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  1. NuclearGandhi

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Koler[0.3.1] - An open source phone app

    Koler A uniquely stylized phone app, with customizable features - for Android. Introduction This is an app me and my friend made. We have both dedicated a lot of time towards developing and designing this app and we would be grateful if you give it a shot, and review it. This app...
  2. NuclearGandhi

    Thread Device gets stuck, and then reboots.

    Hello! I own a Galaxy s3 GT-i9300, android 4.3 (currently). I rooted it, and then installed cm12.1 on it. It worked great for some time, and then one day, it suddenly froze, and after some seconds it rebooted. After it successfully booted, it got stuck, and rebooted again. It kept doing that...