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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    If you save the file in Unicode, you should be able to display special characters just fine! In Notepad, you can do this by going to File> Save As and setting the "Encoding" dropdown (next to the Save button) to Unicode. I've attached a screenshot to show you what I mean. :)
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    Thanks. :) And I hope it's just a case of bad flashing! I'd feel terrible if I made some stupid mistake that put three people out of a $600 phone.
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I've been dealing with some personal matters that haven't left me with any time to sit down and do some work on Slide2Shutdown. This sounds like a ROM issue to me... All S2S does to restart the phone is call the SetSystemPowerState() API built into...
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    Post Skinnier Signal Bars

    Unfortunately, as far as I've been able to tell, it only works with CDMA phones. If you have the key: HKCU\ControlPanel\PhoneExtendFunction\CDMA\SignalStrengthLevel then you should be able to set it to 7 to get the skinnier bars.
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    Post [MOD][VGA] CompactManila - improved TF3D 2.1 tabs layout

    The settings for My Location did disappear for me in the normal CAB, too. The two settings I get for weather are: - Download weather automatically - Download weather when roaming GenY Manila R1.5 on a CDMA Touch Diamond.
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    Post [MOD][VGA] CompactManila - improved TF3D 2.1 tabs layout

    Thanks, the new version works perfectly! :D
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    Post [MOD][VGA] CompactManila - improved TF3D 2.1 tabs layout

    That's amarullz's excellent 6.5.x theme. I'm using the blue one, myself.
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    Post [MOD][VGA] CompactManila - improved TF3D 2.1 tabs layout

    Now this is a great Manila mod! :D The tab titles have never made sense to me, considering they show you the icon for the tab you're in right on the bottom and you'll have the tab appearances memorized within minutes anyway. In the interests of helping improve it, here are a couple bugs I've...
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    Post [APP] e-Natives Showcase 1.1.0 - Finger Friendly Task Switcher [New 18/9/09 WM6.5.x]

    I'm having a really strange problem with Showcase for 6.5.x. Everything else works fine, but when I try to launch the task managing window, I hold the start button and nothing happens. When I check in the task manager, Showcase.exe is running, but I can't switch to it. If I kill it and try...
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    Post [THEME][W/Q/VGA][WM6.5x Build 23047+] My Green Black & Blue Black Theme

    I'm REALLY loving the blue-black theme! It's too bad there aren't any re-colours of Manila 2.1 to match.
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    Post [APP][VGA][11SEP09]Gen.Y Manila "Revolution" R1.5 VGA Port CFC

    You should be able to delete the shortcuts in \Windows\Start Menu\. If you're using TF3D, then you need EnlargeTitleBar or the HTC Notification Manager, because TF3D stays on top of the built-in one. Look at the attachments on this post to find cabs that will disable the Manila Start Menu...
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    Thanks for the translations! Added to the first post. You should be able to install EITHER Slide2ShutdownSetup_v1.1.CAB or Slide2ShutdownPowerKeySetup_v1.1.CAB. Those are both compatible with VGA and WVGA, and you only need to install one of them.
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    Thanks for the translations, everyone! :) I've added links to the first post, and I'll include them by default with the next version. The next version will also focus on improving startup times, and I'll add a "slide to turn screen off" slider as well. Unfortunately, it looks like the shutdown...
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    Oops, there was a small mistake with the v1.1 CABs that I just uploaded. They should be fixed now. If you downloaded v1.1, please download it again. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    I just released version 1.1, which fixes the shutdown bug with HTC devices and adds support for multiple languages! French and German are included by default. I used your translations, basthet, thanks a bunch. :D
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    Sorry, I'm out of ideas then. :( Until I can find a solution, you could try AE Button Plus to remap the power button. The trial version will work, if you don't mind a splash screen when it starts. One more thought, do you already have something like psShutXP or xdaShutdown installed and mapped...
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    The power button CAB just adds a shortcut called Long_Power.lnk to the \Windows\ directory. I guess this doesn't work with the Omnia? I'd be happy to fix that too if someone knows of a more universal way to do it. I'm new to all of this and still firmly in novice territory as a programmer, so...
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    Glad to hear it's working well for you! Yep, it's supposed to turn off entirely. Unfortunately, HTC devices seem to have their own method of shutting down, and the method I tried to use didn't work. I haven't been able to find any information on how to do a proper shutdown for HTC devices, but...
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    Post [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    Good news! It turns out that it was easier to add QVGA and WQVGA support than I thought it would be. I just added QVGA cabs to the first post, let me know if you have any problems since I can only test on emulators and not real devices.
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    Thread [APP] Slide2Shutdown v1.1 [31/08/2009] (Now supports all resolutions!)

    Along similar lines to S2U2, I've decided to make Slide2Shutdown! There's nothing special to configure, just install it and go. :) All resolutions should work fine (make sure you download QVGA for QVGA or WQVGA devices), but I only have the ability to test it on a VGA device so I can't guarantee...
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    Post (28 March 2010) S2U2 v2.34

    I've reduced the frequency of this issue by setting "On wake up, delay (ms) start of S2U2" to "off" under the Advanced settings.
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    Post Seidio Online Store is Crap!

    You should be able to perform a credit card chargeback to get your money back. Explain your situation to the credit card company, they're much more likely to be understanding and intent on keeping your business than Seidio is.
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    Post [PRJ]Activate HW Compass for Touch and Devices with AK8976A chip [BOUNTY 200$]

    I just gave this a shot on my Telus HTC Touch Diamond. With the drivers loaded, I hit File> Open, then File> Init and got a blank messagebox with the title "Error". That's about it. :(
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    Post No Data Connection during call

    Telus is a CDMA provider, so when you make or receive a phone call or text message, it has to temporarily disable the data connection to do so. GSM providers don't have to do this, it's an unfortunate limitation to CDMA technology. There's light on the horizon, though! When Telus deploys their...
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    Post [APP] Comm Manager Suite w/ Wifi Sharing v1.1 [NEW TEST CABS 09/04/2009]

    Awesome, does this work on the CDMA version of the Diamond?
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    Post --- please delete this thread ---

    mccoffein, just for the record, you have every right to continue development. They've licensed their code under the LGPL, so as long as you comply with the terms of the LGPL, you don't have to worry about whether they approve of your project or not. They sound like douchebags anyway, so don't...
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    Post how's anyone supposed to find this subforum?

    I can see it just fine... That's how I found it.
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    Post DIAMOND T-mobile (GSM) battery 1350mAh Cover Door?

    The GSM and CDMA batteries are the compatible for providing power, but the doors aren't interchangeable, and it's likely that you won't get a battery meter if you use a battery designed for a model of phone other than yours.
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    Thread Programmatically override WM 6.5 start menu?

    I've been thinking recently of making my own custom start menu for Windows Mobile 6.5, kind of like the way TF3D Rhodium overrides the start menu for its own programs list. Maybe to give it more of the iPhone's functionality in the way you can organize your programs, but in the start menu. I...
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    Post \\\\\\\\\ F i n g e r K e y b o a r d 2 ///////// v2.1 - NOW ONLINE - all resolutions

    I'm REALLY enjoying this keyboard so far, thank you for all the hard work you put into it! :D I do have a small feature request if it's not too much trouble. Would it be possible to create a setting that will lock the first key your finger touches as the only key that you can press? For...
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    Post (2 April 2009) S2U2 v1.62 - dream

    Is there an option I need to enable or disable to have S2U2 automatically disable on an incoming call? I have a slide-to-unlock phone canvas already installed, so I'd like S2U2 to unlock when I'm getting an incoming call. The behaviour is sporadic though, sometimes it unlocks, sometimes it stays...
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    Post [App Req] Biometric Security

    In theory, a program could be made that would unlock the phone when it detects your face. Some programs exist like this for certain laptops that have webcams built into the top of the screen. This would be pretty inconvenient unless your phone has a front-facing camera, though, and it would...
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    Post [APP] HeadsetMonitor - Automatically pause TF3D music when headset is unplugged

    Sorry, I took a quick look and it doesn't look like it's possible to disable the headset without physically unplugging it. :(
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    Post [APP] HeadsetMonitor - Automatically pause TF3D music when headset is unplugged

    I'm not sure if it would work, as I haven't got a bluetooth headset to test it with. However, when you connect your headset to the phone, do you get the headphone icon on the top bar? If you do, and that disappears after ending the call and switching back to the music, then HeadsetMonitor should...
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    Post [APP] HeadsetMonitor - Automatically pause TF3D music when headset is unplugged

    Thanks for that! :) I'm glad it's working for you now, and I'm really pleased to see it posted on FuzeMobility!
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    Post [APP] HeadsetMonitor - Automatically pause TF3D music when headset is unplugged

    Do you happen to know what exception? Also, can you check the exact name of the AudioManager EXE in a task manager, please? I haven't tried the TP2 version of TF3D, so it might have a slightly different name or something. Thanks!
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    Thread [APP] HeadsetMonitor - Automatically pause TF3D music when headset is unplugged

    I've always had one small problem with TouchFLO 3D's music player: if you're listening to music with the earphones plugged in, and you accidentally pull the plug out, it starts blaring your music over the speaker! This can be very embarrassing if you're out in public and all of a sudden...
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    Post Iphone in Diamond

    That's pretty negative. Considering that the iPhone is running on an ARM processor, emulation should be a lot less complicated. It would be a matter of wrapping the API calls from the iPhone OS to Windows Mobile, and the OpenGL ES calls to the driver on our phones. 3D applications might not be...
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    Thread .NET CF: Syncing with OutlookSession without opening Outlook

    I'm currently working on a program that will trigger Outlook to send/receive new messages on every email box. So far, it's working perfectly, except for one small issue: Every time it syncs, turns the screen on (if it was off) and opens Outlook. I'd rather have it done in the background, so...
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    Post [REQ] Pause TF3D music player when headphones unplugged

    Weird... I'm using the stock Telus ROM (don't want to void my warranty), and it doesn't do it. Is there a registry setting that controls it, maybe?
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    Post [REQ] Pause TF3D music player when headphones unplugged

    Weird! It doesn't do that for me. In fact, if I unplug the headphones, it wakes the Diamond up again and switches to the speaker. But if I press the power button to turn the screen off again, it pauses the music.
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    Post [REQ] Pause TF3D music player when headphones unplugged

    Unfortunately, nope. When you unplug the headphones that come with the phone, it switches over to using the phone's built-in speaker instead.
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    Thread [REQ] Pause TF3D music player when headphones unplugged

    It occurs to me that it might be useful to have a program that will automatically pause the TF3D music player whenever the headphones are unplugged from the phone. This would help prevent unfortunate occurrences like your headphones being unplugged accidentally and the whole subway car hearing...
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    Post [IDEA] POKEMON! like pokemon blue or red on our diamonds!

    A little Googling will find you PocketGBA (a Gameboy Advance emulator for Windows Mobile) and Pokemon.
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    Post [APP][UPD: 2008.12.10.1]Gyrator 2: Auto Screen Rotation for *ALL* HTC Diamonds

    In the task manager, you can click the wrench icon and then tap-and-hold on Gyrator and click "Add Exclusive" to add it to the exclusive programs list. This stops it from appearing in the regular task manager when you click the icon at the top-right, and also makes it so that you can't stop it...
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    Post [APP][UPD: 2008.12.10.1]Gyrator 2: Auto Screen Rotation for *ALL* HTC Diamonds

    Whoops, sorry guys. I feel dumb now. I just tried a soft reset and everything works perfectly. I'm new to this whole Windows Mobile thing, so things like that don't occur to me immediately.
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    Post [APP][UPD: 2008.12.10.1]Gyrator 2: Auto Screen Rotation for *ALL* HTC Diamonds

    This looks seriously awesome, but I'm encountering a VERY weird bug. I'm using the default ROM that came with my Telus Diamond, and every time Gyrator rotates a program (even at the default settings), it brings the phone dialer up immediately after rotating. Any idea what could be causing this?
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    Post How to dismantle HTC Touch Diamond?

    You can download the HTC Touch Diamond service manual here: It gives you lots of helpful information, including a complete disassembly and reassembly guide. The same thing the technicians use.