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    Thread Changing T3's screen dpi...

    Here's how to change or decrease T3's screen dpi... First go to root folder using any root browser (I am using ES File Explorer) Then go to system u can find build.props file there Select and hit edit, now scroll down and add this line at the bottom "ro.sf.lcd_density=180" after adding this...
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    Thread WhatsApp group for Xperia T3

    We are created a whatsapp group for T3 users to discuss and share there progress... Post ur numbers to be added... :good: Thnkxxx
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    Thread How to change screen DPI on T3

    To decrease T3's screen dpi.... Just head over to build.props can b found in root system.... Edit the build.props by adding a line at the end, type "ro.sf.lcd_density=280" 320 is the stock value I found 280 is looking best... Try.. Make sure to make a backup of ur build.props first
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    Thread Devs plz port CM(based on android KitKat) for T3 D5102

    SeniorDevs, please port Cyanogenmod based on android KitKat for T3 D5102 If lollipop is not booted yet then port KitKat based ROMs :confused::confused: Its been long time we haven't yet experienced custom ROMs on T3:crying::crying:
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    Thread screen shots of z3

    Guys plz upload screen shots as much as can
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    Thread Stock KitKat 4.4.4 ROM for T3 D5102

    Devs can anyone port stock android 4.4.4 ROM(of course bugless) for T3 D5102.. :good::good:
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    Thread can anyone port cwm recovery for T3 D5102(i mean the non-touch recovery)

    :good::good::good::good::good::good:good luck
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    Thread Devs please post complete rooting guide with required softwares for xperia t3 d5102

    Complete guide for android 4.4.4 custom rom for this device
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    Thread Devs please port rom for xperia t3

    Can anyone port cyanogenmod for xperia T3 D5102
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    Thread lite and fast Rom bugless

    Can anyone(Devs) provide me a stock like Rom with minor modifications.. And plz a final version (bugless) Rom cause idn't want to update or modify, lite and fast Rom..... Devs plz help
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    Thread Little things can make big difference :)

    Frndz want to make ur phone look different from others:cool:,, try these cool tricks :cool: