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    Thread Stable Global Question latest update

    Hi,I just got the Mi 10T Pro yesterday, I was disappointed to get the EEA version so I went ahead and used the Mi tool to convert to Global stable, Everything seems to be fine and I'm on Version V12.0.9.QJDMXM Only concern I have is that my Security Is saying 2020-11-01 but the description...
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    Thread Initial Impressions/Opinions ?

    So I've been eyeing this phone for a few weeks now,I was going to get the 9t last year but didn't and I ended up getting the X2 pro which for the most part has been an excellent device and obviously much more powerful, I'm someone who gets bored of my phone and regularly change it at least...
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    Thread X2 PRO Weird Issue

    My X2 Pro has been a great buy up until this morning when I went to look at my phone and it was off having been on during the night, I pressed the power button and the Realme logo was flashing for around five minutes, (The logo might stay steady for a few seconds then go back to flashing), It...
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    Thread Google auto Update issue

    Anyone know of any way to trigger Google apps automatic update, Usually these apps update during charge but X2 pro is lightning and I charge the phone 1 to 2 times a day for 15 minutes only, Apps never automatically update so I have to manually check. Bit of a problem for super fast charging...
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    Thread January update Ultra Macro Mode

    The Ultra Macro mode does not seem to work on latest update a.08. On previous update you would hold the yellow Ultra Macro text to bring up the zoom. This does not appear to work anymore. Anyone else notice this ? Edit: Never mind,seems I was using Ultra Macro Mode wrong and there is no zoom...
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    Thread Phone Manager app Question

    I was sure when I first used my phone there was more options in the Phone Manager app like virus scan and storage cleaner, Can anyone tell me if theirs is different to mine or maybe an update changed it, thanks
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    Thread Swipe Down for Notifications ?

    With the recent .8 update they quietly added a much needed/requested feature to swipe down for Notifications, Makes the stock launcher much more usable, Under notification and status bar
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    Thread Best case for Fall Protection

    Looking for a good case to ease my worries about dropping this bad boy. Need something in UK/Ireland so eBay or Amazon etc Any recommendations most welcome Thanks
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    Thread Phone Durability,Drop Tests

    Having had the phone a few days and it cost me €465 delivered from Amazon Spain, one of my main worries having seen drop Tests (as links) where the phone has fallen not from very high and cracked and broke even with the case on it. I imagine I will drop this phone at some stage because that's...
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    Thread OnePlus warp charge comparability ?

    Does anyone know/Think that the OnePlus warp or warp charge 30 power adapter would work with the Realme X2 pro ? I know it will not be as fast but I can get one for free from oneplus referral points and it would be UK 3 pin. Realme says the phone is compatible with other charging technologies...
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    Thread super vooc charging ??

    Just purchased the phone and it will arrive next week,bought from Amazon at €449, I live in Ireland and we use 3 pin plugs but I will be getting the EU 2 pin plug with the phone, Is it safe to use the vooc charger in a 3 pin adapter ? I'm slightly worried about this technology, I will probably...
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    Thread Should I buy this phone ?

    So,I'm due an upgrade this year and usually stick with Oneplus and currently have a 6T, My usual upgrade would take me to a Oneplus 8 but I'm reading not so many great things about these phones such as hole punch cameras and the price is gonna be crazy for the Standard 8 and 8 pro But here we...
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    Thread Disney+ for shield outside US

    So I got a cheap Disney plus account but am in Ireland, Thought I could use my vpn and download the app straight to the box from my Google account but this isn't working, What's the easiest way to get the app, Ideally the actual Android TV app so it work well with the remote without the...
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    Thread China 8/256

    So I can get the 7T with 8/256 imported on Honor buy or eglobal for about €500 This is €100 cheaper than oneplus official site which only sells 8/128 model The only real downside is that they open the box and flash global rom. Does anyone recommend buying like this and what are your...
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    Thread ColorOS ?

    This phone seems like mega value considering the specs but how is ColorOS, I've seen some of the reviews online and at least some of it is similar to OxygenOS Is ColorOS any good ? Do Realme provide frequent updates ?
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    Thread 7T vs Realme x2 Pro

    Just noticed that this device will be available in Europe and the UK in November and am struggling to think of any reason to go for the 7T over this,other than OxygenOS, This thing seems to have everything,including 64mp camera,20x zoom,50 watt charging,90hz display,dual speakers,the list goes...
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    Thread China version links

    Any links for getting the China version ? Good price Ali Express but not familiar with buying here € 444,66 20%OFF | Orig Global ROM OnePlus 7T 8GB 128GB Smartphone Snapdragon 855 Plus Octa Core 90Hz AMOLED Screen 48MP Triple Cameras UFS 3.0 NFC
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    Thread DXO Mark

    Have not bought the phone yet but the DXO mark for it looks fairly decent given some of the reviews I've seen. Overall score of 102 which is same as Pixel 3. Fair result ?
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    Thread How customizable is 9T pro Global

    How customizable is the 9T pro global version ? I would like to just use the global software that comes with the phone but read there's just standard google apps installed on the 9T pro Does this mean that useful mi apps are not there, particularly the dialler,I'm interested in using the call...
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    Thread 9T pro 8/256 varient

    In Europe we know there is only the 64 and 128 versions of this phone but there is also a Hong Kong version available with 8/256 which to me seems like a better option if you can get it. And also in Hong Kong this varient comes with a UK plug, Currently only one site I know of seems to be...
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    Thread Mi 9T,Pro Android 10

    I notice the k20 and k20 pro are expected to get Android 10 in Q4 of this year of you go off what is written online: But what about the 9T and 9T pro,I know these devices are the same in terms of...
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    Thread from OnePlus to Xiaomi

    Thinking of swapping my 6T for a Mi 9T but a bit hesitant for a couple of reasons, Mostly Oxygen OS. Would likely miss that and frequent updates,but Xiaomi seems to have more features and the new modern design of Mi 9T is appealing with better cameras Can more or less make a straight swap...
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    Thread Mi 9T pro Global Rom Compatable

    When/If the Mi 9T pro comes out. Will the official roMs be compatible with the K20 pro seen as it is same hardware ?, Or maybe they might change something on the 9T pro, Could buy the k20 pro now,would be nice to know it could be converted to a mi 9T pro later,I understand I'll still be without...
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    Thread Ali Express Recommendations

    Anyone have any recommendations regarding reliable stores on Ali Express The 7 pro is about 1 to 200 euro cheaper there at the moment. I understand that it will be china model but seems like a deal. Anyone any experience with this ?
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    Thread Where to buy China version in EU

    Have just noticed this morning that the China version of the OnePlus 7 pro can easily be converted to global through local upgrade, simple. Am trying to find out where I could get the China version, hopefully for cheap €500 to €600. I would like to get it factory sealed but looks like most...
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    Thread Situation with OTAs,any type of Betas ?

    I'm in a position where I could trade in my Oneplus 6T for a 9T.I like the 9T for it's cameras,bigger battery, fingerprint and feel it would be a useful trade for me, but. Oneplus is so good with OTAs and open betas I would probably miss that if I moved What's Xiaomi like for updates ...
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    Thread Mi 9T EU Factory Sealed

    Anyone know where to get the EU Mi 9T 128gb Version Factory Sealed in Europe,Amazon seems to only sell the 64gb version and it's out of stock
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    Thread Chinese Rom Down Sides for Global Use

    I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on a 256/8 varient of the k20 pro with the intention of just using the phone as daily with the Chinese Rom in A urope ,I know there will be other roMs but I just can't be arsed with all the modding about,getting too old and too busy to be messing,but love...
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    Thread Flossy Carter Review

    Have been hearing mostly bad things about this device since it's release but just watched this review from Flossy Carter who says this is the best mid range phone out there. I've been looking for a device that has all this phone has, Interested to know your opinions, Is this similar to your...
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    Thread Will there be a 7T

    Wonder does anyone know if there will be a 7T , Particularly a 7T pro. Id be more inclined to buy the 7 pro if I thought it was the only OnePlus pro phone this year
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    Thread Vivo stock experience

    Vivo seems to be at the cutting edge of hardware in terms of their biometrics,(in screen fingerprint) and pop up camera tech But what is the stock software like ? Do Vivo provide regular support with updates ? Are their any beta programs ?
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    Thread A70 vs Oneplus 6T

    I have already been ridiculed for trying to compare the 6T to the a50,but the a70 looks to be a better match up Thinking of changing my 6T this summer Perhaps for a OnePlus 7, Any thoughts on the a70 It will be cheaper but is it too big ?
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    Thread Anyone buying Ireland

    Anyone going for this Available in Argos Ireland at 369.99 euro 128gb/4gb with NFC Wanted the 6g ram so may skip
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    Thread 6T vs Samsung A50

    I know the 6T is a fairly premium device with great features,decent battery,great SW etc,but it has some Down sides right now Samsung has released a new mid ranger with added benefits over the 6T minus the CPU and build,and few other things Ip68 rating Micro SD Always on Display...
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    Thread EU version only 4gb Ram

    Seems that a EU version of the A50 has only 4gb ram and 128gb model. Was sort of interested in the a50 but would have certainly liked the extra Ram, Wonder when this thing hits the UK and what sort of variants will it have then
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    Thread Durability

    Liking the look of the A50,seems like a good deal with great specs But looking at the reviews on YouTube,there is a few videos testing the phones durability and the results seem pretty poor, particularly if the phone is bended, I carry my phone in my pocket at times and would be worried if I...
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    Thread Fed up with Oneplus

    Is anyone feeling fed up with OnePlus on some level. This week they released their new beta 7 for the 6T. The update lists updates for weather and Switch app and this is the same for all their devices on open beta. To me at least it feels like they're struggling to keep up with the beta roll...
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    Thread Does 6T Disappoint you ??

    I realize I. might upset the hardcore Fanboys here,but I'm a little disappointed in my OP6T,The phone is great,but I feel it hasn't got as much support as it's predecessors in terms of updates so far and it's software experience so far has just been okay,
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    Thread Low Audio Issues

    I'm thinking of getting the 7.1 as a second device,I had the the 7 plus but it had issues with audio, specifically if you were using Snapchat or Whatsapp to record audio,the playback of that audio would be extremely low, Is this an issue with the 7.1 ?
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    Thread Oneplus 6 alternative s

    Just wondering does anyone have any recommendations for a OnePlus 6 alternative in the UK/Ireland.I see the poco F1 is quite cheap but looks to have some issues.I would be tempted to sell my op6 for something good with 8gb ram/128gb room.Notblooking for used/refurbished phones though
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    Thread stop spps in background

    Is there any way to prevent an individual app from a running in the background on oxygenos I ask because I recently used a Nokia + plus and it had this feture to toggle individual apps to prevent them running in the background. I use use some apps only occasionally and I don't like the thought...
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    Thread OP3 vs OP6 Display

    So I've had the op3 since it's launch in 2016 and it's been a great phone that has slowly deteriorated in recent times in terms of battery life especially and I've become less impressed with it's display recently especially when I compared it to a Nokia 7 plus display which is 402 ppi and...
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    Thread Android One Question

    Just watching a video there about the n7+ and some signs of lag in multitasking and some other bugs, Was just wondering with Android One,along with the security patches, Do google roll out bug fixes and optimizations for stability ? Bit unsure about this as all hardware is different
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    Thread UK availability ?

    The 7+ isnt out officially in the uk until may 2nd.Its possible to get the phone on amazon in different parts of Europe but then you run into problems with the wrong plugs etc.. I notice one site are offering the phone in UK...
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    Thread Oneplus 6 alternatives

    So we all know the op6 is coming soon and many of us are hoping to upgrade our outdated devices,but with Oneplus success in the market in recent years, their prices are continuosly going up,,maybe by small amounts on each phone,may be a big rise with the op6,we don't know yet Anyway.What if...
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    Thread Buying from China

    Was just looking at buying this from China as its not released until May the 2nd in UK.Found only two sites with a global rom. Does anyone know if you get the Chinese varient from these especially the 6gb ram version. Will it still work with Android One and get all the OTAs. Tempted to get...
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    Thread Nokia 7+ size and dimesions

    The nokia 7+ is a big phone at 158.38 x 75.64 x 7.99mm. This is my biggest worry with this phone.It seems quite tall in particular. Could owners give me their thoughts on its size. Can the phone still fit in a your pocket ?
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    Thread Is the v10 a great phone with Support

    I've recently discovered the v10 and have to say I'm impressed with the phones specs, price, and overall look. On paper it looks like a great package, but I'm no fool. To buy a phone based solely on specs is idiotic. The phone also has to have great software/support to make it a great...