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    Thread REQUEST; Smart Auto-Rotate Module

    Auto rotate frequently gets in the way when I'm using my device. I never want it on until I'm trying to view something meant for landscape. Instead if there was a module to enable it automatically while using certain apps and have it disabled for others would make much more sense. I don't want...
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    Thread Encryption Speeds?

    What's the performance of the phone with encrypted OS and ExtSD? Especially bootup. Worth it or not?
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    Thread Xposed S7 Boot Problem.

    Let me start off by saying I use Liveboot to view the startup log as the phone boots. Unfortunately it only saves the most current log file to the device so I cannot post the output directly After installing Xposes wanam custom version v80 x64 The phone starts, optimizes apps and runs fine...
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    Thread Anyone have a debloat list of system apps

    I'm trying to install some apps to /system but I'm getting "out of space" I have to debloat but Samsung has an outrageous amount of packages. What can I remove that won't break the phone?
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    Thread After using the S7 Edge for 1 week with / and Xposed. Stock TW has to go

    Got my S7 Edge SM-935W8 Installed TWRP, CF Auto root and xposed. Before i did that i used the stock phone for a day. FASTEST PHONE IVE EVER USED. NOTHING COMES CLOSE TO THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS PHONE OUT OF THE BOX. THIS IS NOT A POsT TO BASH THE S7 EDGE Off the go xposed did not work well...
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    Thread After using the S7 Edge for a week TW has to go

    Got my s7 last week. Impressed with the hardware overall. Cameras perfect, CPU is good for 2 years down the road, and the screen is as good as it gets. BUT STOCK TW IS DEFINATELY NOT RECOMMENDED FOR XPOSED. Xposed works but for a device this powerful it is still so choppy and unresponsive that...