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    Thread How to edit mixer.gain.xml??

    Hey everybody, does anyone know how to edit mixer.gain.xml on the note10+ to gain the realy low headfone sound?? I edit on the S7 edge and also on the S9+ but on the note10+ the file is different cant find the right values!! Hope someone can help out!! Cheers.
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    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][STOCK]★★Project_Noble_v2★★[03/11/2015]

    Welcome to --Project_Noble_v2-- ------------------------------ Features: - XXAOE2 based - latest official firmware - 100% stable - zero bugs - pre rooted - init.d support - busybox added - zipaling all apps - debloaded - battery tweaked - sd card tweaked - complete fresh build - only 392mb -...
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    Thread [ROM][4.4.4]MIUIv5 4.10.21 GT-I8190 [01.01.2015]

    MiuiV5 4.10.21 KitKat 4.4.4 - Miui version 4.10.21 - CM11 4.4.4 kitkat based - OC kernel builded for Miui use - SELinux disabled - f2fs support - Aroma Installer - all Miui features present - Playstore included - multi language - lots of features added Installation: - like CM11 - for f2fs...
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    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][STOCK]★★Stock_Light_v4★★[05/11/2015]

    Features: - XXAOE2 based - latest official firmware - ZERO bugs - 100% stable build - deodexed - pre rooted - init.d support - debloaded - busybox added - zipalign all apps - battery + sd card tweaked - light fresh build - 397mb light - some nice UI changes - stock_light reboot menu - long press...
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    Thread [ROM][STOCK]★★S5style_i8190XXANC2_v4★★[1/6/2014]

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- welcome to S5style_i8190XXANC2_v4 Hey guys like i promised here is my S5styled stock XXANC2 rom ready to use :good: This rom is for anybody who is tierd of flashing couple of theme .zips then...
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    Thread [MOD] ★AIOM_v1 for Dmodv6 by GalaxyMini★ [28.10.2013]

    Hi guys, this is AIOM_v1 for Dmodv6 whitch means all in one mod!! After i posted in Dmod thread my changes on Dmodv6 i get a lot of requests to make a flashable .zip with all my changes included and here it is ;) I add a lot of things to make Dmodv6 to a perfect and for my opinion defnetly the...
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    Thread Animated AccuWeather/Clock Widget for CM/Stock based roms and ICS roms too!!

    Hi guys, i just want to share my new AccuWeather/Clock widget with you!! Its a animated Version which works on CM and Stock based roms and i think it will work on Stock GB too!! I`v tested it on CM and on MoRe rom by myself!! It looks pretty awesome :o Edit:Works on ICS roms too!! Install...
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    Thread SamsungApps for EmanoNv4!!

    hi this is for everyone who want SamsungApps back like on stock rom! this is the actually version have updated today and it works great on emanoNv4!! just download and install like any other apk. Notice: Tested on EmanoNv4 i think it doesnt work on cm!!
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    Thread Easy way to AdobeFlashPlayer 11.0 aka 10.3.185

    hi everyone, first off all i know there are two threads out with the same theme but both ways they explained dont work for me ;-( so i tryed around and found a realy easy way to get the AdobeFlashPlayer11.0 aka 10.3.185 on your mini!! ok lets start- all you have to do is download the...
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    Thread Post your Benchmark result here!!

    Hi this thread i made for everyone to share they benchmark result with screenshot of them! write whitch rom you use and your overclock when you use one, so we can easy campare the different roms with their results!! ok here we go Benchmark: Quadrant Advanced Rom: Cyanogenmod 7.1 Android 2.3.7...
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    Thread Show how to get htc startup sound on cyanogenmod 7.1!

    hi guys, did anyone know how to get the boot sound back!! after flashing cyanogenmod 7 theres no boot sound ;-( you can also change the animation so im sure there must be a way to add sound back too!! hope anyone knows the way and could tell me!! Ok for those of you who want this feature i...
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    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod 7.1 Notification led wont work ;-(

    Hi got a problem with my led notification light it doesnt work on cyanogenmod 7.1?? anybody else who got the same problem or know how to fix it and make it work?? i´v tryed any setting you could but it never lights up ;-( i´m using cyanogenmod 7.1 build 091011 on my galaxy mini please help...