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    Thread [Q] A10 tablet - A1CS Fusion5 / Protab2XXL

    hay all helping a friend out last night over skype, she had bought one of these tablets from amazon a few day ago, anyway we found a CM9 build and CWM image for this device and a tutorial to install them ( we got it into...
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    Thread [APP] [UPDATES] System Sound Changer

    hay guys ive been hard at work trying to get the lock sound changer updated whist doing so i thought id start a bigger project to change all of the system sounds. in this release ive added the ability to choose files with a filemanager thanks to
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    Thread [APP] Lock Sound Changer

    hay there guys im a newbie here on the forums and at android development but i have competed the public beta of my second app in one day lock sound changer does exactly what it says on the tin it lets you change your lock sounds on any rooted android device 2.2 and up. is a...