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    Post [ROOT][MAGISK][OREO/PIE] Magisk 18.0+

    Good. Press 'Thanks' button bellow my post than :)
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    Post [ROOT][MAGISK][OREO/PIE] Magisk 18.0+

    I attached image to my previous post. But instructions are also in this thread. Pay attention not only to numbers 30b, but also to security patch date. As you can see it is different for different LG G7 phones. They must be the same, otherwise you will get bootloop.
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    Post Teclast X98 Air 3G Tablet: 9.7" 2048x1536 px - Z3736F - 3G - Android/Windows 8.1

    In case someone will need newest drivers for Windows 10 after installation.
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    Post Android 10 is here for G7ThinQ!

    For those, who want Magisk installed follow thread:
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    Post [ROOT][MAGISK][OREO/PIE] Magisk 18.0+

    Android 10, 30b working. P.S. patched image made myself by following instructions. Also I would like to mention that you won't get Android 10 update suggestion over OTA, until you update your Android 9 to v20k. And always return to unpatched boot.img version before updating.
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    Post [APP][ALL ROOT SOLUTIONS][6.0+]ViPER4Android FX 2.7

    Hi, Does anyone know, how to toggle-on-off effects using air-mouse-remote in Android TV box? Pressing 'OK' button on it doesn't work. I can do this only when connect PC mouse, and press with wheel button. I have ViPER4Android FX installed.
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    Post MTP options do not show when connected to Laptop

    What did you do with phone before that happened? Is this stock Android?
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    Post MTP options do not show when connected to Laptop

    If you can, backup your important documents and try to reset Android to factory defaults. Its seams, it is G7 fault. I think it has big chance to resolve that issue. This time is the only option I can suggest you.
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    Post MTP options do not show when connected to Laptop

    That helped me, with same problem some time ago. Also take a look at device manager if there are no devices with the exclamation mark, when you connect phone. If there is, delete it and do the same as in my previous post. Also you may try to install latest LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.4.2.exe.
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    Post MTP options do not show when connected to Laptop

    Hi. Go to C:\Windows\INF\wpdmtp.inf, right click the file, then click 'Install' in the menu. See if that helps.
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    Post [ROOT][MAGISK][OREO/PIE] Magisk 18.0+

    Hi, I made a tutorial for those, who don't know how to download correct KDZ for their phones:
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    Thread Tutorial to download latest KDZ for your LG Phone using LG Bridge and KDZ Downloader

    Hi, this tutorial is for those who just want to download latest KDZ for your LG phone, but do not want to upgrade yet, you just want the KDZ file to download to PC. The update KDZ is new and you can't find it in websites yet. 1. So first you download and install LG Bridge from LG. 2. Connect...
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    Post Bricked x96s wont get into recovery

    Hi. If you have boot loop. Short these pins for 2-3 seconds while holding reset. USB cable, power cable must be already plugged, Amlogic USB Burning Tool must be already started. Motherboard DY3 V1.0 18295
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    Post [CLOSED][DEV] Magisk Canary Channel - Bleeding Edge Builds

    Hello. My device is using system-as-root without A/B partitions. I want to install Magisk. I found this guide but It's not clear to me if I must do that with both recovery.img and boot.img or just one of them? Thanks
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][9.0] TWRP 3.3.1 for Amlogic S922X & S905X2

    Hello. When I try "Apply update from EXT", I got: Found: Amlogic/p281:8.10/OPM1.171019.011/root:userdebug/test-keys E3003: This update package is intended only for Android Pie builds (SDK 28) Does it mean I cannot install it in Oreo Android?
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    Post [ROOT][MAGISK][OREO/PIE] Magisk 18.0+

    If it doesn't work, try LG bridge "Update error Recovery", while booting the phone. It thinks, what something is bad with the phone. And you may not succeed in the first take. Also LG Bridge download correct kdz to your PC to C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\LG Electronics\LG...
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    Post [ROOT][MAGISK][OREO/PIE] Magisk 18.0+

    You must be sure you have firmware, which is for you model. For example G710EM20e_00_1114.kdz and G710EM20e_00_1115.kdz boot images content is different, the same size doesn't mean they are identical. You can check that country your phone belongs to with IMEI in the firmware. site. Magisk makes...
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    Post [ROOT][MAGISK][OREO/PIE] Magisk 18.0+

    They are identical, just names are different. Take one of these. And so you have a working phone with magisk app? Then copy this file to phone open Magisk app and choose Magisk install - > select and patch a file -> chose that file and patch. Now you have boot file with magisk, copy that file...
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    Post [ROOT][MAGISK][OREO/PIE] Magisk 18.0+

    At last I learned how to make boot_v20e-magisk.img by myself. It seems nothing special just need to download correct firmware for phone and use Lg firmware extract tool to extract boot.img, then use Magisk, which is installed on the phone to patch extracted boot.img.
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    Thread Teclast X98 Air 3G and Linux

    Hi, I just wanted to say how Lubuntu ant Elementary OS runs on this tablet. Did not run much time, but these are my observations from running live images: Lubuntu lxqt "lubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso" (robust): wifi - OK display, no HiDPI - OK Sound - OK Touchscreen - OK, after this command...
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    Post Google+ invites/requests, and build your xda circle!

    I also would like to be invited :) [email protected] Thanks :)