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  1. whyredFire

    Thread [ROM][11][OFFICIAL] PixelOS - PixelishExperience [AOSP][UNIFIED][25/4/2021]

    PixelOS is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation) This is a fork of Pixel Experience with a few tweaks, while PixelishExperience comes with a lot of customisations on the top of PixelOS to provide a good experience...
  2. whyredFire

    Thread [ROM][10][DEV] Paranoid Android Quartz 5 [CAF][UNIFIED][16/11/2020]

    where's the download link? Also on official website any idea when it will be available because except 2-3 models quartz5 is available there for every model and ginkgo is among those 2-3 unfortunately
  3. whyredFire

    Thread [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][ginkgo/willow][v3.0.0] Pitch Black Recovery [25/10/2020]

    Installation 0. Backup your ROM, your data, your internal storage, and your settings/apps, to an external device 1. Download the Pitchblack zip file to your device 2. Reboot to your custom TWRP-based Recovery 3. Install the PitchBlack zip file as a normal zip 4. Reboot to recovery after...