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    Thread Haters are welcome here

    Well i get anoyed by some random little things and today i realize there's no thread about people complaining and hating something what do you guys complain about First i want to say i hate video tutorials, the 99% of them are just a waste of time and bandwidth.... Theres a lot o video...
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    Thread [Q] Stock email app couldn't download *.zip

    Hi, A friend of mine has a stock 4.4.4 xt1063 with an exchange account with default email app, everything is working but he's he can't download any .zip attachment, he asked for help and I tough a "zip reader app" was missing installed few from the play store and the same. He send the file to...
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    Thread USB AUDIO DAC support?

    Anyone using external USB DAC? I own a fiio x3 it work nice in my friend's oneplus one cm11 using usb audio player pro and native with cm12.1 I though it would be the same on moto g 2014 since it's otg capable but it doesn't seem to work. Any recommended dac to use with this phone?
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    Thread Oneplus invite 1 hour to claim

    Here is one invite, just claim if you really are buying the phone.
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    Thread Cracked screen disassemble s4mini?

    Recently I dropped my phone and cracked the screen works fine it almost not noticeable while using it but I know is not perfect... I noticed there are screen glass kit for replace only the glass, anybody know how to change only this glass, I've seen on YouTube glass replacements done on...
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    Thread [Q] how to change lockscreen icons?

    I want to change my lockscreen icons with jellybean ones, I have firmware ubuami3 and dont like the icon set it comes with, I've change to Nova now my home screen it's jb style I want both lockscreeb ad home have same icon pack. Sent from my GT-I9192 using Tapatalk
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    Thread .Obb files to external sd?

    obb files are big and emulated sdcard its not enough for two or three is possible to use my 32gb sd to put the obb files and play games? Sent from my GT-I9192 using Tapatalk 4