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    Post Windows 10 Build 15035 Mod Kit

    thank you for your reply! the package worked like a charm! great work on that!! Cheers!
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    Post Windows 10 Build 15035 Mod Kit

    do you still need to disable Secureboot for this build to work properly? (i.e. without bricking the device etc.)
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    Thread [Problem] Chromecast with HDMI to VGA adapter

    Hello, I've got a problem with my setup. I connected Chromecast through the HDMI to VGA adaptop (with audio output) - the setup worked fine straight after connecting power to the Chromecast. Everything was fine for a day or so and then I turn on the TV and the screen was black. I checked the...
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    Post [ROM][G900FD][klteduosxx][LineageOS 14.1] LOS 14.1 Nightly's for Galaxy S5 Duos

    I've got the same issue with no LTE ... tried cleaning data in "" etc but no joy :( Is there another workaround? btw: It only happens with SIM1 .. when I tried with SIM2 I can change network types and could see the effect as expected.
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 | Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow | [12/27/2015]+Nightlies

    Is there a chance that support for Passpoint could be enabled? When I try to install passpoint profile I got "Passpoint is not enabled" in the debug console. I searched on google and it looks as the WifiConfigStore is looking for this variable: <bool translatable="false"...
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    Post Mi Band: Xiaomi's fitness smart wristband

    I had to uninstall Mi Band Notification app and then pair the band and re-install Notification app. and if you're using the band for unlocking your phone - remove the device from trusted list in the Smart Lock settings.
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    Post [Q] [G900FD] - Google Now wrong SIM selection

    Thanks for the answer, I've checked the message center and numbers are correct - SIM1 and SIM2 have their own numbers (which are OK) this issue is really annoying .. it works OK for few times (sends text from SIM1) and one of a sudden tries sending text from SIM2... (which btw fails - luckily...
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    Thread [Q] [G900FD] - Google Now wrong SIM selection

    Hi, is there an option to force set the default SIM for texting/SMS ? I'm using stock ROM - 5.0 (Russian) and stock messaging app. When I'm using Google Now and saying to send text sometimes it tries to send it through SIM2 instead of SIM1. In the SIM Manager I've got everything set to SIM1...
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    Post Windows RT 8.1 downgrade?

    Just after Windows 8.0 installation don't connect to network and create a local account. Then you can go to activation and there should be an option to activate over the phone - if so - just follow the steps (when the machine will ask you on how many PCs have you installed that Windows just...
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    Post [Release] RT Jailbreak Tool

    I had the same problem few days ago.... You can use those links for download recovery image: GB: US: For creating USB recovery disk (US version) I used...
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    Post Windows RT 8.1 downgrade?

    I was able to downgrade my Surface RT with Windows 8.1 (it came with 8.1 pre-installed) to Windows 8.0 using someone's else recovery image and using above procedure... everything works fine! :) I'm happy - I jailbreaked it and can run unsigned apps... the only problem is I cannot activate my...