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    Post Chase App Always Detects Root

    Chase app detects boot and won't allow for a deposit of a check using the app.
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    Post [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    What is "gpay fix?" Can you post a link? Is it a module? I didn't find it. I was using the module SafetyPatch v3 - but, both SafetyNet checks come back false as of today. Without the SafetyPatch only the ctsPofile: false.
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    Post [ROM][EOL][OP6T][PIE]Unofficial Resurrection Remix [V7.x][LuisROM][FOD]

    I fixed many of my issues by wiping and installing the latest Oxygen OS firmsware (download here) (for both a/b), then installed the latest RR rom. That seemed to update everything properly.
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    Post [ROM][EOL][OP6T][PIE]Unofficial Resurrection Remix [V7.x][LuisROM][FOD]

    After the last update the screen dim/output adjustment works after reboot - but, after the first app is opened it goes to 100% and stays there regardless of changing the setting. Anyone else have this issue? Also, I still can't send texts using Google Assistant. I haven't tried the...
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    Post [ROM][EOL][OP6T][PIE]Unofficial Resurrection Remix [V7.x][LuisROM][FOD]

    Google assistant texting. Yes, sir. I have experienced some issues beginning about 2 updates ago (2-4 days ago). Google assistant will work great except it won't send text messages and the fingerprint reader became unreliable /stopped working on the lock screen and for Google pay. I have dirty...
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    Post [ROM][EOL][OP6T][PIE]Unofficial Resurrection Remix [V7.x][LuisROM][FOD]

    Edit: 06/27/19 Update: I fixed this issue and attempted to post an update via mobile. Evidently, the edit didn't post and now I don't recall what I did to fix it! I had a very weird experience today - Oneplus 6t with RR ROM working fine - I had been using my bluetooth without issues earlier...
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    Thread Possible Module question: Can a module be made to disable/redirect "in-app" links?

    Possible Module question: Can a module be made to disable/redirect "in-app" links? Greetings, I apologize if this has been asked before. I did some searching and didn't find any answers any place else. So, hoping someone can help. The biggest frustration I have as an Android user is all of...
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    Post How to block in-app browser

    This is the absolutely most frustrating thing EVER. Instagram just opened YouTube inside the damn Instagram app - it was total **** - couldn't go into landscape mode, didn't sign me in/recognize me, couldn't save the link/watch later (b/c I wasn't signed in), and NO LINK to the full app! This...
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    Post [ROM][10.0][Dumpling] Android Ice Cold Project 15.0 [Official weekly]

    DISREGARD!! Found out the answer on another forum post (Google searches can sometimes provide answers! /s LOL): Smart Lock not working/blank screen: "Found a solution over at MIUI-Forum: * deactivate smart-lock at trusted agents * restart device * reactivate smart-lock at trusted agents"...
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    Post Resurrection Remix coming to the OnePlus 5t?

    crap! Apologies. I'm building my house and haven't been paying attention to releases lately. Accidentally smashed my OP5 and ordered a OP5t and was looking for a custom ROM to download before it gets here.. I didn't check for the release dates for OREO or the 5t. Just been too busy and didn't...
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    Post Resurrection Remix coming to the OnePlus 5t?

    Any update regarding if Resurrection Remix will be coming for the 5t?
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    Post [EOL][ROM][AROMA] FreedomOS 2.0.2 [7.1.1][OOS][4.5.14][STABLE][SAFETYNET ✓]

    I need some help! I use Discord a LOT! With this ROM (rooted/Magisk) Discord will not connect to voice chat. Upon selecting voice chat channel or DC, Discord just shows "RTC Connecting." In Debug it shows an error : "TCP/IP not yet implemented " I have tried switching servers within Discord on...
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    Post Remove SMS limit?

    Decimation001 hanschke jhs39 Yep! It seemed to work for me. I, currently have 128 contractors. I sent out a text about work this week. Only issue is I only changed the max texts - not, the frequency in which it checks. I received about 6-8 pop-up messages about allowing a high number of...
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    Post Remove SMS limit?

    Ok. I think I did it. I extracted the "telephony-common.jar" file from system/framework. I used 7zip to open it and took the classes.dex file out. I placed the classes.dex file into my smali/baksmali folder, decomplied, changed the above line of code in the manner indicated, recompiled.... I...
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    Post Remove SMS limit?

    Ok, I figured out how to decompile the "classes.dex" file using baksmali. However, I can't find the Telephony-common.jar file. I have found similar code here: out/com/Android/internal/telephony/SmsUsageMonitor$SettingsObserver.smali ".line 248 const-string/jumbo v2...
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    Post Remove SMS limit?

    I am very "chill." Don't understand why you made the comment. Decimation001 That is awesome! It took me quite awhile to hunt down different forum threads to find out where the settings had been moved. I was all prepared to attempt to start learning how to compile/decompile those files...
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    Post Remove SMS limit?

    No need to get your feelings hurt. But, I'm not here to "just talk to people" or socialize. I'm here to attempt to solve an issue. If you can assist - then, I will be very grateful for any assistance! Decimation001: Here is the old build.prop method (posted from a member on another Android...
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    Post Remove SMS limit?

    I don't understand why you are even asking this... I appreciate you willingness to help out. But... If you can't help out - just don't respond. You have exhibited that you don't have any knowledge of the settings we are speaking of - AND, I explained the setting is now in the framework. So...
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    Post Remove SMS limit?

    The SMS limit is built into Android. Previous to N it was a setting that could be altered in the build.prop and an option to change it was baked into RR. With N the settings were moved into the framework (from what I could find it appears it the telephony section?) and the option to change the...
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    Thread [Question] SMS/hr limit setting locations Nougat - need to write a script

    I send out about 125 texts at a time to individuals to notify them of available contract work. This needs to go out as SMS so they all don't get replies from each other as they would get PISSED if that happened! In Android v6.0 the location to make this change was moved. I now have Nougat and...
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    Post SMS limit removal

    After hours of searching today - it appears that the setting has been moved into the framework? I hope I'm wrong as I'm no Android dev.... But, if I'm correct the only way I know of to "fix" it is to make the...
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    Post Remove SMS Limit (manually preferred)

    After hours of searching today - it appears that the setting has been moved into the framework? I hope I'm wrong as I'm no...
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    Post SMS limit removal

    I'm also looking for a solution. I was using ResurrectionRemix (a CM based ROM) and it has an option to set the text restriction. So, it CAN be done. We just need to know WHERE the code is so that it can be changed. I can't find any search results explaining how to accomplish this. That SMS...
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    Post camera is not working

    Can someone post a link to the boot.img they are flashing to fix this issue? I have flashed several boot.img's that I thought might be the correct one - including the one from the ROM I'm using and one from CM13... Neither resolved my issue. I'm having the same issue as described above: I...
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    Post [ROM] CleanCore N6P | 100% Lean Stock | MMB29V - 03/8/2016

    Hi, thanks for the build! I have it installed. ~~EDIT~~ I flashed the stock image and it ran fine. Started over and flashed this ROM - and, now it works fine. Not sure what I did the first time around. I'm typically pretty meticulous... But, it's running now! However, I'm receiving this...
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    I just updated to version TWRP and I'm still receiving the same error message... ---------- Post added at 10:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:53 PM ---------- [/COLOR mingr3n Found your post - you provided a link to some firmware to flash - but, that link won't work for me...
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    ming3r Prior to the above error all seems normal until this line (in white text and immediately prior to the above in red text): Comparing TZ version TZ.BF.2.0-2.0.0123 to TZ.BF.2.0-2.0.0109 assert failed: oppo.verify_trustzone(*TZ.BF.2.0-2.0.0123") == "1" Then the error message above. From...
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    I've had an issue since the 09-08 build. When attempting to flash in recovery I get the following message: E: Error executing updater binary in zip '/sdcard/Download/' I received the same error for every version since 09-08. I completely wiped...
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    Post Custom roms ?

    I was hoping for custom Lollipop roms and Xposed won't work on Android 5.0 (and, it is uncertain if it will ever work on Lollipop).....
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    Post Custom roms ?

    I just received my Moto X (2nd gen).... I should have looked on the forums first... Without custom ROMS - I'll most likely just send it back to Moto... I like the options the custom roms bring. I like choosing the toggles I desire in the window shade, custom themes, etc... Not being able to...
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    Post [Q] D80020c Root?

    I'm anxious as well.... I only purchased the G2 because a quick search advised that it was rooted and there were custom ROM's for it... Then I got home to find out it came with D80020c installed... I have Windows8 and can't change the com port to use the tools to go back to an the earlier...
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    Post [4.4 ROOT] SlapMyMoto 1.0 (Works with MotoWPNoMo)

    I can't get this to work.... I'm on an MotoX(ATT) [locked bootloader] with the OTA 4.4 update. I can NOT downgrade to 4.2. The bootloader verifies all the files when one is attempting to mfastboot or fastboot load them and will not allow most of 4.2 to be flashed... From the OP "It requires...
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    Post [KIT] - Restore Moto X to Stock without RSD Lite

    Can you please work on a version for the ATT MotoX? I'll try to look through what you have done and do it manually for myself... But, I've had so many issues with Win8 and have wasted so much time... I don't know if I'll be able to tackle it....
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    Post Getting "device offline" with adb after 4.4 OTA

    I have this same issue. Device shows up in "adb devices" but, shows to be "offline." I'm running Windows8, adb version 1.0.29, with an MotoX (ATT). I cd to "platform-tools" to run adb. --------------------------- Ok, I solved it by locating the 1.0.31 adb files here...
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    Thread solved - adb device not recognized

    I I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else. I did a couple of searches without finding an answer. I can not get my MotoX to be a recognized device via adb. I am running Windows8 and I'm trying to get adb access to my ATT MotoX (DAMN, I wish I had a dev verstion!). - It shows up...
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    Post Best launcher for Nexus 5/KitKat 4.4

    There is absolutely NOTHING about the stock launcher that I like!!!! Except for the voice activated "Ok, Google" I already had every feature the stock launcher did by using Apex/AOKP (or CM).... The left swipe for Google Now I find very annoying... Seems the only feature I really want from...
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [THEME] [WIDGET] Zooper Widget Screens and Themes

    Tried to delete and it won't let me...
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    Post [Q] Pls help me hack a setting to send a large # of work related SMS messages.

    BTW - I found some very old posts related to this same issue. Note: 1) Using an app will not address this issue (I use Chomp SMS) as this is coded within Android. 2) Google Voice will not work as it doesn't recognize "groups" for the "to" box. 3) Pulling the battery will just prevent all the...
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    Thread [Q] Pls help me hack a setting to send a large # of work related SMS messages.

    I use my device for work. I coordinate/schedule jobs in which there are many people who can work certain slots. So, I'll send out one text message to about 75-84 individuals. Then the ones who can work reply. Later, I send out another mass SMS advising of remaining slots to be filled. My issue...
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    Post [ROM][GSM][CWM] ICL53F Deodexed Rooted Busyboxed *FACEBOOK FIXED* (17/12/2011)

    My device is from Verizon. I would like to flash a deodexed rom. Which one of these do I use if I have a "mysid/toro" build? Is that the same as the top link?
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    Post Splashtop Remote HD on sale for $1.99

    Now it is at $4.99.... go figure!
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    Post Thumb Keyboard 4.0 Beta (Amazing TF Keyboard)

    Awesome keyboard! Best one I've tried for a tablet. I prefer Swype for my phone - but, LOVE this for my TF!
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    Post [INFO] The developer FAQ thread (all you need to know about things like ABD and REWT)

    Sad, but considering most teens (in the US anyway) text more than they talk, email, or write (anything else) - this is true. :mad:
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    Post Netflix App WORKING on my DX!

    It appears to work on mine... Until I try to watch a movie. It looks like it is about to start playing but never buffers the movie/starts playing. I just see the screen with the play/pause button.... Anyone watching shows/movies successfully on a DX?
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    Post [Q] No DUN no ADHOC rant.....Honeycomb 3.1?

    I have a DroidX and I can tether using the built in stock Hotspot feature or with Bluetooth. However, I can't tether using an ad hoc connection because I get an error stating that the device doesn't support ad hoc connections... So, it is definitely device specific and it will be something the...
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    Post [INFO] US Retail Availability (for Updates on Preorders and Purchasing)

    Not surprised as this would have required a lot of advance planning/negotiation! And, Asus, being a new player to Android wouldn't have been on Google's target to "make it happen" by i/o 2011. However, seeing as how Asus has already released 3 updates (or, is it 4... I haven't checked in the...
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    Post [INFO] US Retail Availability (for Updates on Preorders and Purchasing)

    I disagree, I spoke with one of their reps (unofficially, and about a different issue). It makes sense. They have to wait for the components to be made and shipped - then assemble and ship them. They can only do this as the components are received. It has only been a month and they many...