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    Thread 【Event review】Huawei's First Developer Event in Indonesia: a Resounding Success

    On March 15, the first HMS Core developer event in Indonesia ended successfully. With the theme of "Making Intelligent App With HUAWEI", this event attracted more than 100 developers registered and more than 60 developers participated, among which more than 10 were top CPs. The event...
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    Thread HMS Core 5.2.0 Launch Announcement

    March 15 - HMS Core 5.2.0 is now official! This issue introduces Huawei Network Kit, which gives your networks higher bandwidth and lower latency. New features are available in other kits as well – channel analysis reports in Analytics Kit, and custom special effects of volumetric clouds in...
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    Thread [Event review]More Participants for HDG Italy than Droidcon! More than a Technical Salon!

    The HDG Italy was successfully held on March 18. We've invited the development team of Immuni, Italy's creative app, to give a speech about how they developed the app. The single live broadcast has attracted 140+ participants, more than attendees of Droidcon in Italy last year. A local...
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    Thread Predicting User Loss, for Enhanced User Retention

    An app's ability to retain users has a major impact on its profitability. Retaining users has always been a major challenge for developers, given the presence of competitor apps, and the willingness of today's users to shop around to find the best possible experience. Therefore, developers...
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    Thread How Can I Solve the Background Color Filling Error of the richtext Component

    Symptom When the richtext component is used to display web page content, a white border appears, which affects the overall display effect. The abnormal effect is as follows. Cause Analysis After the richtext component contains HTML content, the value of background-color set through a class...
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    Thread HMS Contact Shield SDK -1 Error Code Troubleshooting Procedure

    Contact Shield is a basic contact diagnosis service developed based on the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology. Global public health institutions can authorize developers to develop COVID-19 contact diagnosis apps using Contact Shield APIs. These apps can interact with other devices while...
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    Thread HUAWEI Browser Integrates HUAWEI FIDO to Ensure Sign-in Security

    HUAWEI Browser is a secure and easy-to-use mobile browser provided by Huawei. It leverages Huawei's accumulated technological prowess to provide seamless web browsing, convenient searching, and comprehensive privacy safeguards, thereby attracting a vast and diverse user base. Users can search...
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    Thread How to Integrate the Volumetric Cloud Plug-in of HMS Core CG Kit

    1. Introduction Since childhood, I've always wondered what it would be like to walk among the clouds. And now as a graphics programmer, I've become fascinated by an actual sea of clouds, as in volumetric clouds in game clients, which are semi-transparent irregular clouds produced by a...
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    Thread Integrating HUAWEI In-App Purchases Using Unity

    Huawei's In-App Purchases (IAP) service allows you to offer in-app purchases and facilitates in-app payment. Users can purchase a variety of virtual products, including consumables and non-consumables. 1.1 Version Change History 1.1.1 Version Dependencies l The SDK of...
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    Thread 【LATAM livestream review】How to attract more users quickly and precisely?Message push by integrating HMS Push Kit can help you!

    How to attract more users quickly and precisely?Message push by integrating HMS Push Kit may help you, Click here to review coding livestream! 【Episode 1】This Livestream On 10 March elaborates what is HMS Push Kit and how to integrate Push kit on Android. 【Episode 2】This time, we changed...
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    Thread How Apps Prevent Black Market Attacks on a Fundamental Level

    History of the Black Market With the popularization of smartphones, black market tactics have shifted from controlling zombie computers for launching DDoS attacks and click farming on advertisements, to controlling Internet users in mobile service scenarios for monetization purposes. The rapid...
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    Thread [Event Preview]Indonesia developer event will be held on 15 March,Click link below to join us!

    Want to know more about Huawei Mobile Service? Let's join the introduction of Huawei Mobile Service held by DILo with Huawei Indonesia. You'll get latest information about HMS Ecosystem Kits for application optimization, opportunities to grow your apps. Click here to join! Original...
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    Thread [Event Preview] Italy HUAWEI Developer Group event will be held on 18 March,click link below to join us!

    “Join us at the HDG Italia event held on 18th March! The developer team from Immuni will be invited to share how they create Immuni, which is the official app in Italy that protects many families from pandemics nationwide., to alert the users who have had a risky exposure. " Click the link...
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    Thread Italy held first HUAWEI Developer Group in February

    Did you miss our 1st HDG activity in Italy? On Feb 25th local developers and HUAWEI experts gathered to discuss how to use HMS Core ML superpowers in developing for mobile. Click here to watch a recap: Join the local community and stay tuned for the upcoming events...
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    Thread Latin America developer livestream review

    Huawei HMS Core helps you monetize your business. Android, Unity, Flutter, Inoic, React, and Flutter developers can't miss it. Click the comment area to watch previous video. Click link below to watch previous videos Original post...
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    Thread Italy HUAWEI Developer Group Event Preview,Click link below to participate!

    HUAWEI Developer Group has been established in Italy! The first event will be held in 25th February. This time we will share the popular mobile app kit on Huawei Mobile Services - ML Kit, which can guide you to optimize your app with machine learning superpowers. Welcome to participate! For...
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    Thread Huawei Partners with GGJHK to Showcase the Works of Talented Game Developers

    Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world's largest game jam event, with sites all across the globe, each of which attract a large number of talented developers, dedicated to creating innovative and immersive games in a limited amount of time. Global Game Jam Hong Kong (GGJHK), the Hong Kong site...
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    Thread Document Skew Correction in Flutter using Huawei ML Kit

    Article Introduction This article provides the demonstration of document skew correction in flutter platform using Huawei ML Kit plugin. Huawei ML Kit HUAWEI ML Kit allows your apps to easily leverage Huawei's long-term proven expertise in machine learning to support diverse artificial...
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    Thread Huawei Smart Watch – Quran Audio Player Application Development using JS/JAVA on HUAWEI DevEco Studio (HarmonyOS)

    Article Introduction In this article we will develop application for Huawei Smart Watch device using Huawei DevEco Studio (HarmonyOS). We will cover how to Develop Audio Player application for Huawei Smart Watch device using JS and JAVA language. Huawei Smart Watch · Video File...
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    Thread Exploring Chart UI component in Lite-Wearable Harmony OS

    Article Introduction In this article, I have explained how to use chart UI component to develop a health application for Huawei Lite Wearable device using Huawei DevEco Studio and using JS language in Harmony OS. Chart Component has basically two major styles line graph and bar graph. In case...
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    Thread How to generate certificates and run the application on Harmony Lite wearable

    Introduction Security of the code and build is very important for all developers. To ensure it, Harmony has different levels of certificates to issue to run the application. In this article, we are going to learn about generating these certificates and the procedure to run the build on the real...
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    Thread Obtaining Device Information in Harmony OS Lite wearable

    Introduction Harmony OS is a future-proof distributed operating system open to you as part of the initiatives for the all-scenario strategy, adaptable to mobile office, fitness and health, social communication, and media entertainment, to name a few. Unlike a legacy operating system that runs...
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    Post Tencent QQ is connected to Huawei HMS

    Thanks for sharing valuable information
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    Post New Feature in Account Kit: Common SMS Verification Code Reading

    Is there any way to detect country code while entering phone number for authentication?
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    Post Exo Player — HMS Video Kit Comparison by building a flavored Android Application . Part VII

    What should I do if the signature fails to be verified on the server side?
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    Post Cordova HMS Map Plugin | Installation and Example

    How can we draw dotted polyline?
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    Post Why Should We Use the App Bundle? Release App Bundle on AppGallery

    How do I change the signature key or upload key managed in AppGallery Connect?
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    Post HMS Video Kit — 1

    What should I do if the signature fails to be verified on the server side?
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    Post Quickly Integrate HUAWEI ML Kit's Form Recognition Service

    Does recognition happen locally on device or server?
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    Post How Does HUAWEI Analytics Improve Your User Retention Rate?

    I am not able to see analytics event on Huawei dashboard(AGC) in realtime. What might be the issue?
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    Post How To Integrate Huawei Account Kit to a Cordova Project?

    What are the maximum lengths of access_token and refresh_token?
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    Post Geofencing using Huawei Map, Location and Site Kits for Flutter

    Can we show GIF image on huawei map at predefined locaation?
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    Post Detect Ingredients from Food Image: Combine the Forces of Huawei ML Kit and Image Kit

    Hi, I have implemented scene detection using ml kit. But it doesn't give me correct result every time. I have followed official Huawei documentation for implementation. Can you help me resolving this issue?
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    Post Integration of Huawei Reward Ads and Interstitial Ads in Unity

    How can we configure rewards on server ?
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    Post Example of Integrating Native Ads in between RecyclerView items - ADS KIT

    How ad layout behaves when device orientation is changed?
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    Post Send Notification when Headset is Connected: Foreground Service with Huawei Awareness Kit

    Does Awareness Kit support wearable devices such as smart watches?
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    Post Ads Kit Integration with Cocos

    Hi, this topic is regarding HMS Ads Service, but you given In-App-Purchase link in reference.
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    Post How to integrate Search Kit?

    Hi i was following your sample, How can I obtain app id? SearchKitInstance.init(this, "your_app_id"); Please help me
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    Post How Does HUAWEI Push Kit Help You Achieve Efficient Conversion?

    Can we send push kit in Hindi?
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    Post Scan Kit | Flutter

    Which is better ?Huawei can kit or Zxing scan?
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    Post Maintaining The Quality Of An Application made easy By Using Huawei Open Testing Tool

    I need to release an official version after the test. Do I need to enter the app information again?
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    Post Fix your Analytics Kit integration issue by analyzing logs

    How much time it takes to reflect the event on dashboard?
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    Post Wallet Kit Brings You and Users Closer

    Do I have to integrate Account Kit into my app in order to use Wallet Kit?
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    Post How to Integrate HUAWEI Analytics Kit in Cordova

    Do we need to add huawei analytics dependencies in app-level build.gradle or HMS_analytics plugin will have the dependencies?
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    Post What Can I Do When the Message "miss client id" Is Displayed During AGC

    I am getting error message during the build.gradle file compilation: "com.huawei.agconnect" not found. Help me to resolve this issue
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    Post Create and Draw Huawei Map on XAMARIN!

    How can i draw dotted and dashed polyline?
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    Post Integration of Huawei IAP Kit in Cocos

    Can the public payment key be exposed on the app?
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    Post Integrating Automatic Speech Recognition without Pickup UI in B4A Platform

    Very clear. Do you have a Repo with the code?