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    Thread Question Delayed notification problems S21 Ultra

    My S21 ultra has a delayed notification problem. Apps like eBay, PayPal, Gmail ETC will not receive instant notifications until I actually turn on the screen. Apps like my Ring alarm, Aqua Mail will get instant notifications just fine. I've have tried everything like adding the apps to the...
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    Thread Question Whitestone Dome - UV light more or less?

    Installed the Whitestone dome and it came out perfect. Just wondering if it makes any difference to use the curing light more than recommended? Will too much UV light damage the adhesive or glass? I've already done a few extra minutes.
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    Thread Question Will rear camera protectors damage the painted area on the S21 Ultra when trying to remove them?

    Just wondering the sticky residue from a camera protector would damage the painted surface of the rear cameras on the S21 Ultra? Jerryrig shows that this painted surface scratches pretty easily and just wondering if using a camera protector is a good idea or not? Seen several people saying...
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    Thread Question Purchased on Feb 4th from Verizon - Any freebies or promotions I can still get?

    I didn't pre order and got my Ultra from Verzion on Feb 4th. Just wondering if there are any freebies or promotions I can claim? I'm not seeing anything.
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    Thread Question Verizon S21 Ultra 512GB Sold Out everywhere

    Trying to buy the Verizon S21 Ultra 512GB and it seems to be sold out everywhere, Will these become available again soon on the Verizon site?
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    Thread Whitestone Dome Glass - No more Blue Light Cut - Improved Glass & Tray

    Got in a replacement Note 20 Ultra set from Whitestone today and they have done away with the blue light cut, improved the glass and alignment tray. No mention of blue light cut, the glass is nice and straight across the top now and the alignment tray has a different build # on it. I'm in no...
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    Thread Verizon Tab S6 - Phone Icon - Samsung Messages - Textra - GIMPED ?

    How in the world do I get the phone icon to show up on a Verizon Tab S6? I see the "phone" in the apps but can't figure out how to get the icon on the home screen? I also can't get Samsung Messages or Textra to show up on this tablet. Guess Verizon wants everyone to use their Messages+ app...
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    Thread Is the S20 Ultra on display at Best Buy stores?

    Just wondering. Anyone seen it on display at Best Buy yet?
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    Thread Has the fingerprint scanner been improved at all over the S10+ and Note 10+ ?

    Just wondering if there has been any improvement to the fingerprint scanner at all?
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    Thread Is there a 1TB option for the Ultra?

    Will there be a 1TB model of the Ultra available in the US?
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    Thread Gear4 Battersea - One Fine Note 10 Plus Case.

    Finally got in the Gear4 Battersea case for the Note 10+ today. This case is super protective with the soft orange D30 interior, very protective back plate and and extra grippy rubber edges. This is one case that won't slip out of your hands. Gear4 was purchased by ZAGG a few months ago and I...
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    Thread Pitaka MagCase Note 10+

    Pitaka MagCase Note 10+ :) Got in the Pitaka Magcase for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus today. This is one of the finest quality cases you can get for the Note 10 plus if you are looking for a very minimalist case. This case is like using your phone bare nekkid. The case protects the back...
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    Thread Should I dump my S10+ 1TB for the Note 10+?

    Still can't decide if I want to get rid of my S10+ 1TB for the Note 10+ 512GB. Why there is no 1TB Note 10+ is beyond me. What you think, dump the S10 for the Note or not? :confused:
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    Thread Verizon S10 Plus - how much storage is the system using?

    I have the 1TB Verizon S10 plus and it's showing 96.5GB of storage used with nothing on the phone. This seems mighty high to me. :confused: How much storage is your Verizon branded phone using?
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    Thread Fingerprint Problems - Can it even be fixed with a future software update?

    Yesterday my fingerprint was working about 90% of the time, today it's complete trash. Also there is a setting in the phone where it will completely wipe and factory reset your device after 15 failed attempts. With this crappy scanner it's a good thing to uncheck this option before your phone...
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Cases

    Post your Galaxy S10+ Plus cases here. :)
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    Thread Are there any videos or hi rez pics of the two Ceramic colors anywhere?

    Would love to see some videos or hi rez pictures of the two ceramic colors and can't seem to find any. Anyone seen any and can provide a link? Thanks.
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    Thread Yellow SPen on sale for $14.99 at Samsung & B&H Photo.

    with FREE shipping. Get one while you can. :p
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    Thread Cheap case from Amazon - Not that bad.

    Got this cheap $9.49 casae from Amazon and it's not that bad. I purchased both colors to make this combo. The case is a hard outer shell that snaps together like the Defender with a soft rubber finish and the inside is a super soft, very thin silicone. The case is pretty grippy and feels good in...
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    Thread My new favorite Note 9 case - Gear4 Battersea

    This is my new favorite Note 9 case. Same rubbery material as the Tech 21 with better bottom and back protection. The whole inside is protected with the orange D30 material. Real grippy. great feeling case. ;)
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    Thread Whitestone Dome for the Note 9 - How is yours holding up?

    If you have the Whitestone Dome on you Note 9 please answer these questions. Thanks. (1) Did it install perfect and bubble free or did you have problems? (2) How long has it been on your phone? (3) Have you developed any bubbles or spider web lines along the edges since you installed it? (4)...
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    Thread Anyone receive their 512GB Micro SD Card from Samsung?

    Did they ship it with the phone or separate? :confused:
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    Thread ZAGG Glass Curve for the Note 9 - Full screen adhesive or not?

    Ordered the ZAGG Curve glass for the Note 9. The website and customer service reps say full screen adhesive on this protector. I know on the Note 8 they had the "Elite" that was full adhesive and the regular curve was just an edge sticker. Anyone know for sure if the Note 9 ZAGG Curve is full...
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case Picture Thread.

    Please post pictures of your Note 8 Cases here. :) Speck Presidio Grip in Black/Black & Speck Candyshell Grip in "Storm Trooper" White/Black. ;)
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    Thread Check out this Quality Best Buy ZAGG Glass installation.

    Watch this Best Buy counter jockey install a ZAGG Glass protector upside down on this guys phone. The guy is going to have problems hearing people with the ear speaker covered up by the glass. I believe you can get a better install from a $5.00 Crackhead on the side of the road. :p...
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    Thread Where are the stock/factory wallpapers hidden on the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus?

    Anyone know the location of the factory wallpapers on the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus? I can't seem to locate them.
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    Thread Bodyguardz Pure Arc Screen Protector.

    Installed the Bodyguardz Pure Arc yesterday and everything went smooth and looks perfect. If you buy this make sure it has the "Express Align Tray" sticker on the front. It makes for an easy, perfect install. I will wait a few hours before trying any cases. Here are a couple pictures of the...
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    Thread New S8+ Battery at 0% out of the box ?

    Got in the new S8+ from Verizon and my battery was totally dead at 0% when I took it out of the box. I've had a million new phones and never had one at 0% right out of the box. It also seems to be charging pretty slow. Anyone else have a dead battery right out of the box? I have it charged...
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    Thread Has anyone been successful at purchasing the Immersive Gear VR bundle for $99

    Has anyone been successful at purchasing the Immersive Gear VR bundle for $99 when registering for the Free Gear VR on ? Seems like nobody can purchase this bundle when registering. :confused:
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    Thread Replacement Note 7 - Double Bar Code Stickers on Box - Refurbished Phone?

    Picked up my replacement Note 7 from Verizon yesterday and the first thing I noticed is the double bar code stickers on the box. The sticker underneath has the same IMEI number as the new sticker with the new little black square. I'm thinking that Samsung had these phones already made and ready...
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    Thread Has anyone been able to get the Note 7 replacement from Verizon yet?

    Has anyone been able to get a replacement Note 7 yet from Verizon?
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    Thread How can I locate the watch faces I purchased from the Samsung store?

    I just changed phones to the Note 7 and I can't find half of the watch faces I purchased. :( Where in the world can I see a list of the watch faces I purchased?
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    Thread Does your Urban Armor Gear case for the Note 7 have two holes in the top? UAG

    Saw a picture of the UAG Note 7 case over in the case thread on Android Central and it showed two holes in the top. :silly: Why does the Note 7 UAG case have 2 holes in the top? Seems like they rushed this one out, adding extra holes to cover all bases. If you received you UAG case does...
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    Thread Post pictures of your new Note 7 cases here.

    Please post "Real" pictures of your new Note 7 cases here. :p
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    Thread UAG Case for the regular S7 ---- Need a Crowbar to remove the case?

    Got a couple of UAG cases for the regular S7 and they are very hard to get the phone out of them. It's like you need a crowbar to remove the phone.:crying: If you have a UAG case for the S7 is it tough to remove the phone from your case? :silly:
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    Thread ZAGG Glass Curved now available but........

    Called Zagg yesterday to ask about the curved tempered glass and the girl said it's been shipping for the past week. You have to call and order as it's still not available on their website. Now here's the kicker, It has a black painted border around the edges. :silly: I asked if it sticks to...
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    Thread ZAGG Glass Curved now available but........

    Called Zagg yesterday to ask about the curved tempered glass for the S7 & S7 Edge and the girl said it's been shipping for the past week. You have to call and order as it's still not available on their website. Now here's the kicker, It has a black painted border around the edges. :silly: I...
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    Thread What is a good film protector that is case friendly for the S7?

    I see the Spigen but know they scratch real easy. Any other film protectors that are case friendly and halo free? :confused:
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    Thread Getting rid of the Edge for the regular S7, Mistake?

    Thinking about getting rid of the Edge for the regular S7. :p I just never use the edge feature and find the case selection a thousand times better for the regular S7. ;) Would this be a mistake or not? What you think? :confused:
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    Thread Always On Display No Longer Moving After the latest update from Samsung.

    S7 Edge AOD is not moving around anymore after the latest update from Samsung Galaxy Apps. guess I better turn it off until there is a fix.
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    Thread Seidio Surface Combo with Belt Clip - Lot of other cases fit clip perfect. Pictures.

    Got in the Seidio Surface Combo with the belt clip today. A lot of other S7 Edge cases work perfect with the Seidio belt clip. Here are a few pictures in case anyone cares. :p Seidio Surface: Perfect Fit Supcase Beetle: Perfect Fit Spigen Neo Hybrid: Perfect Fit. Otterbox Symmetry: Perfect...
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    Thread Samsung 128GB Pro + or Sandisk 200GB for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

    I realize the Samsung is faster but would that really make any difference in the S7 Edge? Which one of these cards would be the better choice for the new Galaxy S7 edge? :confused:
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    Thread SD Card Notiftion keeps popping up - Help !

    This notification keeps popping up a couple times a day. I've formatted, mounted, unmounted the card and it's still haunting me. :( Is there any way to stop this?
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    Thread Show your new Galaxy S7 Edge in Cases / Picture Thread / Black / Silver / Gold

    Please show your new Galaxy S7 Edge in your new cases here as you get them. I have a couple of cases but no phone yet . :p Would love to see all the different color combinations. Thanks. ;)
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    Thread Is the Verizon V10 Unlocked and can be used on with any carrier?

    Are all US Verizon V10's unlocked and can be used with any carrier?
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    Thread Seidio Surface Holster & UAG Case = A Perfect Match.

    The Seidio Surface holster is a perfect match for the UAG case. They were made for each other. ;)
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    Thread Why hasn't LG released the wireless charging back in the US? Cancelled on Best Buy

    Wonder why LG has not released the wireless charging back for the V10 here in the United States? :confused: I've been watching in on the Best Buy site and it is now listed as no longer available...
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    Thread Does anyones wireless charger shut completely off when the V10 is fully charged?

    I have the LG OEM Wireless Charging back and with both of my TYLT chargers the green light stays lit up even after the battery is full charged. Anyone have a wireless that shuts off completely when the V10 is fully charged? If so, what brand and model?
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    Thread New Verizon V10 Update - VS99011B - Anyone try it yet?

    New V10 update from Verizon, anyone try it yet? :confused: