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    Thread ⚡[MODULE][NFS-INJECTOR] [NextGen/Ram Management][DREAMER][X4]⚡

    Version : X4 - Status : Beta - Updated : 07-11-2020 Copyright 2020 K1KS WARNING : NFS must not in any circumstances be combined with kernel tweaks , risk of conflicts. In no case take into account the defamation of certain kernels devs , NFS is risk free and totally systemless. ~~ NextGen/Ram...
  2. k1ks

    Thread Recognition and loss connection with W10

    Hi . I cant unlock my N5 Global , i'm facing worries with my laptop and connection . My phone is recognized by the pc with the number serial but then loses the connection. I have tried almost everything , an idea ?
  3. k1ks

    Thread Confusing about Recovery

    Hi . I am confused about the recovery. indeed, there are several with several guide . I have a Redmi Note 5 Global - RedWolf-027-Official-whyred.img - twrp-3.2.3-0-whyred.img - whyred-global-v3.2.1-0.img Which one do you use, the most suitable ? I think that the RedWolf is the best for...
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    Thread Imei Brake

    Hi folks. Need help after running OTA Oreo . This update me delete my imeis , very weird because its official. Someone would have a solution ?? Thanks
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    Thread B187 to B360

    Hi folks. Does anyone know how to perform this OTA without a hitch B187 to B360 . Im rooted with Sr5 and Twrp installed . Thanks in advance.
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    Thread There someone

    After many a recovery in different ways, I ask for support from moderators. yet without success , I am forced to get noticed in this way to get attention. I ask several times to please clean my thread : ANDROID L BOOSTER. These posts from different Member neglect my work and rot my thread...
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    Thread NEW★ [ PERFORMANCE ] PROJECT SKYNET Genesys TX7 // [GB/MM] [12/04/2016]

    Copyright CYBERDYNE (C) 2016 K1ks #=======================================================================# # This program is free/donate software : you can't redistribute it and/or modify # This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful # Skynet is everywhere, on XDA, various...
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    Thread ★ [ TWEAKS MOD ] NITRO X SPARK V.3.0 VISION [GB-M][ARM/X86] Pure Nitro Feeling 260915

    ★ [ TWEAKS MOD ] NITRO X SPARK V.3.0 VISION [GB-M][ARM/X86] Pure Nitro Feeling 260915 ###### Enjoy Safer Technology ##### To start, here are some opinions SUMMARY : # Post 1 : Introduction / Downloads # Post 2 : Explanations / Presets / Alpha Section / /// INTRODUCTIONS ///...
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    Thread [SWAP][TRIPLE SWAP it ON][Mod_Boost]

    With Partitipation of Dayhlirium/@Raffael 1-FEATURES: Script based on a triple asset swap (cache / data / system), which improves the performance of your android and multitasking 2 REQUIREMENTS: 3-INSTALLATION: Before flash please make a backup of nandroid to avoid incompatibility...
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    1-Requirements : 2-INSTALL : 1. Download the zip file. 2. Delete all others scripts installed in "/system/etc/init.d" 3. Reboot into recovery mode. 4. Dalvik cache before and Install the ZIP file /// DOWNLOAD /// Stable version : Counter : 1207 > ...PROJECT.MOD.BOOST V 4.8...
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    Thread [MOD][Script] Project Mod Boost_V4.8[ICS/JB/KK][OT-995]No lag , Mod boost is here

    -Compilation of several script performance for ICS/JB/KK Mod Complet ( Entropy Engine , Kernel Tweaks , Build.prop , EXT4_tweak , more ...) 1-Requirements : 2-Install : Before Flashing please do a nandroid backup to avoid any incompatibility issues. Do not use with any other Mod Boost...