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    Thread Sprint Nexus 5 4.4.3 update(not yet)

    I'm posting this for us sprint user's.I feel it important since we are waiting for specific band's to be enabled for spark to work.I've already installed the factory img from Google and no spark.I contacted sprint and was told it was Google working on our Sprint specific 4.4.3 update.Anyway can...
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    Thread Empty status bar

    Is there any way to have a 100% empty status bar,no signal bars of any kind?I am looking for a way do it.I can't seem to kind a way with using immersive mode,which I don't want.I looked for a xposed module and didn't find any.Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Blacklisting

    Can someone please guide me to where the phone blacklisting is located.I can't remember what ROM I had it one.I don't see it on stock 4.4.2.Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.Thanks for the assistance in advance from whomever.
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    Thread [Q] mobile odin

    According to the mobile Odin app page the galaxy nexus is supported. I installed it,root access was granted,than tell me my device is supported. Check root access (my nexus is rooted).Than I'm prompted to to a dump. I did its logged than I get a blank mobile Odin screen.Can someone lend me some...
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    Thread Galaxy Nexus from E4GT

    I figured this is my best source for info.Here is my question.Has anyone come from the E4GT to the Galaxy Nexus? If so what do you like/dislike about it.I have a chance to snag 1 before my contract is up I will only do it if it's really worth it.Any and all feed back will be appreciated.
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    Thread Central Floirda Epic 4G Touch Users

    I'm putting this thread together with the intentions of creating a group of e4gt users to get together outside XDA and help each other.I've found reading and watching 'how to" videos doesn't always work.i have only talked to 2 other "local'' people and they both liked the idea.So if you live...
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    Thread [Q] odin for cwm or e4gauto

    This is my question:what install program should i use for putting cwm on my phone,odin has more options and is more dynamic in it's functions,while e4gauto is simply for recovery placement,yet i never hear(read)anyone speak of it?Can someone give me some info.thanks
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    Thread [Q] why 26

    Am I missing something,why do some of the ics require you to go to 26 and some are ok with 29?can someone please explain to me.thank you.
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    Thread [Q] emmc corrupt

    Can someone lend me some input, I flashed nocturnal venum.I followed every step from going to 26 to wipe format all.I placed on SD via laptop (new Samsung cable).I got stuck in boot loop Flashed back to el29 via Odin. So I figured I'd try again,now any and all ics leaks(venum cm9 xplod mini...
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    Thread [Q] root folder

    I'm currently trying to root evo.I have my e4gt rooted modded and slammed,the steps I'm following aren't working.using my phone I can get into the root folder.from my laptop I can't even see it let alone access it.I need to place super user there.I tried placing su on my phone than moving it to...
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    Thread above and beyond

    I initially was going to post this in the Q&A section but opted not to for I didn't want to catch flack.This actually is about my questions and answers I got to them.I want to salute STeROL and John Corleone.they both helped me with my issues and guided me to learning something new instead of...
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    Thread positive outcome

    I recently realized the value of reading up on any idea I have for my phone.I cant seem to be satisfied with a single rom.ive recently jumped to a ics blend mini.I nearly failed.fortunately I saw a few posts on how to go back to gb without bricking.thank you to those that failed and posted about...
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    Thread thank you all

    Thanks to everyone on here.i've gone fron youtubing videos on how to root my e4gt to flashing till my fingers bleed...i've scrwed up,lost mms functions keyboard functions.really just about anything.yes i threw my phone and wanted to smash it after being stuck in a boot loop...thanks to those who...
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    Thread superuser

    I flashed blended ics to my e4gt,I lost superuser function.the app icon picture is there,when I click on it,my phone freezes and I get a message telling it has stopped working.I removed rom,still like that. I unrooted phone than rooted to starburst than to blended again.same issue now my SD card...
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    Thread [Q] e4g auto issues

    i had to unroot my phone,i rooted it,now e4gauto won't even come up after i hit run,i have deleted and redownloaded it,its "rogue"is recovery is there another recovery program to use,if so can someone please help?thanks