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    Thread Speaker audio distortion

    Music and audio from my Mi A1 is crackling and distorted both in Nougat and Oreo. Someone else with this issue? Thanks.
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    Thread 7000000.ssusb Kernel wakelock and battery drain

    In Oreo of January I've got this kernel wakelock that keep my phone always active even in standby, so battery drain it's very high. In Nougat I had not this problem and battery was very good. Any solution? thanks.
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    Thread NexusBean 1.0 - Build 1 - video record

    Hi, topic of NexusBean 1.0 is closed:( So I'll write here...sorry I'd like to know if there's a solution for camera crash, when I push on video record. Is there a way to solve and record video with this rom? Thanks.
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    Thread Which Rom best for my x1?

    Actually I've got a 826x ROM, very good. I'd like to know if now there's something better: very quick, stable, total functionally. Thank you. Daniele.
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    Thread Best rom without sense

    Wich one? Any suggestion? Thanks.
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    Thread Android rom for daily use, which one?

    I need a stable rom, for daily use, which one do you suggest? Thanks.
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    Thread Any version with working camera?

    Exist a version with working camera? Which one rom less bugged? Which one do you suggest for my experia x1? Thanks.
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    Thread microSDHC 8gb class 10

    Is it compatible with sony xperia x1? And 16gb class 10? Anyone use these ones? Thanks.
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    Thread Android + Winmo possible so?:-)

    Possible partioning a 8gb microsd using: - 1 partition fat32 for storing windows mobile data - 1 partition fat32 for android - 1 partition ext2 for android installation files - 1 partition for android swap Thanks a lot.
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    Thread Fotocamera for android

    Why no implementation of fotocamera support in android for x1? Noone interested?
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    Thread Driver x1 android for windows 7

    When I connect my xperia x1 with android, windows don't find usb drivers, how can i solve it? Thanks.
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    Thread When x1 camera working?

    Is there a android version for x1 with working camera? When is it possible? Thanks.
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    Thread Power safe with Wifi it possible?

    I've this problem: when screen of my xperia is off, wifi go to off (leave the net), so if I'd like to stay for example avaible on MSN is not possible. Is there a way to keep wifi always on and connected? Thanks a lot. Daniele.
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    Thread Best JVM for typhoon...and i600?

    1) Which best JVM for my typhoon with wm6? Jbed? Wich version? Could you gime me a direct download link? 2) And for Samsung i600 (wm6)? Thank you.