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    Thread Petition for Intel to speak up on 10nm and change its philosophies Just something I thought I'd share so Intel may know how we feel about things like NVME Raid keys, rushed responses to AMD, and stagnating in 14nm for another year (will complete 3 years of 14nm).
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    Thread Most common aspect ratio besides 16:9? (4:3 doesn't count)

    TL;DR in the end I was wondering what the ideal aspect ratio is for a screen. It would, of course, be reflected by what the majority of media is using. Pondering about the benefits of ultra-wide (21:9), I discovered about the 2.39:1 aspect ratio. It's the true aspect ratio cinemas use, and it's...
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    Thread 18:9|18.5:9 Aspect Ratio MEGA RANT

    What's the number one single most important thing about a screen's aspect ratio? IT'S COMPATIBILITY. Screen real-estate, maneuverability, SCROLLING POTENTIAL are all but NOTHING compared to compatibility. If my phone, or ANY electronic for that matter, features a screen incompatible with PRETTY...
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    Thread Sound processing incompatibility: Hi-Res Poweramp vs Viper4Atmos

    So, with the new Poweramp Beta, there's an option to fully take advantage of the hi-fi DAC on our phone, called "Hi-Res Output". However, by enabling it, it turns off Viper4Atmos (V4A + Dolby Atmos). Is there any fix to this? I really want both at the same time...
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    Thread Is this audio mod compatible with our phone in any way? I mean, it must be downright the best audio mod out there, since it has so many audio enhancement techniques. It says it needs recovery, do we have it? Is there any way we can get it? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Could I Add Mods and Flash a system.img?

    Okay, so I just learned how to extract system.img from KDZs, and how to extract the files from said system.img. Could I add all the mods I would regularly add to my phone to the extracted files, re-join them back to a system.img, name it rootedsystem and flash it with our phone's regular root...
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    Thread Ultimate (Possible) Phone Specs: Share your thoughts!

    CPU: ARM 10nm FinFET LPP (2nd Gen) 64-bit processor Frequency: 3Ghz, vast overclocking capabilities Cores: Cortex-A75 Deca-core (only big cores) Heat Output: Almost constant room temperature in every possible situation, except when enabling overclock mode GPU: World's first discrete mobile...
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    Thread Can anyone give me a copy of the phone app?

    Never mind. Someone please delete this post.
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    Thread Help With Certificates

    Never mind, I fixed it. Can someone please delete this thread? I don't know how to delete it.
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    Thread LG G Flex 2 H959 Ultimate Mod Guide

    (ATTENTION: Using this guide is your choice. I am not responsible if your phone gets bricked. All I'm doing is sharing my results so people can enjoy a better experience on their G Flex2, I do not know if this guide will work in anyone else's phone, I only know it worked on mine) Hello, and...
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    Thread Help With Viper4audio: Driver install failed

    I've got busybox installed properly, it's Stericson's, I've checked if it's working and it is, I have given root permission to V4A and I have plenty of space for the drivers to be installed. I'm on a rooted h959 15e image, I'm not really willing to revert back to previous software versions, and...