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    Thread Different Display-Panels/Quality?!

    hey guys, i just receive two LG G4 (H815) from the amazon warehouse. I have the feeling that one of the devices has a little brighter display with also a little better viewing angles (both tested at 100% brightness). Is that possible? Does LG build in diffrent panels or are my eyes fooled?
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    Thread rollback to 4.3 without wipe?!

    any idea how to to this? i have 4.4 installed, running ok. but i have the feeling that 4.3 ran even better. when i flash 4.3 with flashtool without wiping my device will bootloop.
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    Thread 4.3 Developers Attention Please!

    there is a bug in every 4.2.2 rom i tested on my 4X that wont let my device connect to a WEP secured WiFi.. so if you are working on a great 4.3 rom please try to fix this :)
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    Thread [Q] Forcing Deep Sleep while USB Connected

    hey guys on my last mountain bike session my s2 got a little wet.. since that its bugged. it allways "thinks" it getting charged by usb, even when its not. after some google reserch i found out that the device wont go into the deep sleep mode while connected to usb. so my question is: is...
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    Thread WM6 doesnt read my SIM Contacts (but wm5 do!)

    i finaly managed to install several wm6.1 and 6.5 roms on my wizard, but none of em is able to show my sim contacts.. if i click on "contacts" it starts for a second and close it. this is working fine on with the wizard-love rom (wm5) any idea?
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    Thread Does Wizard charge its battery in BootLoader-status?!

    this is the question.. any idea?
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    Thread only 1 of 8 roms working?!

    hey guys, since hours im trying to flash my wizard (ipl: 3.08.0001 , spl: 3.08.0001) tested 8 different roms, 4 didnt even flash, 3 flashed but stuck after booting, 1 working (wizard love 2.2.6) any idea?
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    Thread is my wizard flashable?

    hi, i want to install a new rom on my wizard, but hell , i dont want to kill it! this is what the first screen shows: ipl: 3.08.0001 spl: 3.08.0001 gsm: 02.69.11 os: will there be any problems? whats the best windows mobile 6.1 oder 6.5 rom? thx!
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    Thread Wiazard doesnt read my newb 2GB Transcend MicroSD Card :(

    hi i just bought a new 2GB Transcend MicroSD Card with mini sd adapter. but the wizard doesnt read the card :( (fat32 formated) if i try the card in a cardreader its working , my old 512mb mini sd card working is working in my wizard.. any solution?
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    Thread GPRS/WLAN Problem

    hi i just made gprs working on my mda vario, but i use gprs rly rarely , most of time i use wlan. so my problem now is: if i enable wlan, and start opera , icq what ever.. gprs automaticly starting to and i have to pay for this crap while i just wanne use wlan -.- is there an easy and fast...