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    Thread changing vendor/build.prop with magisk

    please can you advise how to make changes to vendor/build.prop with magisk installed as there is also sbin/.magisk/mirror/vendor/build.prop, editing vendor/build.prop does change the values and saves but does not reflect any changes in terms of functionality?
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    Thread I want to modify the user interface of android for my device, is this possible if the

    OEM didnt provide the source code? The device is running android pie and i know that my build version is PPR1.180610.011 and its already currently running AOSP, however its the ALPS variation (which i think is mediatek's version (closed source) of AOSP where they just augment the telephony...
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    Thread How can i modify the boot.img files to swap recovery with fastboot?

    How can i modify the boot.img files so that when the power button and volume + is pressed during startup it doesnt start recovery but instead starts fastoobt?
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    Thread How can i remove the factory mode on my device?

    How can i remove the factory mode on my device, which is not allowing me to enter recovery mode? When i turn my device on and hold the volume up button, instead of booting to recovery mode, the device boots into factory mode (which has a chinese factory mode menu). Due to this i cannot enter...