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    Thread Storage woes in Android 5.1.1 - Please help!

    Hi Guys, I have a 2016 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016) [SM-T280] which is capped at Android 5.1.1. The problem that i have with this device is that it only has 8Gb of Internal storage, of which 4Gb is used by the system. I have a 120Gb MicroSD installed, and I REALLY want to somehow utilise...
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    Thread Modules not working in Canary Build

    Hi Guys, My Pixel 2XL "magically automatically" updated itself to Android 11, so I've been forced to migrate to the Canary build of Magisk to get root back etc. The problem I have, is that the modules are not being 'detected' despite being installed. EG: Active Edge Mod for Pixel, module is...
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    Thread New 2XL - Starting out info..

    Hi Guys, Forgive the noobie Question; I am searching, but I’m after verification and advice; I’m very new - I’ve just purchased myself a Pixel 2XL 128Gb today. I’m coming from a Note 4, that had Magisk and systemless Xposed. (And TWRP) From what I’ve researched so far, I can install root...
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    Thread Is there anyway to lock Google+ Location settings?

    I want to prevent my kids from turning off the location feature. Was hoping to be able to write protect a settings file somewhere in the app /os.. Thanks.
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    Thread TWRP Recovery help please

    So Last night I decided to Flash the 5.1.1 update to my Note 4. I made a full nandroid backup via TWRP before I updated. Well, I updated successfully, but soon found the method I was planning to use to root had been withdrawn and could no longer be used. So I thought I would just run TWRP...
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    Thread [Q] Xposed framework on a Stock TW ROM

    Hi Guys, Hoping for a quick answer and possibly some linkage: I have a Note 4 (N910G - Snapdragon) running STOCK TW 5.0.1 (rooted) - I'm wondering if I can install Xposed (and if so, how). I've read that it could previously only be done de-oxed roms, which stock TW is not, but someone mentioned...
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    Thread Randomly Stuck on Boot logo? (Possible eMMC issue?)

    Hi Guys, I have a Galaxy S3 (i9305) Rooted on Stock 4.4, Knox disabled, w Xposed. Running Philz Recovery. Anyways, I woke Saturday morning to my phone stuck on the Samsung Boot Logo. I tried rebooting several times to no avail, so tried a recovery via Philz. (I can get into Odin Mode /...
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    Thread [Q] Can I upgrade from a 4.3 based CFW to 4.4.4 and keep my Custom Recovery

    Hi Guys, Hope someone a bit more clued up than myself can clarify my questions or guide me.. I've done some searching, but am not 100% confident. So, I have a I9305 running a Boeffla Kernel 5.2. If I recall correctly, I upgraded from 4.1.2 to 4.3, but kept my old bootloader. So I am rooted...
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    Thread [Q] Seeking Stock 4.1.2 ROM for I9305

    Heya Guys, I've just got an I-9305, loaded with "Bouygues Telecom" firmware (Build JRO03C.I9305XXALK3). I've rooted and run NV backups, but I really want to flash a Stock ROM without all of the French boot logos, apps etc. Two Questions; 1) Are there any problems with 4.1.2 firmware; I've...
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    Thread [Q] A question of modems & hardware

    I have a question I'm hoping an expert can answer. I pretty new to the Android world so I'm trying to wrap my head around a few things.. So I bought a (prepaid/locked) S5830T from a store over here, and proceeded to unlock and upgrade to the latest stock Gingerbread firmware (2.3.6). So now...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Galaxy Ace S5830 - Soft Brick - Need help!

    Heya Guys, So I had been playing with my Galaxy Ace recently, and I managed to Soft brick it. But unfortunately I cannot seem to recover it. What happened: I had rooted my OFW and decided to try Cyanogenmod 7.2. All was going well. Then I read about this firmware...