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    Post Rooting s7 edge sm-935t 8.0

    There are methods but you would be stuck with laggy mobile as proper root is not possible... And for custom recovery its a big no, the reason is locked bootloader. So no custom recovery means no custom Roms.. The root will be limited to run root supported apps. And lil bit of debloating. But...
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    Thread Oreo dropped for SM-G935U No more bloatware

    Namaste to all of you!!! Finally Samsung started giving oreo over OTA on SM-G935U Using it from past 2 days. No lags No battery drainage. UI is similar and........ NO CARRIER BLOATWARE.!!!!!. DOWNLOAD LINK :
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    Post I cant flash Super Su or new rom TWRP

    no error it just stucks...everything installs without any error
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    Thread I cant flash Super Su or new rom TWRP

    Cant flash Super SU or Any rom as it goes into bootloop. I have been following the procedure quite thoroughly . Need Help ..
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for Kinzie [Apr. 20.2018]

    No I moved back to stock there is no problem there . I think may be it has to do with hardware acceleration. Because the same problem exists with MX player but switching from hardware HW to software SW acceleration the problem solves
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    Post [Adreno 430][Vulkan] Vulkan API for Adreno 430 (Android Nougat)

    Will it work on xt1580 moto droid turbo 2
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for Kinzie [Apr. 20.2018]

    Everything works perfectly. Just the YouTube video delays every time.i tried reflashing the ROM but it starts lagging after one or two videos. Is there a way to avoid it.same happens when I view Facebook app the video delays
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for Kinzie [Apr. 20.2018]

    Can anyone help me with dual boot
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    Post [PATCHER][APP] Dual boot any ROM

    Can you please make one for xt1580 Droid turbo 2 aka X force
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    Post Moto X Force dual boot

    Can anyone help me with the dual boot
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    Thread Moto X Force dual boot

    Can any one please help me obtain dual boot on my X force xt1580 India. :o:o
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    Thread [Completed] My octane plus karbonn dead

    i tried flashing twrp to my phone. it showed pmt to be downloaded. i read somwehere about "all format+download" but now my phone wont start. the flash blinks when i press the power button. any help or suggestion will be great for a noob like me.(sorry for my bad english) brand:karbonn...
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    Post [Q] Xperia sola bootloop

    Thank you sir! started downloading stock firmware.and the flash tool. Hope to recover it soon!!!!!! again thanks sir
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    Thread [Q] Xperia sola bootloop

    yesterday i tried to install some sound enhancement .zip to my it got into bootloop.i dnt have adb in my laptop nor i have custom rom present in my...