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    Thread mi 10 feature update question

    For people who still using mi 10 with newest rom does the new feature from mi 10t came in update? 1. Camera feature like 30x digital zoom and mirror 2. MEMC feature
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    Thread some question for owner of this phone

    Hi, i'm very interested with this phone 1. Does joyui12 update have all MIUI12 features? 2. Does joyui 12 bring EIS in recording video segment? 3 Does 90 hz only in video player and games? 4. what apps can run MEMC outside the stock player? 5. Does ludricious mode can force games run 90 fps...
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    Thread 40mp mode removed from night mode on EMUI 9.1

    Anyone still on EMUI 9? can anyone give me 40 mp night mode vs normal on low light condition? i haven't save it yet The emui 9.1 remove 40mp from night mode , why huawei remove their top feature? the night mode can't replicated with pro mode, it takes multiple frame to remove noise, bring up...
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    Thread Fix performance issue in emulator

    Hi Guys , i need tips in fixing performance issue im lg v30 the cpu performance is throttling quite heavily in stock oreo that emulator performance is dropping and can not run games full speed while s8 with same snapdragom processor run the emulator full speed. Any tips ro improve this? I...
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    Thread my lg v30 review and comparison with previous phone

    Hi guys, so i just updated my phone from previous s7 edge tp the lg v30+ unlocked us998 version , just want to share my usage and to help people decide with this phone so for my background , i am a tech geek phone lover. I always buy used phone since 2010 and always go after cheap high...
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    Thread Gaming perfomance

    Hi Guys , i just brought this tablet and i can say is a very good one , i got this for 65$ used in my country with like new conditioj minus original charger. But never mine i can charge using original ssmsung charger with same speed like the original one. I can't imagine if i brought other used...
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    Thread Downgrade from C.O.S 2.1.5 to 1.2.7

    Hi guys, is it possible to downgrade from c.o.s 2.1.5 to 1.2.7 ?? Haven't unified storage yet,if any of you have experience downgrade pls inform me Using Find 7A with TWRP and cos 2.1.5
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    Thread Screen on time and battery

    Hi guys , i just change my phone to Find 7A and i want to ask a few question 1. Is there a way to reach 6-8 hours of SOT , just like One plus one ? 2. Is there any AOSP/google play edition rom that support the maxx audio feature?
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    Thread Xcom game (i9500)

    Hi for people who play xcom , is there a way to play it smooth? My S4 is i9500 exynos 5410 with latest kitkat 4.4.2 , the game perfomance is bad and it quite stutter, can anyone give me any tips/infor for custom rom/kernel? thx ================= Sorry for add OOT but is there anyone with...
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    Thread [Q] s4 i9500 octa battery indicator not accurate

    Hi guys my S4 battery indicator is not accurate from 100 to 80% it drop very fast then on 80% it drop slowly, sometimes the number go up/down itself ( 2-3%) My S4 is stock 4.4.2 no rooted and i already tried with hard reset + battery calibration ( empty battery until 0% and charge to 100%)...
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    Thread about galaxy s4 knox i9500

    Hi , guys i just brought a 2nd hand galaxy s4 octa and i disabled the KNOX app . Now it seems i can't enable the knox , there is no enable button. Can someone give me a tips to enable it? thx
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    Thread samsung s4 i9500 game perfomance question

    Hi , guys I want to change my phone to i9500 samsung S4 , just curious for the perfomance in gaming , can the s4 octa run xcom , gta san andreas and some new heavy games in max with smooth perfomance?
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    Thread benefit of custom kernel

    Now the source code for kernel will be released , our R1S will have custom kernel. I wonder what problem can we solve or benefit from it? 1. better battery life? 5 hour screen on ( i can do this with mokee or cm rom) on stock rom? 2. Better Heat management? 3. Undervolt? 4. Better ram...
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    Thread Redmi note WCDMA battery

    Hi , i m very interested with xiaomi note WCDMA but from gsmarena review , it have bad battery life So can you all share your screen on time with task like gaming , video and browsing? thx
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    Thread Best configuration for gaming

    Hi can someone share best configuration for gaming?
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    Thread [Q] how to install kitkat?

    Hi , i have samsung vibrant on official stock 2.2 and i want to upgrade to android kitkat 4.4 cyanogen mod My question is can i flash just the rom or i need to upgrade to Jellybean / gingerbread first? fyi i already rooted
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    Thread new android games perfomance on note [discussion]

    Hi all lets share new game perfomances on note I m very curious with this game : -Modern combat 4 -The amazing spiderman 2 -Epoch 2 -Baldur gate if you already play those game pls share the game perfomance, does it smooth or lag?
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    Thread galaxy note screen warm when playing games

    Is it dangers if i play game in a long time with that condition? i m afraid to damage the screen is anyone have use the note since launch and dont counter any problem with playing games up to screen become warm? :confused:
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    Thread XXKI3 stock odin

    anyone have stock XXKI3 firmware for odin? hotfile is closed and i can't find the file anywhere
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    Thread the king has fallen (high end games that dont work smoothly on max setting)

    The mali 400 in sgs 2 is bound by it's vertex and triangle perfomance so newer vertex and triangle heavy games will not run smoothly on S2 here some list that i tested : Real Boxing no full effect Gangstar rio (effects disabled on android) Gangstar vegas(need optimization, still quite playable...
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    Thread Does S-voice eat battery?

    Can someone explain in detail about how much S-voice can eat battery? and is there a working version?
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    Thread about screen on time and battery

    my galaxy s2 can only have 2 hours of screen on time, can someone give me any information about screen time especially for 3D games? maybe because the battery? my s2 is 2nd hand and the battery is made on 2011-8-8, its already 2 years,if you had buy a new battery please give information about...
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    Thread error flashing cyanoged based rom

    Hi , i encounter error with flashing cyanoged based custom rom. I m on JB 4.1.2 neatromlite and kernel speedmod JB always get error on buildprop, error 7 on cwm please help
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    Thread [Q] gaming perfomance on some heavy intensive 3d games question

    hi guys please if you like playing games on your phone please share game perfomance for this game : (game) (my experience) -horn (micro lag) -the dark knight rises (little lag) -gangstar vegas (little lag driving , micro lag walking - high setting) -modern combat 4(stuttering) my config is...
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    Thread insane chip on jelly bean

    does insane chip brick bug problem still exist on jelly bean ? i want to flash custom rom and kernel such as MIUI but my s2 got insane chip, if i flash custom rom and kernel jelly bean 4.2.2-4.3.1 is it safe?
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    Thread anyone ever got corrupted bootloader?

    i got a corrupted bootloader a few weeks ago my tab just only on stock rom 4.0.4 without root when i turned it off to charge it.I connect it to wall charger but the battery logo doesnt come out as usuall. i try various way from google and no luck it just death and got apx mode when connected to...
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    Thread stock ics flash counter

    does the stock 4.0.4 galaxy tab 8.9 wifi include a flash counter like other phone? i want to try to root my tablet without breaking my warranty
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    Thread revert back internal2ext sd card

    can anyone give a cwm zip flashable file to revert from internal sd card as external sd card i flashing my phone from temasek gb rom to pacman rom (JB 4.1.2)for old bootloader but it always got stuck on lg logo it's seem after format data and wipe,the internal sd card still become as external...
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    Thread some question about xperia neo camera quality please answer asap

    hi , got some cheap offer for xperia neo. But after searching info from google it got plagued by camera bug and got bad quality My question is there any solution? Like installing 3rd party app or using custom rom? To fix camera quality issue?
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    Thread how good is chinese tablet durability?

    Hi i wanting to buy a cheap chinese android tablet for games and work but curious with the durability,because i will use it for long maybe 2 year so, anyone who have experience with cheap chinese tablet since 2010 please share your experience.Does it durable enough and lasting for 1 or 2 year...
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    Thread galaxy tab wifi p1010 gaming perfomance?

    want to buy this tablet for gaming please anyone share gaming perfomance this tab,does it run dungeon defender,mass effect infiltrator at playable speed?
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    Thread custom rom improve camera and video quality?

    does using custom rom improve image quality? especially lack of detail and does custom rom have continous autofocus in vid rec?
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    Thread will adreno 220 get another update for driver

    the last update for adreno 220 only doubling 2D perfomance and i think is focused for improving ui acceleration on ICS the adreno 205 get updated driver making it 50% faster in 3D benchmark and games than standard driver, first for xplay and then other adreno 205 device get it altough ported...
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    Thread [Q] does gameloft game eating a lot of battery?

    hi just very curious about gameloft games it seem draining 2x faster than normal 3D game.So my question is how long your phone can play gameloft games? please write in this format for example : HTC evo 3D rom gb zr3d A version stock kernel can play for 1 to 1 hour 15 minute no matter what...
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    Thread indication of battery damage and battery life

    sometimes battery percentage always stuck at one point for example at 65% or 85% and not moving when charging(phone on) if i restart it and suddenly it goes up to 99% is that from rom or need battery calibrated? or does my battery is damaged? how long your battery last when playing 3D game or...
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    Thread best app for cpu setting

    i am on mean rom GB v45 + anthrax kernel included in it.The problem is when i play 3D game it run on 1.5 ghz and make my phone overheat even with simple 3D game like paper monster so i want downlclock it using set cpu latest version( and 3.0.7 version)wth max 1.2 ghz and min 194 mhz but...
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    Thread Gameloft stereoscopic 3D game review

    using mean rom gingerbread with stock kernel spiderman 3D : the 3D effect is very good ,enemy character and environment popping out from the screen with good 3D depth score : 9 lets golf 2 3D : 3D depth in environment is good,there is enough 3D depth in environment when the ball flying...
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    Thread battery always stuck at charnging

    i have a evo 3D shooter, brought it 2nd hand and have a little problem while charging the phone it always stuck at 99% after 2 hour charging(phone off) , after i check it using battery info app.It always have slow charge rate after it hit 99% on 14ma(charging rate ) today after charging 2 hour...
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    Thread dark knight rises

    anyone playing this game? if yes please answer my question does the gfx have the same fx like iphone4s/sgs2 or low end version? if it's the low end version can we run it on full effect? if it run on full fx does it run smooth?
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    Thread about adreno 220 real world perfomance 2nd only to mali 400?

    in sgs 2 review the adreno 220 fall short compared to ulp geforce and the sgx 540 in omap 4430 on benchmark if you look at the fill rate table chart the adreno 220 is the weakest while the mali 400...
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    Thread best gingerbread rom for htc evo 3D cdma?

    my evo 3D is cdma shooter with s-off and rooted and right now using ICS i want to downgrade to gingerbread with criteria : -all function and 3D working -best ram management with/without Sense -good battery life -dual core effective config speedy -good game compability -gameloft game full...
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    Thread about NOVA 3 and amazing spiderman

    anyone had NOVA 3 run smooth with full effect? and does the amazing spiderman run on our phone with full effect? or just low texture with just reflection in building like other low end phone?
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    Thread [Q] internal memory

    how much free memory storage for multimedia and app? my lg optimus x2 have 8gb internal memory and that's 5.5 GB free for media file and 1.4 GB for application
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    Thread GPU OC @ 384 mhz perfomance and battery life

    how much perfomance bump we get with OC gpu to @384 ? and the battery life?
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    Thread best gingerbread rom and kernel with great perfomance and battery life?

    please share :confused: is there any custom gingerbread rom with bloatware removed and big free ram? and a kernel with OC/UV? plus great game compability? how about MIUI?
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    Thread lg optimus wall charger please help

    does lg optimus x2 compatible with ipod touch wall charger rated 5.1V 1A or samsung android charger series with 5.1v 750mah? please share volt and ampere rate on original charger or share your experience using wall charger other than original thx
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    Thread battery drain problem try various way with no result please help

    yesterday i flash my rom from clean GB to sleeper rom EL30 without wiping but it stuck in samsung logo so i flash it again to stock EC05 without wiping dalvik chace(wiped chace etc) using recovery menu after that my battery draining fast about 1% every 5 minute , and this day i do some search...
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    Thread stuck flashing rom

    im on stock froyo EC05 with rooted kernel EC05 and latest rom manager with clockworkmod and flashing to CleanGB 1.03 BML/rfs my phone now stuck at this is this normal or should i take the battery out?
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    Thread no backup choice on recovery menu with newest clockworkmod and rom manager

    i m on stock froyo(EC05)(stock kernel with latest rom manager and clockworkmod(5.2.7) ,backup choice on recovery menu is missing ,is there alternative for this? i want backup before flashing to new rom everytime i choose backup on rom manager the phone restart and go to recovery menu...