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    Thread LTE watch, NumberShare/NumberSync/DIGITS, and “standalone” mode

    This question is for people who have an LTE watch and are using a carrier sync service like AT&T NumberShare, Verizon NumberSync, or T-Mobile DIGITS. If you don’t have your phone with you, and your watch is connected to LTE but is in “standalone” mode rather than “remotely connected” mode...
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    Thread Any way to disable Sony apps without root?

    Seems like at least once or twice a day some Sony app that I never use leaves some notification in my status bar. Is there any way to disable these Sony apps? I think the "What's New" app is one of the worst offenders. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Mms trouble on AT&T?

    I've owned the international version of the z5c since it was released. I use it on AT&T in the U.S. For the last few weeks I have not been able to send or receive MMS picture messages. When I try to send one, I just get a red error that says something like "could not send. Touch to retry."...
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    Thread Light flow

    Anybody know if it works? Thanks! Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Light flow?

    Can anybody confirm whether the light flow app works to control the notification led?
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    Thread Anybody flash T-Mobile modem on international S6?

    Anybody done it yet? Sent from my SM-N910T
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    Thread Wrong signal strength reporting on G920i?

    Weird issue I'm having on a G920i. In Settings -> About Device -> Status, the signal strength is being reported incorrectly. When I first boot the device, it will show accurately and will vary from -90 dBm to -100 dBm when I am at my house, which is consistent with every device I've ever...
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    Thread Flashing modems/basebands on G920F/i?

    Is it possible yet to flash different modems/basebands? I am using a G920I on AT&T and would like to flash the AT&T modem.
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    Thread Does glass back come with a plastic film on it?

    Just received a g920i. The phone was covered in one of those plastic covers that covers both the front and the back in a single piece of folded plastic. I removed that. Does the glass back also have a separate plastic film attached to it? The back of my phone seems to have some defects in the...
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    Thread Can T-Mobile S6 rom be flashed on G920F or G920i?

    If I use T-Mobile in the US, and buy a G920F or G920i, could I flash the T-Mobile rom to the device via Odin in order to use T-Mobile wifi calling? Or is it not possible to flash T-Mobile rom to G920F/i via Odin?
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    Thread Can T-Mobile S6 rom be flashed on G920F or G920i?

    delete posted in wrong forum sorry. Will re-post in the Q&A
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    Thread Is there a confirmed SIM unlock method yet?

    Does flashing the metro pcs ROM and radio, and then using a regular SIM unlock code, for sure work? Or is that hot or miss? Any other confirmed SIM unlock method? Sent from my SM-N910T
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    Thread Where to buy T-Mobile s6 full price without service?

    Is there anywhere to buy a T-Mobile s6 full price without also signing up for service? Sent from my SM-N910T
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    Thread AT&T ANL1 update

    My wife's galaxy alpha received the ANL1 update on AT&T yesterday. I haven't gotten it yet on mine. Anybody else? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G850A
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    Thread Password/fingerprint always required even though set to 5 minutes

    I have the "secured lock time" set to 5 minutes in my lockscreen/fingerprint settings. However, despite this, if I push my power button to put my phone to sleep, and then I immediately push it again to turn my phone back on, I'm always required to scan my fingerprint/enter my password. I...
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    Thread Is the Canada Bell Galaxy Alpha able to be rooted?

    Does anybody have the Canada Bell version of the Alpha? Can you root it? Also, does anybody know if is a legitimate website? I see they sell unlocked version of the Bell Alpha.
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    Thread Is T-Mo Note 4 best option for AT&T if you want root?

    So the AT&T Note 4 is locked down pretty good. Is the T-Mobile version the best version to get to use on AT&T for somebody who wants root? It looks like it has all of the HSPA and LTE bands, so it should work perfectly. Are any of the international versions better options than the T-Mobile...
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    Thread Occasionally lose mobile data connection for a few seconds?

    Every day when I am actively using my phone, once or twice I'll notice that the HSPA or LTE icon will disappear for a few seconds, I'll lose my data connection, and a few seconds later the HSPA or LTE icon will come back and I'll have data again. Signal bars do not change, only the data icon...
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    Thread Worse wakelock on HSPA than on LTE. Anybody else?

    I noticed that if I force HSPA rather than letting it use LTE, my idle drain is noticeably higher. So I did an experiment with better battery stats, and sure enough I get 2-3 times more wakelock in HSPA than in LTE. See attached screenshots. First is LTE, second is HSPA. I ran the experiment...
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    Thread What is the baseband version on U.S. firmware?

    I'm not sure what region firmware I have, but see baseband in attached pic. Is the U.S. baseband the same? Sent from my D5803
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    Thread Panorama mode: "Cannot take picture. Please pan faster."

    I'm trying to take a panorama with my Z3C. Lighting is good (bright daylight). I've panned from very slow to very quickly. Everytime, it says it cannot take the picture and tells me to pan faster. "Cannot take picture. Please pan faster." I also tried it indoors just to see. Same error...
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    Thread Sony's event today--What a letdown

    All they announced was a Verizon Z3? Not even a Z3C? What a bunch of hype for nothing! So glad I didn't wait on this event to buy my Z3C, but disappointed not to see more U.S. carrier support. Oh well. Sent from my D5803
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    Thread Light flow... Does it work?

    Anybody tried light flow yet?
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    Thread How does fingerprint scanner compare to iPhone in terms of success rate?

    I know that mechanically, the S5 fingerprint scanner works DIFFERENTLY than the iPhone. But I'm curious how it compares in terms of reliability. For many people, the iPhone fingerprint scanner works virtually 100% of the time, so it is very quick and easy to unlock phone. How is it on the...
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    Thread Are Exchange Email battery problems solved?

    Didn't the Moto X have severe battery drain using Exchange Email when it first came out? Is that problem fixed? Exchange Email is now working fine with no unusual battery drain? Thanks.
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    Thread Nexus 5 stuck at boot animation

    I have an unlocked bootloader. I flashed the factory images. The MD5 sum matched that on Google's download page. After it does the automatic reboot, my phone just stays at the boot animate and never actually boots. I've let it sit for about 10 minutes. I've flashed factory images many...
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    Thread Best Ribbon shortcut app?

    A few months ago someone here linked to a good ribbon app that almost perfectly emulates the ribbon feature baked into some roms, but I can't remember what the app was. Can anybody suggest some good ones? Maybe somebody will mention it. Thanks!
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    Thread Are people still using cataclysm?

    Hasn't been updated In months. Are people still using it? Any reason not too? For people that left it, what did you switch too?
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    Thread Question about OTA update (modding SystemUI)

    I just downloaded the for 4.4.2 for the T-Mobile XT1053. I was browsing through the .zip file, and I notice that there is no SystemUI.apk. Does that mean that the 4.4.2 OTA does not actually update SystemUI.apk, and instead just uses the same SystemUI.apk from 4.4?
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    Thread How many people's battery lasts a long time at 1%?

    Not a huge problem, but based on screen shot below (and battery is still not dead--who knows how much longer it will go), when my battery says 1%, it looks like it has at least 5% remaining. How many others have this issue? It's annoying because it creates the appearance of faster drain than...
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    Thread T-Mobile X bootloader unlock

    Got my XT1053 today, which is supposed to be bootloader unlockable. But when I tried, it says not eligible. Anybody know how long it takes Motorola to update its system? I feel like I've seen other similar posts and I'm just trying to gauge how long I should elect to wait before I can unlock...
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    Thread What DPI for tablet mode in apps?

    Got a nexus 5 on the way and am curious what DPI to use to trigger tablet mode in apps that support it. Thanks. Sent from my Nexus 7
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    Thread Anybody in Washington DC? Improved LTE speeds?

    Verizon supposedly flipped the switch on the AWS band LTE in several cities, including Washington DC, last week: Previously, LTE speeds in downtown DC during regular business hours were...
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    Thread Baseband version AT&T 4.4?

    Could somebody post a screen shot of baseband version of AT&T 4.4 KitKat? Wanna see if it's the same as T-Mobile. Attached picture shows T-Mobile. Sent from my XT1053 EDIT: Image isn't working. It's MSM8960PRO_BP_2323.026.100.00R.
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    Thread Flash vzw Dev Ed radio on GSM Dev Ed?

    Anybody tried it? Do you think it would enable GSM Dev Ed to work on Verizon? Sent from my Nexus 5
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    Thread Does Verizon or AT&T version have a Notification LED?

    A few months ago, a Verizon GS4 Mini leak showed a notification LED: Now that it's out, can anybody confirm whether or not it has a Notification LED? I notice that this FAQ on Samsung's...
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    Thread Google Nexus 5 software updates vs. iPhone update speed

    iOS 7 was released on September 18, 2013. 7.0.1 came out September 19. 7.0.2 came out September 26. 7.0.3 came out October 22. 7.0.4 came out November 14. That's 4 updates in 2 months. Three in the (approximately) first month. KitKat came out October 31. No updates so far, over a month in...
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    Thread Anybody changed DPI density?

    Anybody tweaked screen DPI density? Results? Sent from my XT1053
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    Thread Xposed GravityBox quick tiles issue

    See the WiFi icon (top left) below. Anybody else having that issue when using the 4 tiles per row option? The Dev asked if there is source for moto x KitKat. Anybody know? I pointed him to the factory images (fxz files). Sent from my XT1053
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    Thread Anybody return a T-Mobile version with unlocked bootloader?

    Anybody return for a refund a T-Mobile version where you had unlocked and relocked the bootloader? Warranty is technically void, but if you are within your return window and you relock the bootloader, seems you should be able to return. Anybody know?
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    Thread SMS not working in Hangouts on Moto X?

    I don't have an option to use SMS in Hangouts on my Moto X. Though the play store indicates I am on the latest version of hangouts because it does not give me the option to update, in fact my hangouts app indicates I am on version 1.2 instead of 2.0+. Anybody have any ideas? Anybody else using...
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    Thread Which TWRP are people using?

    I see three different threads. Which one are people using? Should I be safe if I just download from TeamWin's webpage: Thanks.
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    Thread Flashable radio zips?

    Are flashable radio zips available yet? I've got a T-Mobile version arriving today that I'll be using on AT&T and thought I might flash the latest AT&T radio...
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    Thread I need the /data folder from AT&T HTC One Mini

    When you unlock your bootloader using HTCDev, it wipes /data. For some reason, apps such as Calculator are in the /data folder. Also, even if you never root, since unlocking wipes /data, you cannot accept an OTA update. The OTA update requires that your /data folder have all of the stock...
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    Thread How are people rooting Dev editions?

    The Dev edition comes with the software update right? Does the jcase method work, or are people installing a custom recovering and just flashing superuser? Sent from my Nexus 7
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    Thread Return policy from

    This from the website: Seems to require it be unopened to return it. Anybody know if you can return it if you open it, try it for a few days, and simply decode you don't like it? (Assuming perfect condition of course) Sent from my Nexus 7
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    Thread Gsm dev edition vs T-Mobile version?

    Any difference at all besides colors and 32gb? T-Mobile is unlockable. Sent from my HTC One mini
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    Thread Idle drain still a problem?

    Is idle drain still a problem after people have rooted and frozen bloat apps? Here is a screen shot of good idle drain from an HTC one mini. 3% in 9 hours. When I had an X and a Droid Mini, they lost 10-15% in that same time period, despite showing 98% deep sleep in better battery stats...
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    Thread Weird artifacts in HDR photos?

    First one is non-HDR, second is HDR. Notice the second seems to have a weird shadow/dark spot in the sky. I've seen similar strange things in other HDR photos. Anybody else? Sent from my HTC One mini
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    Thread Android data plan on iPhone?

    Anybody ever switch SIM card back and forth between GS4 and iPhone? I know an iPhone data plan will work on an android, but will an android data plan work in an iPhone? Or do I have to call AT&T and switch to an iPhone data plan if I want to switch back and forth between GS4 and iPhone?