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    Thread How to rollback from Android 10 to 9?

    Hello people, I wish to know step by step how to rollback my devices to Android 9 official version. 1. I know that my bootloader need to be unlocked (is it possible on Android 10)? 2. How to install the official rom and where to find? 3. Would it work like the official with locked bootloader...
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    Thread Back button oversensitive on Android 9? (Video incl.)

    Hello does anyone have the similar problem as I do it phone if defected? Video link: Thank you in advance ???
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    Thread [Q] Z1 c903 Bootloader locking. Help!

    Hello all! Im new in xda forum, so i will be greatefull if you help me with my Sony Z1 phone. I have Z1 c903 on android 5.0.2., and I was mad on sony becouse they didnt make update to 5.1, so i was looking on forum how to root and install some custom rom and make my phone updated. So i find on...