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    Post Systemless Root on Ulefone Armor 10 5G: How I did it...

    The sequence is also important: Install Magisk, flash modified boot.img, flash vbmeta_null. As I understand it, it's the act of installing Magisk which makes it possible to flash vbmeta. Worst case: Do as I did, look at all available posts and experiment. You can find a sequence which works for...
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    Post Systemless Root on Ulefone Armor 10 5G: How I did it...

    You're welcome. Did you make sure to put the vbmeta_null.img file in the same directory with your adb and fastboot executables?
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    Thread Systemless Root on Ulefone Armor 10 5G: How I did it...

    I'm pleased to report I've successfully done systemless root with MAGISK on the Ulefone Armor 10 5G. Turns out the process is nearly identical to the Armor 8. My thanks to all contributors to this thread and this one. Here's what worked for me, developed with pieces culled from both. WHAT...
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    Post Rooting Ulefone Armor 10 5G - Help needed

    I have met with success! Check my new post.
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    Post Rooting Ulefone Armor 10 5G - Help needed

    UPDATE 27-Feb-21 ------------------------------ I'm putting my rooting efforts for this one on hold for now. I went as far as trying MTK Droid Tool ('Unrecognized ROM format, Backup not possible') and Miracle Box, with an eye to extracting the actual boot.img file sets from the phone and...
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    Thread Rooting Ulefone Armor 10 5G - Help needed

    Fellow techies, I just got my new Ulefone Armor 10 5G. Terrific phone, but (of course) I want to root it, ideally with a systemless technique (a la Magisk and a patched boot.img file). However, I'm not having a lot of luck. I've tried following the process described here...
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    Post [ROM][8.1][OFFICIAL][DROPPED] ViperOS Project for Moto Z2 Play

    Final attempt, no-go... I'm not sure what's causing it, but the WiFi hotspot tethering function simply does not work with Viper on my particular phone. That's a deal breaker for me, so I'm going to keep trying other ROMs. Gotta be the 'perfect balance' Out There somewhere...
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    Post [ROM][8.1][OFFICIAL][DROPPED] ViperOS Project for Moto Z2 Play

    No worries! No apology needed. It was a most amusing glitch, and I was just trying to share the inherent humor. ;) Anyway, thanks. I'm going to give Viper another try (I -really- liked the UI design). This time, I think I'll try formatting /data after I do the wipe. I can't rule out the...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1.0][DISCONTINUED]FireHound-v4.9 For Moto Z2 Play [Albus]

    Interesting! I have greenify installed, but I'm not certain how to tweak the settings you mention. Can you provide some further assistance? Thanks much! ---------------------------------- UPDATE, same day ---------------------------------- Never mind! A bit of web searching thru DuckDuckGo...
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    Post [ROM][8.1][OFFICIAL][DROPPED] ViperOS Project for Moto Z2 Play

    Happy to, but... We don't have a dog, so checking the 'kennel' settings could be difficult. :cyclops: I'm guessing you actually meant 'kernel' settings. With that in mind, I would be happy to do so if you can tell me what specific settings to look at and where to find them. Lock screen...
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    Post [ROM][8.1][OFFICIAL][DROPPED] ViperOS Project for Moto Z2 Play

    Battery drain, no tethering, nav bar I don't know if I did something wrong, or if there's something about my particular phone which likes to be troublesome. Anyway... Gave this one a try after Firehound. The first quirk, after installation, was no navigation bar. I managed to restore its...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1.0][DISCONTINUED]FireHound-v4.9 For Moto Z2 Play [Albus]

    Success, with one question: Power-on sounds? I just finished installing Firehound on my Z2 Play, XT1710-06 variant. This was done in response to the dm-verity and forced encryption crap Moto tried to foist off in their stock Oreo build. I do have one question: Is it possible to do power-up and...
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    Post [FASTBOOT ROM] [STOCK] ALBUS_RETAIL_8.0.0_OPSS27.76-12-25-3 [June Sec. Patch]

    Success, and I still have root! It took me most of the day, and much trial-and-error, but I've succeeded in flashing my XT1710-06 version phone to the stock oreo image AND regained root. For the benefit of others who may still be trying, I'll pass on what finally worked for me. First, follow...
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    Post [FASTBOOT ROM] OREO Retail OPS27.76-12-25 (April) using Fastboot

    XT1710-06, dual SIM model Good day, I'd like to at least try Oreo, as I'm getting intermittent crash/reboot cycles with Nougat. However, given that I have a rooted phone, a couple of the commands shown in the list are giving me the heebie-jeebies. First off: fastboot flash recovery...
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    Post [TWRP][64 bit][3.2.1_r12][UNOFFICIAL]Moto Z2 Play[Albus]

    Recent success, z2 Play XT1710-06 Just to add to the success stories: A newly-purchased Moto z2 Play, variant XT1710-06 dual SIM, Android 7.1.1, RETLA release channel, build NPSS26.118-19-1-6. My object was to install root only, not (at this time) do any custom ROM flashes. With this in mind...
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    Post TWRP 3.2.3-0 for Moto Z2 Play [albus]

    Can I use SuperSU instead...? Good day, The phone: Z2 Play, XT1710-06, dual SIM. The build: Android Ver. 7.1.1, Build number NPSS26-118-19-1-6. I've unlocked the bootloader successfully, and am ready to install TWRP and a root package. My question: Can I use SuperSU instead of Magisk? All...
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    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    Android for Canada: Dual SIM or dedicated? What to choose? Fellow techies, I'm based in the USA, but I visit Canada (Vancouver Island/Victoria and the BC mainland) 3-4 times per year. I've discovered, the hard way, that my T-Mobile LG V20 (H918T) Just Doesn't Cut It, especially in Victoria...
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    Post Android phone for Canada: Dual SIM or dedicated? Which to choose?

    Thanks, sorry... And that's what I get for trying to post at zero-dark-two after my gray matter is chock-full of fatigue toxins... Thanks, moving post...
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    Thread Android phone for Canada: Dual SIM or dedicated? Which to choose?

    Fellow techies, I'm based in the USA, but I visit Canada (both Vancouver Island/Victoria and the BC mainland) 3-4 times per year. I've discovered, the hard way, that my T-Mobile LG V20 (H918T) Just Doesn't Cut It, especially in Victoria. Despite my rate plan being enabled for it, I consistently...
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    Post [ROM] [H918] H91810q/r/s/t/u Stock ROM TWRP Flashable Zip KEEP ROOT!

    Taking the plunge: Dirty or Clean flash? Good day, Thanks to TMO pushing an update out to all their towers, one which (for some bizarre reason) screws up 4G call functionality on Android versions H91810k and below, I find myself in the position of having to take the plunge for H91810r...
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    Post H918 10P root?

    I am officially TO'd at LG and T-Mobile (more at LG!) My nicely-rooted original V20, unfortunately, took physical damage to the point where I had to make an insurance claim. It's bad enough the bloody deductible was $150, but worse yet -- The label on the replacement phone I got said it was at...
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    Post help requested, need T-Mobile H918 misc partition dump

    Happy to help... Here's a link to mine. H918, T-Mo, running 10k stock and rooted. Best of luck.
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    Post [LINUX][FREE] SuperR's Kitchen (v1.2.1.2 - 7-24-20)

    You are absolutely correct! I will research installing getcap on Debian a bit further. If that doesn't work out, hey... It's a VM! I can change over to Ubuntu at the proverbial falling hat. Thanks much.
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    Post [LINUX][FREE] SuperR's Kitchen (v1.2.1.2 - 7-24-20)

    'getcap' is missing, but I already installed it...? Got something odd happening here. I'm trying to get the Kitchen going on Debian 64-bit and I keep getting this error: MISSING DEPENDENCY: The following dependencies are missing: getcap Would you like to install now? y/n Here's the weird...
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    Post H91810p root?

    Currently not rootable. See this thread:
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    Post clean LG v20 918 TMobile locked

    Just sayin'... IMO, You might be better off dumping AT&T and switching to T-Mo. Do that, and they'll probably give you a free SIM kit just for joining up. Your call. Good luck, no matter what.
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    Thread PowerOn.ogg won't play, but everything else does?!

    This is, in a word, bizarre. The V20, from T-Mobile, comes with their 'T-Jingle' sound in the form of both ringtone and PowerOn.ogg file. Even before I did anything to this phone, I was surprised to find no bootup sound being played at all. The phone does not come with any stock 'PowerOff.ogg'...
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    Post It's stuck! H91810p T-Mobile, can't root

    Resolution Reached... OK -- The moral of the story, at least to my eyes, is 'Be wary of ANY OTA update, especially if it's for an LG!' T-Mobile stepped right up to the plate and got my phone swapped out. I've since rooted the replacement, and flashed in texasaggie's stock H91810k image. I've...
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    Post It's stuck! H91810p T-Mobile, can't root

    Got it swapped out... I got exceedingly lucky. T-Mobile allowed me to do an in-warranty swap-out. Got my replacement V20 today, and whaddaya know... It came with 10j! Recowvery, here I come! :D And, for the record: I'm not having ANYthing more to do with 10p until (a); A version without...
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    Post It's stuck! H91810p T-Mobile, can't root

    Yeah, I know... Which just goes to show I'm still human. I'm not giving up yet. I'll keep trying KingRoot periodically. Someone's bound to figure out something eventually! Once I do get TWRP back in, it should be easy enough to flash the de-bloated 10p zip.
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    Post T-Mobile V20 H918 10p KDZ File (link available now)

    I can try it! Me! Me! (Insert image of wild gesticulation). I'm in exactly the position you describe, and I really don't see that I have anything to lose at this point. One thing: I lost TWRP as well as root access, so if your method depends on having TWRP, well... Please feel free to PM me...
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    Thread It's stuck! H91810p T-Mobile, can't root

    Well, in the words of Gomez Addams -- "Now you've done it!" :P Here's what happened. My V20 was running just fine, rooted, with TWRP, on H91810k. I got a notification of an OTA update from T-Mobile. I'm still a bit unclear on what happened next, but I'm pretty sure I hit the wrong sequence of...
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    Post [ROM] [H918] 10p Stock Rom Flashable Zip - EASY

    How to flash if...? Good day, Thanks for doing this, and please forgive what may be a 'noob' question. My V20 was originally running rooted with TWRP and SuperSU, very nicely, on 91810k. I shot myself in the foot, as it were, by accepting a T-Mobile OTA update to 10p without even thinking...
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    Post T-Mobile LGV20 H91810k KDZ

    Drop to 10j... As far as I've been able to find out (since I was in the same boat), 10k has not been successfully 'rooted' as yet. You'll need to load H91810j and use the dirtycow exploits to enable root. Once that's done, THEN you can install the modified version of H91810k mentioned earlier...
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    Post T-Mobile LGV20 H91810k KDZ

    Can I use LGUp...? Good day, First, let me say THANKS for an amazing effort! I've been successful in rooting by installing the H91810j image and performing the dirtycow exploit. Now, I'm wondering if I can update to H91810k, and still preserve root access, by using LGUp to install the...
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    Thread [Q] Springboard system sounds: Where?

    I'd like to replace the start-up chime sound on my Springboard with something a little more earthy (the default T-mobile chime Just Doesn't Cut It). With that in mind, where are the system sounds contained in the file system? More specifically, which one is that silly T-Mobile chime? Yes, I'm...
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    Post Root Stock T-Mobile Springboard

    Check your steps! Note my last 'Update' to my earlier post. It's very important you get the CWM image flashed to the right partition (recovery2) for the trick to work. Your symptoms make me think you did what I did at first, and put it into the 'recovery' section. Remember, you can always...
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    Post Root Stock T-Mobile Springboard

    Success! All right... It took me a while, but I have achieved complete success! My pad is now rooted, yet still maintaining 4G connectivity. For the benefit of others who may run into the same pitfalls: I followed xdajunkman's process almost to the letter, but ran into a few differences. 1...