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    Post Best custom roms for samsumg galaxy a5 sm-a520f tested (to the max with tons of root apps)

    Not so many test! I tried HADES ROM one ui 1, the best. A lot of goodies, but Eol. Tried as well korea Rom android 9 one ui 1, it's updated up to date. Tried evolution (pixel type), well i use samsung for so long that not so fan of aosp/pixel kind of ROMs.
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    Post Boot logo S10 plus ----> S21 plus

    Is it possible to put custom images at our taste? Like hadesRom had done?
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    Post [FONTS] Wings Samsung Fonts v2.0d (1900+) *NON-ROOT*

    It had work for me in android q, not working on r.
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    Post [ROM][OneUI 2.5][J530X] Godness Q V1

    Hi, aroma when well... after that black screen and nothing. It when bad for me a was using twrp 3.3.1-0.
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    Post [TWRP 3.5.2_9][SERRANOVELTE GT-I9195I] Galaxy S4 miniVE [UNOFFICIAL]

    Help Hi, i need help. I wanted to install custom ROM, but i'was never able to install custom recovery. Can some one give some tips or were can i find a gide. Thanks
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    Post [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 17.1 [SERRANOVELTE GT-I9195I]

    Hi, I'm trying to flash twrp provided by the thread, but i can't. Need some help!!!
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    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q Stock v2.0 for Exynos S10e/S10/S10+ [12.04.2020]

    Hello! if i have another twrp, can i flash the Corsicanu twrp to install this rom or do i have to go back to stock to do it?
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    Post [RECOVERY] [UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.4.0 for Galaxy S10 Exynos [G970F/G973F/G975F/G977B]

    Help needed. So I have my s10e rooted, how can I create a .tar file? I have the latest twrp .img file I patch the image on magisk and from the created file how can I turn that in to .tar???
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    Post [ROM] BeyondROM V8.3 [4/04/2021] [11.0 FUCD] [Apr Patch] [G970-G973-G975-F/FD]

    can i use another twrp 'BTA8-twrp_beyond0lte_3.3.1-3_corsicanu' to flash this ROM on my s10e? i'm having a hard time to flash twrp in my beyond0lte.
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    Post [RECOVERY] [UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.4.0 for Galaxy S10 Exynos [G970F/G973F/G975F/G977B]

    the mirrow "twrp-beyond0lte-3.3.1-102_ianmacd.img" is not working!!
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    Post PS4 Remote Play and root?

    Have you tried to hide magisk? It worked for me.
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    Post [Magisk] Root for the Galaxy S10 Series

    hello, i was waiting for the 7 days thing for start rooting new s10e. the thing is that i can not get the phone into download mode. the phone came with android 9, and i install the android 10. any thougts on it??? some help! ;P
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    Post [8.1][ROM][A520F/DS] Resurrection Remix 6.2.1

    Same had happen to me, i had to go back to hadesrom
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    Post [App][Free] Quick Camera - Hidden Camera

    I'll give it a try, if it still works. Thanx Sent from my SM-A520F using XDA Labs
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    Post [App] SpyCam - use your Mango phone as a hidden camera!

    Nice app, thanx Sent from my SM-A520F using XDA Labs
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    Post [Samsung Devices][4.4+] Many Themes for TouchWiz Theme Engine

    Work ok on gt-i9195i. Sent from my GT-I9195I using XDA Labs