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  1. Tomar777

    Thread [SOLVED] Google Discover and app not logging in

    Since yesterday Discover does not work, telling me there was an problem logging in, i get the same from the Google app. Play store is working ok, as is the rest of the phone. Thought it was the google nova companion, uninstalled it, same happens with pixel launcher. Cleared caches and data of...
  2. Tomar777

    Thread Camera PX on the Pixel 3a

    I thought of opening a thread for CStark's Camera PX specific for the Pixel 3a, for settings, samples, comparing photos and for those who might not know it Here are some settings recommended: -> Do you have any other setting suggestions? Or any samples comparing Camera PX vs Stock Google Camera?
  3. Tomar777

    Thread Adobe Photoshop Camera

    A new camera app from Adobe with AI and filters that looks very promising. Unfortunately in the Playstore its not yet compatible with the N7plus. Maybe someone found the APK and tested?
  4. Tomar777

    Thread Problem after update

    After latest update, transferring multiple photos from phone to pc at once, just sends the first pic many times renaming it "Tempfile" 1, 2, etc. I installed the previous version, problem was fixed, but then it updated again causing the same problem. Device is a Nokia 7 plus, not rooted or...
  5. Tomar777

    Thread Nokia smartphones may soon get Night Mode...

    Read the news HERE Lets see how much "improvement" there will be... And hopefully to all phones...
  6. Tomar777

    Thread Camera overheating???

    Today i had a stupid issue, while using the camera, main sensor created fog under the lens. I used a hair dryer to clear it but as soon as i used the camera, lens got foggy again... Both GCam and nokia cam used, fog kept re-appearing in the lens. I left the camera to cool down, used the hair...
  7. Tomar777

    Thread HDR problem after latest CM update.

    Hello, i run CM13 nightly on my X. At a point in october, updates would not install anymore, recovery showed error 7, so i used this guide to update Bootloader/kernel to OOS3, and istalled the latest...