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    Thread Calendar Widget Mod

    Here is my first Calendar widget mod. more Widgets for original Froyo 2.2 Calendar 2x2, 4x1 and 4x4 Widget. 4x1 Widget Layout is messesd up at the moment
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    Thread no more Goldcard?

    we arent able to create Goldcards online for free anymore.. the page was removed..
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    Thread were is the Lockscreen in the sourcode

    can someone pls help me. i am searching for it, but i havent found the lockscreen in the android source. is it a part of the launcher?
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    Thread some perl scripter here who can help?

    hello everyone. im searching for a method to extract boot.img on my Android device on the go. to do changes at the ramdisk (not everyone has a laptop by hand if a new idea comes up ;) ) the idea behind is to get the kernel + ramdisk extractet without a linux machine and then fastboot it with...
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    Thread Original 32A Rom Update from HTC-Magic Page

    here is a new Rom Update for 32A HTC Magics. i can not Download because i use a 32B and you will need the IMEI Number of the Phone. can someone load it pls its for germans but i think it woll be multilanguage
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    Thread How-to change checksum in applypatch for crb43

    Hello, i have a question about the checksum of the build.prob from the crb17 release of android. i make some changes in this file (make it readable for nomal users with cmd edit build.prop) after that i tested to install the crb43 patch and get some error. my question is, how can i get the...