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    Post [GUIDE]Convert Docomo SO-05G to SGP771

    Need help to convert Hi, thank you for this rom, It's work well, but I got little problem, do you have a way to convert back from SGP to Docomo, the problem is, since I use this rom, I got ghost touch under the front camera, I think because the tablet become quite warmer, appreciate your help...
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    Post Overall speed

    I Don't know its my phone or else, but in some games, its little bit lag when loading some scene. But one thing that I notice that my S7 signal is more weak than my previous phone (on LTE), it's very noticeable that sometime I have to restart my phone or change it to 3G first than switch it back.
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    Post [MOD] Android Stock Lockscreen for JM8,JPH,JPK,JM9,JPM,JPA,JP6

    using jpa fw.. first try.. it's work :) thank you!