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    Thread Switch from OXYGENoS to CM12S

    hi guys, i'm actually running OXYGENOS on oneplus and I have root access on it. What is the best way to flash the cm12s? here is the link with the OTA-like update p.s. I want to root also cm12s thank for the help
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    Thread Ultra Power Saving Mode on our note 2

    Hi guys, is it possible to get ultra power saving mode on our Note 2 With stock 4.4.2 rom? I know it's on DN3 but I wish get it on Stock ROM
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    Thread Cant install CWM

    I've Just Done root but I'm not able to install recovery, Please help Sent from my C6603 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread What's the f**in' Best rom on BATTERY LIFE?

    Now I'm on Omega 27.2 and with normal usage It lasts 14 hours From 100% to 0.. Not really good... :( What's your experience? What rom do You prefer about BATTERY LIFE?
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    Thread MMS.apk mod [Explicit project] With F*** Y*** emoji

    Hi everyone I'just modded a modded apk of our srock MMS.apk from the TW and I'm working to substitute some emoji to make it more funny. At first I changed simply the emoji with the up finger With the F**** Y**** finger check now! How to install : If you've downloaded the...
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    Thread Jelly Bean Apks, VoiceSearch 4.1 apk

    Really simple. Can some1 drop the apk for the JellyBean VoiceSearch and any other apks directly related to it functioning properly? Thanks much in advance. I found this in the Gnex section, let's try.
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    Thread What's the most battery friendly kernel?

    What's the most battery friendly kernel? I'm using nymphetamine.. what about you? Sent from my GT-I9300 using XDA
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    Thread Best photo you've taken on the GS3

    As the topic suggests, what is the best photo you've managed to capture on your Galaxy S3! Examples would be great.
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    Thread How active Svoice from headset?

    I'm using stock/ original in-ear headset with mic and volume control.. How can I start/active sVoice from it? Thanks
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    Thread Notification ringtone stops at half

    Sometimes the notification ringtones didn't finish correctly and also the vibration... Why? I deactivated all the motion sensor and it persists .. :mad::mad::mad: Sent from my GT-I9300 using XDA
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    Thread Why my gn is slower than my previous sgs2?

    I brought a gn about 1 month ago... I had a sgs2 .. why is solwer than the s2?? I have the aokp m5 with the last Franco stable kernel at the Max clock and is still laggy .. I can't understand.. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda premium
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    Thread HACK Hambo using GameCih

    I've tried in several ways but I can not modify the gold amount :[ Help me Sent from my Transformer TF101 using xda premium
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    Thread Best notification sound ever?

    I'm looking for the best notification ringtone ever ... WHAT'S your favourite? :) (Attach it in a zip)
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    Thread Post your Galaxy S3 home screens

    t would be great for people to share their home screen setups, I'm interested to see what is possible with s3 :) Unfortunately I can't attach my screenshot as I can't post external links yet.
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    Thread S voice app?

    Do you think someone will port galaxy s3' S voice on ours nexus?? Thanks
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    Thread Please HELP building an apk

    Hi folks I'm trying to do an apk that visualize the mobile version of my blog. As you click the icon an "inside browser" open the URL. I'm using eclipse. Thanks Sent from my GT-I9100 using XDA
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    Thread BEST GO SMS pro Theme! [Facebook theme]

    Here is the best theme i've ever tried! DOWNLOAD HERE:
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    Thread Change wake up button

    My POWER button works very bad so i'll, change the key that wake the screen up from the POWER button to the volume button.... How I can do it??thnx
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    Thread Connect mouse and Keyboard Wireless

    How can I connect my Microsoft Wireless 3000 to my galaxy s2 using the OTG and the Usb reciver? Help me
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    Thread calls via Official CAR HOLDER

    HI!! I've just bought the official Samsung car holder / dock. I's all perfect, the mp3 and the navigator goes directly in the stereo. But if someone calls me i hear the voice via the speakers of the phone and not through the...
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    Thread [ROM] LeoDroid Custom ROM v1.0 XWKE8 - by LeoMar75

    Finally, after a long time i'm happy to present you the first version of HDBlog Custom ROM also for the Gs2! Installation: Download Odin Install Samsung Kies Connect the SGS2 to the Pc and make sure it is recognised Unplug the phone and shut it down Download the package LeoDroid Custom...
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    Thread Does the wake ring if i shut off the phone?

    Does the wake ring if i shut off the phone? Thanks
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    Thread Wifi ISSUE! full signal but not load page

    yesterday the wireless worked perfectly but today it has Full signal but dont load the pages! i've tried to reboot the AP and also the SGS2 but the wifi works only on my netbook HElp me please as you can see:
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    Thread What's the differences between kernels?

    what are the differences between XWKDD, XWKE1, XWKE2, XWKE7? what is the best? THANKS
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    Thread Help me on Kies

    i've kies installed on my pc but if i plug the wire on my sgs2 it don't find my device. I've also installed kies air but I've not the wifi. I've also tried into download mode to connect with kies. How can I connect my phone? THANKS
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    Thread Show us your main screen! Who has the best?

    Here is the mine
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    Thread [REQ] Change screenlock

    how can I change the screen locker of my galaxy s2? it is awful and slow THNX
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    Thread I've just bought my SGS2

    HI! I've just bought my Galaxy s2! I took it on : What do you think of this purchase? THANKS