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    Post How to create Dark mode shortcut in notification bar?

    You can use tiles from playstore to create dark theme tile, and yes it works great!
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    Post [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5] Live Wallpapers [27/10/2020]

    These are accent colours not theme Switch to dark theme to see change:p
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    Post Help Please! Nokia 6.1 Plus Screen Turns On But Remains Dark

    Try to backup your important data and perform a factory reset.
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    Post Heating Up

    You're not even supposed to use your phone when charging man. Using your phone while charging draws power from the battery to power the screen and other components. The competition between the usage and battery charger supplying charges causes your battery to overheat which will damage it in...
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    Post (HELP) Android 10 Gesture Navigation

    If you have a computer simply plug your device into it open a terminal and type adb shell cmd overlay enable Note: it's not a full implementation Since it's only will give Q gestures But animations will still based on stock launcher. If you want...
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    Post WhatsApp audio crackling after Android 10

    I found a fix. Just backup your chats and clear WhatsApp app data and cache. Enjoy!!
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    Post | ° •THE WALLPAPER FACTORY• ° | [Wallpapers][Pulldown Notification Backgrounds][NSFW]

    Please, does anyone have this wallpaper??
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    Post WhatsApp audio crackling after Android 10

    You're welcome. ---------- Post added at 06:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:47 PM ---------- It seems the WhatsApp audio with cracking noise is not completely fixed cos when you play an audio in WhatsApp and you minimise the app, though audio isn't coming out with noise but it...
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    Post WhatsApp audio crackling after Android 10

    #Patch Nokia 6.1 Plus Maintenance Release (Full OTA) DRG-415C-0-00WW-B01 Build Info: Android Version: 10 Build Fingerprint: Nokia/Dragon_00WW/DRG_sprout:10/QKQ1.190828.002/00WW_4_15C:user/release-keys Google Security Patch: 2020-05 Size:1.35GB Install method here. Release notes Credit to vicente001
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    Post Nokia 6.1 Plus Screen turning on when phone is put in vertical position

    Check if on-body detection in settings>security>smart lock and Lift to check phone gesture were automatically turned on and turn it off.
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    Post how to auto override force dark mode in android Q

    Do you have proof it's working for non root??
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    Post WhatsApp Flash: Android 10

    None available for locked bootloader. You'll have to wait for MR Update which may be released before or on the 30th. Because Nokia 7 Plus received theirs yesterday.
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    Post Offline Google LLC App Wallpapers

    Any screenshots?
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    Post Storage/emulated/0??????

    Internal storage goes by different symbolic name tag, it is storage/emulated/0 as emulated/virtual filesystem, not the actual one or /sdcard as a symlink or /data/media/storage as actual path to files.
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    Post Downgrading Without Unlocking Bootloader?

    Here is the full ota for pie for Nokia 6.1 plus. Some users were able to downgrade following that tutorial but try at your own risk. Don't forget to wipe data after installing.
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    Post Downgrading Without Unlocking Bootloader?

    What version are planning on downgrading to?
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    Post Improving Battery Life on Android 10 [OOS][Non-Root]

    Why don't you hit the thanks button instead :p
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    Post Improving Battery Life on Android 10 [OOS][Non-Root]

    Google Files pm uninstall --user 0 Stock Files pm uninstall --user 0 From your screenshot that's stock Files, not Google's.
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    Post Digital Wellbeing apps

    Is this it?
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    Post [SCRIPT] Disable F**K Services , trackers on all Apps 1.5[04/15]

    App no longer work with shizuku. Kindly fix.
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    Post how to auto override force dark mode in android Q

    I don't get you. Can you give a detailed tutorial?
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    Post First 10% drains faster than the rest

    Yes I do... Remember the phone is just 3000mah ? Yes, it does and gets better with time. It takes a month or more (depending on your number of apps) to learn how often you use your apps and limit apps you don't use often.
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    Post Downgrade to stock pie from Android 10

    Try this command adb shell pm disable-user --user 0
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    Post !!..Can't mount system after re-partition NOKIA XL..!!

    You cannot give thanks twice to a single post, and if you try to, it changes from yellow to grey; meaning you un-thanked me... But you can choose to thank any or few of my posts. Okay, let's try this one more time. Flash stock ROM by Nokia X flasher as you did before but this time install this...
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    Post !!..Can't mount system after re-partition NOKIA XL..!!

    You're more than welcome... You mentioned in your previous post that you were unable to flash a new recovery. What recovery were you attempting to flash? and was it a zip or an img file?
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    Post !!..Can't mount system after re-partition NOKIA XL..!!

    It's either you made a mistake while following yshalsager tutorial to re-partition or it's because your recovery is unstable, the ONLY stable twrp for nokiaX/XL is V2.8.7 Anyway try this fix; - Download and run this script. - Wipe all partitions - Download this Nokia XL Images - Extract...
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    Post !!..Can't mount system after re-partition NOKIA XL..!!

    Back up your data and wipe all partitions.
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    Post NOKIA X RM-980 Became A System Imaged Phone !

    Easy Steps to fix your Nokia X - Download Nokia x STOCK ROM by matrixex here. - Copy the file to your memory card. - Boot to twrp recovery, wipe all partitions, then install ROM. Viola! Don't forget to hint the thanks button :good:
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    Post Nokia x,xl stuck on logo {solved}

    Tell me what you did that made your phone stuck in Nokia logo.
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    Post Overall love

    But going back to pie without navigation gesture and dark mode would be boring.
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    Post Random Restarts after March Update.

    Have you tried factory resetting?
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    Thread [MOD]Run Degoogle Script Lite Using Linux/Windows

    Why DEGOOGLE ? Degoogling is removing Google apps (gapps) from an android device; in order to gain more performance, privacy and battery life. The script works on all android devices with gapps installed and removes ONLY irrelevant gapps. Degoogle script for both Linux and Windows can be...