 100% correctly, if the problem is with me, you can do it for me, I will pay you $ 20 if successful. OK?
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    Post [0 imei fix]Lg g7 thinq

    Doesn't work for G710EM
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    Post How to use google app in LG-G8X from china

    I see a video that can be installed to play