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    Thread [ROM] rCast - Chromecast as a standalone media player without wifi

    *** Now based on Eureka ROM 44433.01 *** I have created a custom ROM (based on latest Eureka mod version 44433.01) that will let you play local media files without any wifi or other devices to control it. It essentially becomes a self contained media player. Media files can be stored either...
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    Thread [APP][4.0+] rList - Shopping list, TODO lists

    There are plenty of shopping list apps out there, but most of them suck. And the ones I found that was reasonably good, have way too many intrusive permissions. So I decided to do it myself instead... The app has no ads, and requires no permissions to run. Here are the feature highlights : *...
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    Thread Illumination Bar Notification - updated for Android 4.3

    I made an update to the app, so it now supports the new notification API's available in Android 4.3 Since this update is only available on SP so far, I figured I'll make a thread here in the SP section for feedback on this. The new feature is that the light will stop when a notification is...
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    Thread U-Disco - Entertaining Lights in the Illumination Bar - now also for SP

    I have added support for Xperia SP to U-Disco so I figured I will mention that in here too. The original thread is over in the Xperia U forum It will give you different light patterns in the illumination bar. Some of them require music to...
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    Thread Is it possible to whitelist apps on rooted device

    I have a rooted device and I am trying to run one of the demo apps. Is it possible to whitelist an app without going through Google? Is it possible to whitelist apps on rooted devices at all? Has anyone figured out how the whitelisting works?
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    Thread [Q] Smaller than stock keyboard with swipe?

    Is there a keyboard available for Nexus 7 that is smaller than the stock keyboard? Even in portrait mode the keyboard feels unnecessary large. It would be easier to swipe if the keys were not as far apart. I would prefer if it was "phone sized" also on a tablet. It would also be useful if...
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    Thread [Q] 4.2 update - boot.img checksum fail. Broken LNX device?

    When I try to update the N7 to 4.2 using adb sideload it fails at the "Verifying current system..." stage. I get this: assert failed: apply_patch_check("EMMC:/dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/LNX: ... ") From searching the threads I figured out LNX is the boot.img I got the device...
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    Thread [U/P][Root] U-Disco - Entertaining Lights in the Illumination Bar - now also for P

    Hi, I have created a new app for the Xperia U, that will give you "disco lights" in the illumination bar. Now also works for Xperia P. So far it only has a few modes. It does both plain blinks and also blinks that are driven by the music you play. Pro version has more colors and can run in the...
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    Thread Illumination bar notification app

    Hi, I created an app that will let an Xperia S/P/U light up the illumination bar when there is an unread SMS or a missed call. Available at Google Play if you search for "Illumination Bar Notification" link For U model there is multi color support, and for S/P there is only the one color...