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  1. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Eonon GA6151F extremely slow right after startup

    What really is bothering me is that right after startup (when the unit has been powered up after starting the car) the entire system is in-cre-di-bly slow. I often need to use the navigation app (e.g. Sygic in my case) and the unit's so laggy after startup that I need to wait for a couple of...
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    Thread 2 Samsung Omnia II issues

    Hi there, I have a Samsung Omnia II which I use without the TouchWIZ interface, just because I personally miss a few things in there. So I'm running the standard Windows Mobile interface with TouchWIZ disabled. Two questions though: 1. I use the Windows Mobile "Messaging" program, that works...
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    Thread Detailed HTC Touch Pro2 review

    Hi guys, Here's a detailed review about the HTC Touch Pro2. It's in Dutch, but even if you can't read it (or perhaps use Google Translator) you'll enjoy looking at the pics. There are three demo videos showing the interface and multimedia, and the proof that the AC T110 TV out cable will work...
  4. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Review Diamond2 with videos

    Hi all, For all the Dutch guys here (because the review is in Dutch), here's my written review about the Touch Diamond2. I hope it helps the ones who want to know whether the latest HTC Touch phone is worth buying. There are also two videos there showing the improved and now super snappy...
  5. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread No phonebook sync with carkit

    Hi all, I use a Bluetooth carkit with automatic phonebook sync (each time the phone connects) which takes quite long. The carkit cannot be used while syncing, so I was wondering... is there a way (perhaps with a tool) to completely disable the phonebook transfer by Bluetooth? The first time...
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    Thread Overnight problems Touch Pro

    Hi, I've been experiencing some 'overnight' problems with the HTC Touch Pro lately. The Pro is switched on for like 24/7 and works fine. The thing is that it now and then happens that in the morning (so after a night standby time) the Touch Pro is all messed up. Things that I have seen now: -...
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    Thread Grayed out HSDPA icon

    Hi all, Now and then (quite often lately) it happens that my top bar 'H' icon for my HSDPA connection gets grayed out. It happens when there's no active data connection and as long as it is grayed out, I cannot use data since any attempt results in the message that the connection couldn't be...
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    Thread 16 and 32GB MicroSDHC test

    Having tested a 16 and 32GB MicroSDHC (Sandisk prototype): this is what Windows Mobile and S60v3 do with 32GB. The cards work with quite a bunch of WM devices (if not all) even those of which the specs specifically claim that they can't work with anything larger than 8GB. S60 shows '31 GB' and...
  9. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Pushmail notification on all mail folders

    Hi all, It's not really a Diamond specific issue, more a Windows Mobile one, but since I'm running Direct Push on the Diamond now, I thought it would be ok to post this here. I have Direct Push enabled (Microsoft Exchange) and it works. I have quite a few subfolders in my 'Inbox' on the...
  10. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Corrupted/invisible MicroSD card

    Hi all, I have a MicroSD card, which has been working fine before. All of a sudden it stopped working, being not visible in card readers. - Computers (XP/Vista) with an external card reader, show the drive letter for the reader, but just to tell me that there's nothing inside there. -...
  11. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread The speed of TomTom 7 and GPS position

    Hey all, Who has noticed (like me) that TomTom acts a little slow while navigating on the Diamond? It may be the GPS as well. There's a full GPS signal of like 8 satellites, but the 'arrow' on the map just doesn't move as fast like it should, and like it does on other devices. It's especially...
  12. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread TEST: TomTom Navigator 7 and warning sounds for POI's

    For anyone who has the Diamond and Navigator 7 running: Try to set a POI warning with sound notification (e.g. for speed cameras) with sound "Beep 5" (the sirene) and save the setting. Exit TomTom Start TomTom and go to the same POI warning now. Is the sound setting still "Beep 5"? Mine...
  13. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Diamond and Fring SIP calls over the phone horn

    Hi all, Since the Diamond (or Windows Mobile 6.1) can't run Skype, I went to try Fring. Fring works, with an acceptable voice quality (Voipbuster SIP account) over 3,5G data and WLAN. One question though to other 'Fringers': is it possible to have the SIP call audio coming from the phone horn...
  14. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread CorePlayer performance (with A2DP)

    Hi Diamond users, CorePlayer Mobile 1.2.5 runs practically fine on the Diamond, using the Qualcomm TV graphics chip (QTv) in "TyTN II driver mode" (smooth zoom on and quality high). Thing is that CorePlayer only performs good with video files with a not too high quality, so a quite low...
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    Thread Touch Pro listed at webshop

    Dutch webshop. I don't think it will be long before lots of webshops will have it listed! See news item, reffering to the webshop here.
  16. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread TomTom map settings from 6 to 7

    Dear users, Does someone know how to get the TomTom Navigator 6 favorites as stored in the MapSettings.cfg file to the new MapSettings.cfg file as present in the 7.xx maps for use with Navigator 7? Just using the Nav6 cfg file with 7.xx maps doesn't work: Navigator 7 hangs on startup. I have...
  17. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread TomTom 7 on Diamond and cspeech files

    Does anyone know what files like "cspeech_NLD.dat" are for? There are with the 7.20 maps of Western & Central Europe. Is it perhaps part of the TomTom text-to-speech? Does that work with Navigator when you use one of Loquendo computer voices from e.g. the GO 910?
  18. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread HTC Touch Diamond release party

    Here in The Netherlands, we have had an exclusive HTC Touch Diamond release party. A Dutch celebrity (soap actress) was there to hand over the very first device to the first preorder customer. The party (over 100 visitors) had place at midnight on June 11, the streetdate of the Diamond in The...
  19. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Software I have tested not to work with the Diamond

    Skype (latest version) Program starts, crashes and the Microsoft Error Reporting window shows up. SPB Backup version 1.xx Starts to backup, then freezes the entire device. SPB Backup version 2.00 Starts to backup, goes until "PIM data", then the Diamond suddenly reboots. Without the TouchFLO...
  20. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Declination of the accelerometer

    Hi folks, I have figured that there are Diamonds out there with a declination in the accelerometer, which can be noticed by playing Teeter. Some of them do have the declination, some of them don't. Mine does :(. When you hold the Diamond completely straight, or lay the device down on a flat...
  21. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Samsun i780 HA3 Phone ROM, anyone?

    Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone has the _phone.bin file containing the i780XKHA3 phone ROM for the Samsung i780. I was just like reflashing it to the original shipped version, since I now have i780XIHA7 as the phone version and I have no idea if that is ok to have alongside my original...
  22. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread How do I take the keyboard out?

    Hi there, Instructions say to "press the side near the contact point of the battery." in order to have the keyboard pop out. That doesn't do for me... or perhaps I don't know what place I need to press on. Who knows? Thanks!! :)
  23. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread 5 mm 1.8" hard drive the max?

    Did someone manage to change the hard drive already? I have the full instructions and pictures now and all I need is a disk with a higher capacity. I have found them in stores here, being ATA100 ZIF, 1.8" single platter - so 5 mm in height - drives (80GB). Other than the capacity that's exactly...
  24. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Here's the HTC Shift WLAN driver

    And here it is. And it works.
  25. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Samsung SGH-i780 and CorePlayer - incompatible?

    Is someone having CorePlayer 1.2.0 running without problems on the Samsung i780? After installing the latest CorePlayer 1.2.0, I can run and use the software, but when I have closed it (exit) I can never start CorePlayer again. For a second there’s the ‘CorePlayer’ title in the top Windows...
  26. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Samsung i780 + TomTom + PortSplitter

    The best way to have your i780 working with TomTom Navigator 6: PortSplitter. Install TomTom, install PortSplitter. Set the Windows Mobile settings to program: COM8, hardware: COM9 and baud 4800. In PortSplitter, set input to COM8: (type it in) and output to COM6:. Then ADD the output port by...
  27. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread A2DP together with Bluetooth headset

    I’m running the official HTC (Dutch) Windows Mobile 6 version on the HTC X7500. I’m using a Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth headset to listen to music by A2DP. I’m using a Jabra BT5010 Bluetooth headset for voice calls. Voicecalls with the BT5010 are no problem at all. Listening to music with...
  28. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Flash Lite 3

    Every news website regarding mobile devices/applications says that Adobe has launched Flash Lite 3, with versions for the Symbian OS and Windows Mobile. Now how do we obtain a copy for our Windows Mobile device(s)? doesn't come with any information on how...
  29. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Default Windows Mobile battery icon

    Hi there, The latest devices like the Touch and TyTN II are showing a Windows Mobile default battery icon on the top toolbar (next to the clock, speaker, etc.). It's a simple battery with 4 "power bars" (and charging indication) to show the battery status. Is there a way to have this icon in...
  30. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread HTC Homescreen on the VGA display

    Hi all, Who has the HTC Homescreen plugin, as extracted from devices like the Touch and TyTN II running on his Athena? Does it look good on VGA or does it appear 'upscaled' and ugly?
  31. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread HTC S620 with Windows Mobile 6 supports SDHC

    Leaving all other messages for what they are, I can hereby CONFIRM that the HTC S620 IS SDHC compatible. I've tried several units, all loaded with the official Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrade (Two Dutch and three WWE). The Sandisk 4 and 6 GB cards are working, the memory is visible and the entire...
  32. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Horrible CorepPlayer performance

    Dear friends, I really hope someone can help me with my never-ending struggle with CorePlayer 1.1.1. It pauses every few seconds, for buffering I guess. The video (DivX AVI) is stored on the MicroDrive. Now what are the setting I need in the preferences - buffering menu? I tried a lot of...
  33. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread TomTom 6.03 on X7500: something else

    Hi! Aside from the earlier TTN 6.03 issues we discussed here before, I discovered something else. It's not possible to use the D-pad/joystick to zoom in or out the map while navigating. Setting the volume (left/right) works, but zooming (up/down) doesn't. This DOES work with 6.03 on other...
  34. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Poor audio quality on carkit

    Hi there, Using my HTC Touch and X7500 on a Parrot Rhythm 'n Blue carkit, the audio quality of phone calls is excellent: loud and "full sound". Using the TyTN II is something different. It works, but the audio is very soft (low volume) and sounds very poor/mono on the carkit. I use exactly...
  35. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Tcpmp 0.81rc1

    Who has tried TCPMP 0.81RC1 beta running on his Athena? When I open it, it runs in portrait mode, even when the system runs in landscape mode. It doesn't matter what TCPMP orientation setting I use, it stays portrait. When I disconnect the keyboard and connect it again, TCPMP will actually...
  36. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Someone has this TCPMP codec/plugin?

    It's an avi file with WMA audio codec I want to play. TCPMP comes up with the message that the audio codec (Windows Media Audio) isn't there, so the picture is fine, but no audio. I'm not sure if the plugin exists, but if one has it, please share. :) Thnx.
  37. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread TomTom sound off when starting

    Hi there, Is there someone using TomTom Navigator 6.03 and experiencing the same strange thing I do? Everytime I start TomTom the sound is off; the sound off icon is on screen. I have to tap Turn on sound in the preferences menu twice in order to have the sound turned on and to have the icon...
  38. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Please help: the REAL Coreplayer settings

    Dear friends, A Coreplayer (official license) user as from yesterday, but like some others I have some "setting up trouble". Lower quality videos are playing well, but crisp high quality movies I have located on the MicroDrive aren't at maximum framerate, like it was when using TCPMP 0.72RC...
  39. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread TCPMP MPEG-2 codec

    Hi all, Sorry for the inconvenience when not posted in the proper forum (couldn't find a more proper one) but here's the question: Who has and want to share the MPEG-2 video plugin for use with TCPMP? I'm not sure if it exists, but I bet it does. Thank you in advance!!
  40. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread X7500 WM6 and A2DP problem

    Hi! Yesterday I went through the upgrade of the official Dutch HTC Europe WM6 release. No problems there and WM6 works a charm. The problem came to the light when I paired my Motorola HT820 A2DP headset. The music in the Windows Media Player plays well through A2DP, but only for a few seconds...
  41. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Jabra Bluetooth headset voice dialing

    Hey, I have a Jabra Bluetooth headset which works with the X7500, except for the voice dialing: the call handling button on the headset doesn't trigger the voice dialing. Other headsets do. I can remember that there was some kind of trick to have this working with certain Jabra headsets. Was...
  42. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread TomTom GPS settings

    Hey there, Am I the only one having to wait a very long time before I'll be actually getting a GPS fix? Using TomTom Navigator 6 on the X7500 is really a struggle, since it takes the built-in GPS 5+ minutes to actually have a fix. This goes for both WM5 and 6. Now, what are the best GPS...
  43. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread WM5 Dutch Retail ROM

    Hi there, Is there someone who has, or who knows where to find the original Dutch Windows Mobile 5.0 ROM for the HTC X7500? Thanks in advance.
  44. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Cracking sound with Bluetooth headset

    Ever since I upgraded to Windows Mobile 6, I have two big problems with using a Bluetooth headset with the HTC X7500. The first one is in topic over here and has not been solved yet (or maybe a little, by using another headset which doesn't seem to have that problem with the X7500), yet the...
  45. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Bluetooth headset issue

    Hi, who has problems with his Bluetooth headset after the WM6 upgrade? My Bluetooth headset used to start looking (by beeping) for the last connected device when I power it on. It doesn't do that while paired with my X7500 WM6. It does start looking MANUALLY when I press the call button on the...
  46. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Moving TomTom from MicroDrive to MiniSD

    Hi people, Since I started to use my HTC X7500, I have TomTom Navigator 6, including all the needed stuff like maps and voices installed on the MicroDrive. No problems there, but I now wanted to move the entire TomTom Navigator 6 from the MicroDrive to a 4GH MiniSDHC card. I moved everything...
  47. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread MicroDrive corruption

    Hi there, Yesterday I noticed Windows Media Player was misbehaving. When I wanted to open my playlists (along with the music stored on MicroDrive) the entire system started to hang. Nothing to do about it: a soft reset was the only thing to do. When I then tried again, it started all over...
  48. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread Mouse Pointer!!!!

    Yeah!! Windows Mobile 6 has the mouse pointer for USB mice!!!! :cool:
  49. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread S620 suddenly won't sync using WMDC 6.1

    Hi people, My HTC S620 suddenly stopped synchronising with my Windows Vista notebook using the Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1. I also have a HTC X7500 which I also sync with the same PC (along with some other Windows Mobile devices now and then) without any problems. But.... today the S620...
  50. JayRayMee.NL

    Thread USB 2.0

    The specification of the HTC X7500 says USB 2.0 for the ExtUSB port (the slave port for the mini-USB connector). So it should be theoretically possible to write to the MiniSD or MicroDrive with USB 2.0 hi-speed, using a PC and the cable. Now.... anyone know how? ActiveSync and Windows Mobile...