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  1. Roeni

    Post [REF][GPE] HTC One Google Play Edition Stock OTA URLs

    Hi there, I am on stock rooted 4.4 / S-OFF. I was notified about the 4.4.2 update two times but the update failed each time (just "update failed" on the screen). So I wanted to sideload it but the sideload option is missing in my bootloader (see attached picture). Any ideas why? I also tried to...
  2. Roeni

    Post [HOWTO] Chromecast/Netflix outside USA without VPN

    I managed it to tell the DNS-Server in my router to answer DNS-Requests to with the IP of my Raspberry PI. On the raspberry there is a transparent HTTP/HTTPS-Proxy which forwards the traffic via an openvpn tunnnel to the usa. (Tutorial from...
  3. Roeni

    Thread Red exclamation mark when going to recovery

    Hi there, I recently flashed KitKat to my one used the pre-rooted RUU. (I am S-OFF with SuperCID) After that I tried to get into recovery, just to see if its working. But when I click on RECOVERY with the power button after some seconds a red exclamation mark shows up (see attachment). So I...
  4. Roeni

    Post [Bounty] HTC ONE S-OFF 1.54 Pledge Thread

    Ok, maybe I asked my question the wrong way. Let my try it this way (i googled, please correct me if i'm wrong): - if i want to get root htcdev-unlock is engouth. but htcdev eventually causes some trouble with warranty - if i want to flash another RUU or Google Edition i need to change CID which...
  5. Roeni

    Post [Bounty] HTC ONE S-OFF 1.54 Pledge Thread

    why do i need to be htcdev-unlocked? i thought all this s-off stuff is about getting root etc. without beeing htcdev-unlocked?
  6. Roeni


    If people would never try something just because someone says they're about to fail we would never had made it through the stone age... ;)
  7. Roeni

    Post How many people have moved on?

    My Glide-Battery is defect, it lasts 3-4 Hours on good days. Also it's a long time ago that i really used the hardware keyboard. So i moved on to the htc one as well :)
  8. Roeni

    Post Bricked after official update

    maybe anyone could reupload you a version of this oneclick update - the link in the thread seems to be down
  9. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM][4.2.2][Unofficial] CM10.1 - 2/17/2013

    what is about photoshphere in this build? I can remember it was somewhen on the issues list. But now its neither on the issues side nor on the working side
  10. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM][4.2.2][Unofficial] CM10.1 - 2/17/2013

    Does your CM10.1 version include a version of Dman's kernel or a version of your lite kernel?
  11. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM][4.2.2][Unofficial] Vanilla RootBox - 2/23/2013

    Is the play store issue fixed? I currently installed the newest build of this rom ( I did a clean install (wiped data, system, caches) But the play store won't let me install about 15 of my apps including: Facebook, Chrome, GPS Status, Dropbox :crying...
  12. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM] CM 10.1 [4.2.1] Beta-3 for I927 Update 1-11-13

    so you have script which fixes this? could you provide it?
  13. Roeni

    Thread Camera rotation problem (CM10.1)

    Hi there, as you know the pictures taken with stock camera on 10.1 are rotated by 90 degrees. So I decided to play around with some config files. I found /etc/nvcamera.conf where one parameter is for orientation. Default for back-cam is 90 After the first modification not the taken picture...
  14. Roeni

    Post [MOD] AOSP Patches

    Should this also fix the SYM key? Would you expect this to work on CM 10.1 - seems like it don't
  15. Roeni

    Post [q] connecting accounts in cm10/cm10.1

    I googled this some time ago too. If I remember rightly, this is caused by the fb-app which does not support syncing in JB. But you could take a look at the LiquidSmooth rom: Not tried on my own yet
  16. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM][4.1.2] CM10 Beta-4 RC-2 UPDATE {12-16-12}

    I'm a bit confused what's going on here... I see this new CM-Thread from Adam. But where is the Problem?
  17. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM] CM 10.1 [4.2.1] Beta-3 for I927 Update 1-11-13

    so maybe someone else could remove his removable sd card, reboot and check if camera app is working properly?
  18. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM] CM 10.1 [4.2.1] Beta-3 for I927 Update 1-11-13

    can you give me a hint what to do? i tried the follwing: - removed the line for the external sdcard as i have none - replaced "emmc" with "sdcard" in the internal sdcard line => Result: Won't boot anymore Second try: - removed the line for the external sdcard as i have none - copied internal...
  19. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM] CM 10.1 [4.2.1] Beta-3 for I927 Update 1-11-13

    For any reason my internal storage is mounted to /mnt/emmc instead of /mnt/sdcard. So Gallery & Camera can't recognize it. How can I fix this?
  20. Roeni

    Post cm10 keyboard fix(kind of)

    i would appreciate this too, bricked my keys about 4 times before i got it working. Step by Step for the others with problems: Use ES File Explorer App Goto Settings > Root > Check all boxes Download STMPE zip file from this thread with your phone Extract the zip using ES File Explorer Copy...
  21. Roeni

    Post [ROM][JB 4.1.2][P?+Aokp+Cm] P.A.C All in 1 ROM !!!!!! Jellybean v18.2 {12-17-12}

    I recognized the following issues so far: Phone, Sms & Whatsapp won't stay in the dock when i drag them there. Chrome stays CM File Explorer shows only an empty page XDA-App disappears after each reboot Came from LiteRom Wiped data, cache, dalvik cache Flashed PAC v18 Flashed Covenant Kernel...
  22. Roeni

    Post [ROM] [ICS] LiteROM 0.9.0 - Slim - Smooth - Stable

    yeah ... thought something like that after those issues. but i had those issues after a full wipe too, as you can read in my post before ;)
  23. Roeni

    Post [ROM] [ICS] LiteROM 0.9.0 - Slim - Smooth - Stable

    I had this system ui crash problem, too. Came from Lite Rom 0.8.4 with Lite Kernel 1.2.2 (btw you forgot to change the thread title of the lite kernel thread ;) ). When i did the update i checked the option for no wipe to keep my data and selected several options in the installer. As i got...
  24. Roeni

    Post [Kernel] [ICS] LiteKernel 1-21-2013

    Tried it a minute ago. Behaviour was the following: - Booting - Camera started - I took a picture - Click on the thumbnail image in Camera app: Nothing - Exited camera - Opened Gallery manually. Message: Mediascanner running. Gallery closed it self - Reopened camera, camera closes it self I'm...
  25. Roeni

    Post [Kernel] [ICS] LiteKernel 1-21-2013

    Does anyone have problems with the camera at lite kernel 1.2? Mine keeps closing with an unknown error...
  26. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM][4.1.2] CM10 Beta-4 RC-2 UPDATE {12-16-12} :cowboy:
  27. Roeni

    Post [TOOLS][Source} Sync and compile[AOKP,CM10,CM9,CNA,AoCP,Liquid, and more!]

    I got the following two issues with your script (Ubuntu 12.10 x64): At Option 1 the Scrippt stopped at this line: tail -f ./ ..maybe remove the -f switch? I resolved the problem by canceling the script and executed the last command on my own. After executing Option 2 there was...
  28. Roeni

    Post [DEV][ROM][4.1.2] CM10 Beta-4 RC-2 UPDATE {12-16-12}

    Does that mean, that you fixed the last things on the "What doesn't work?" list? Including the camera? Just asking because the thread title changed but i can't see a change in the OP :D however, great work :cowboy:
  29. Roeni

    Post [Q]Odex files

    in .odex files some apps are outsourcing libraries and other stuff. so it seems no good idea to simply delete them :D Source: (german)
  30. Roeni

    Post I927UCLG9 - "Official" Leak - 4.0.4 ICS

    no, he said that you can use CWM/TWRP for rooting. Anyway I haven't seen TWRP for the glide, so far.
  31. Roeni

    Post [Q] CE Label/Certificate

    I can't find a CE-Label. But personally I had no problems importing the Glide to Germany. I used Borderlinx as import service.
  32. Roeni

    Post [REQ] NFC chipset ID and maybe the ICS driver file links

    Maybe the guy who opened his glide could help you:
  33. Roeni

    Post [SGYPRO/GT-B5510] ChobitsDigitalis Rom [GB] [BETA]-->BETA2 LINK READY

    hi HCFroyd247, thanks for investing time in this rom, great work so far. i tried this on the phone of a friend and got the boot loop, too. is there anything i can do or can i provide you some logfiles etc? and a question: is there a german lanhuage file included?
  34. Roeni

    Thread "GSM Only" option in ICS?

    Is der any option in ICS to disable 4G/3G networks to only use GSM/EDGE? In Gingerbread this was possible :-/
  35. Roeni

    Post [CWMR ZIP] ICS Keyboard backlight fix

    Copying the boot.img worked for me :o For those who having trouble, look at the Link, posted in the OP How I did it: Copy files to sdcard: Use a network enabled file manager or email or drop box (or, or, or) to get boot.img and to /sdcard Setup ADB: Google "xda setup adb" Boot...
  36. Roeni

    Post [CWMR ZIP] ICS Keyboard backlight fix

    Mhh just copying the .so file does not work for me to, even after wiping the caches. I'm going to try this boot.img thing later this day.
  37. Roeni

    Post i927 network key came back :(

    My Glide asked my for the unlock key some days after unlocking for no reason. Similary after upgrading to ICS. So I think there is no reason to worry, just re-enter the unlock key.
  38. Roeni

    Post Rooting Captivate Glide on version 4.0.4

    If you don't have CWMR after flashing ICS with the OneClick-Tool use this Guide for reflashing CWMR: [RECOVERY][7/11/12][I927(R)]Clockwork Mod Touch Recovery (STABLE) A Working Download Link is somewhere one the last pages of this thread. You will need the Odin-Tool.
  39. Roeni

    Post I927UCLG9 - "Official" Leak - 4.0.4 ICS

    attachment :)
  40. Roeni

    Post Jellybean Developer Challenge - Current Total: $340

    As we now have a leaked rom, is anyone working on a custom ICS/JB rom (more specifically on CM9/10)?
  41. Roeni

    Post [WANTED] Devs and Testers for a rom port project ICS CM9 source

    So, here are the files:
  42. Roeni

    Post I927UCLG9 - "Official" Leak - 4.0.4 ICS

    So here come the proprietary files I hope: I used this script: I added exec &> extract.log to the beginning of it so you can find the logfile in my zip as well. And here is the zip...
  43. Roeni

    Post I927UCLG9 - "Official" Leak - 4.0.4 ICS

    I'm goint to try. But about your Installing update... E:Error in /sdcard/Download/CWM_SuperUser_v3.0.7_1_,zip (Status 0) Installation aborted. :confused:
  44. Roeni

    Post I927UCLG9 - "Official" Leak - 4.0.4 ICS

    How do i extract them?
  45. Roeni

    Post I927UCLG9 - "Official" Leak - 4.0.4 ICS

    Settings -> Applications says: TwLauncher Version 4.0.4-UCLG9 Did you mean this?
  46. Roeni

    Post Hardware/driver info gathering for ICS/JB

    Thinks working/not working on the leaked rom: Video. Working (Tested: YouTube-App) Audio. Working (Tested: YouTube-App, System Sounds) Power/volume buttons. Working. Flash/microSD access. Internal /sdcard seems woking. Currently I have no external sdcard for testing Cell radio. This means...
  47. Roeni

    Post I927UCLG9 - "Official" Leak - 4.0.4 ICS

    So far there are no issues. I'm connected to my wifi, downloaded some updates from play store, successfully sent an sms. for some other tests see my post above. --- ...a LOT of Blot is installed xD
  48. Roeni

    Post CM9 captivate glide

    I can confirm this leak is a working rom. See my post in the leak thread. I think its a AT&T rom, there is a AT&T logo during boot
  49. Roeni

    Post I927UCLG9 - "Official" Leak - 4.0.4 ICS

    HELL YEAH! Tested working so far: - GSM Network (Germany) - Edge - Wifi - Camera - Audio See this thread for a full list of the things i've tested so far: