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  1. andeld

    Thread [ROM REQ] Stock ROM required - LG L70 D320n

    Hi, I have some issues with my stock rom for L70 D320n and i want to reflash it. I have tried to flash a custom recovery without success. I've tried to download some of the stock ROMs from the official website but the links are not working for some reason. A clear example would be this one...
  2. andeld

    Thread What app is this?

    It can be deleted. Thank you.
  3. andeld

    Thread Earpiece speaker & battery replacement

    Can be deleted.
  4. andeld

    Thread [Q] Poor multitasking performance

    Hello guys! I just want to ask if i'm the only one who has LG 4X HD and has poor multitasking performance. I had HTC One S (S4 version) for a couple of months and i thought i could make an upgrade with this Lg phone. But i don't know if it's from the software, the hardware or it's just the...
  5. andeld

    Thread (Status 0) Installation aborted > when trying to flash any KitKat ROM

    Hello guys! I have a problem and I would like to know how to resolve it. To be short, when I try to flash any kitkat rom. It gives me an error just after I give the command to flash. This is happening on twrp and cwm as well. I pasted the error here, maybe someone can help me. Thanks a lot in...