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    Thread Tutorial to download latest KDZ for your LG Phone using LG Bridge and KDZ Downloader

    Hi, this tutorial is for those who just want to download latest KDZ for your LG phone, but do not want to upgrade yet, you just want the KDZ file to download to PC. The update KDZ is new and you can't find it in websites yet. 1. So first you download and install LG Bridge from LG. 2. Connect...
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    Thread Teclast X98 Air 3G and Linux

    Hi, I just wanted to say how Lubuntu ant Elementary OS runs on this tablet. Did not run much time, but these are my observations from running live images: Lubuntu lxqt "lubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso" (robust): wifi - OK display, no HiDPI - OK Sound - OK Touchscreen - OK, after this command...