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    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy SII Update F'd my phone up! Start Up Loop? HELP!

    Ok so this morning I get a notification on my phone to for a software upgrade, so i'm like ok cool. Had my WiFi hooked up and everything and then when I try to install the update it stayed frozen on the white update screen and didn't even start the process of downloading or installing anything...
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    Thread Want Popular YouTube account For Videos?

    Do you want a popular youtube account for you to upload videos and make money? I'm trying to get rid of my Partnered YouTube channel, it makes over $150 a month with the videos on it already and has over 10,500 subscribers. The channel name is "TechBurrow" if...
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    Thread Upload your ROM's for full speed downloads and get professional tutorials made free

    Us at TechBurrow think that the XDA Forum is a great place for developers to upload their ROMs and what not. However one thing that could be aggravating is uploading your ROMs or any files you may have to file sharing sites, because they are too slow. Us at want to help the...
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    Thread [Q] [Question]I have no internal memory and can't install apps

    Ok so I installed an Android NAND Rom on my HD2, this is my 3rd ROM I have tried, all the others were fine, but with this one I have no internal memory, it shows up as 0.00b (completely empty) and I am trying to figure out what I can do to fix this problem. I tried switching back to old ROM's...
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    Thread [DEC 31][NAND Android ROM][Video Tut]How to flash android NAND using MAGLDR

    How to flash android NAND custom ROM onto your HTC HD2, full video tutorial below. cvS4EvS0PAw Click here for link to the video Click here to download Android NAND Click here to download MAGLDR If you would like to downgrade back to windows mobile all you need to do is enter MAGLDR by...
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    Thread [VIDEO TUTORIAL]Multiple Video Tutorials on How To Install Android to NAND on the HD2

    Please vote for this thread to be featured on the front page by clicking the "Vote To Front Page" button above this post! :) Here is a video tutorial I put together in great quality on how to install the new android NAND ROM with full description. Please share this as well, there are no good...
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    Thread [Q] Create an app for my website?

    I was looking for somebody who can create an app for my website I am looking for someone who can create an app so people can view blog feeds and a little bit more. Maybe log in to check recent posts in the forum. If you are interested and want more info please message me.
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    Thread [Q] Where I can start learning how to develop?

    I am interested in learning how to develop windows mobile software, firmware, apps, and more. I own an HTC HD2 with custom ROM, I also have android installed on it. Do any developers know where I can learn the tools and code so that I can start developing my own stuff? I am a pretty quick...
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    I own a website known as "" it is a tech community website for video games, cell phones, computers, graphic design, web design, and more. You should check it out and tell me what you think, I need some feeback.
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    Thread Article about XDA Developing

    Hey, I have created an article on XDA Developing and links to the forum to try to bring some more members to this site and to help out. I tried to post as much information as I possibly could to the article. Maybe you can tell me what you think? Here is the article: MOD EDIT: Please do not...
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    Thread [Q] Where can I learn how to develop apps?

    Hi, I am looking to develop windows mobile apps for my HTC HD2 and I was wondering if there is a free online course or some places that I can learn everything I need to know to start developing ASAP, I hope to become good at this and I will be posting on the forums frequently but can someone...