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    Thread TWRP, Dev support ++ for the OP7T in future

    Times are changing for oneplus. Seems like software support will be worse in the years coming. I love my oneplus 7T. It's nearly the perfect phone for me. Right now I'm on the latest open beta, rooted with arter97 kernel. Amazing experience. Could easily keep this phone for many more years to...
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    Thread Renovate ICE on HD65BA

    In the thread it says 10.0.8 is supported, but only HD65AA. I've got the HD65BA, Europe. As far as I know, there are no differences in these stock roms. Do you think it will still work? Anyone else who've tried?
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    Thread Navigation gestures

    I'm planning to upgrade from my OP6 to a OP7T. I'm just worried that I will loose the "old" navigation gestures. In reviews, the only gestures present are the new android 10 gestures. Anyone know how this gonna be?
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    Thread How to get back to stock and locked BL?

    Hi! I'm currently on Xiaomi EU beta, MIUI 11, android 10. I'm going to sell this phone and want to go back to stock global and then locked bootloader. I need some help. Tried downloading xiaomi flash tool, but I get an error message when trying to install drivers. Can I just flash the fastboot...
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    Thread Performance and battery life issues

    Ok, so I got my new N5X 1,5 week ago. Before that I had the Z3 compact. After reading around on xda and reddit I decided to go with the purenexus + elementalx combination. Have been tweaking the kernel with EXKM with both bluejay, ghost pepper etc. But the problems arise after >20hrs uptime...
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    Thread Which rom & kernel?

    Hi. I just upgraded from Z3 compact to N5X. I was really satisfied with my Z3c, but I wanted a change. Now I'm trying to figure out which rom and kernel I should choose? Any recommendation? Priorities is battery life and performance (I'm not playing any games tho) Also, should I flash the rom...
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    Thread Switch from Z3 Compact to LG G4

    I'm currently using Z3 Compact and I've been really satisfied.. but now the jack is not working and I'm tempted by all the good offers on the LG G4. I'm just wondering about a couple of things. Hope you peeps can answer some.. 1. The size is my biggest issue... I'm afraid the LG G4 may be too...
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    Thread Re-lock bootloader

    Hi, Some time ago I unlocked the bootloader and rooted my device. Didn't know it was possible to root without unlocking the bootloader (yes, i'm quite new to rooting etc.). Now my phone has a defective headphone-jack and I need to send it on repair. Anyone know how to re-lock the bootloader so...
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    Thread Phone sucks after lollipop

    I know there has been a lot of complaining around the Lollipop update. First of all, I want to say that I absolutely love my Z3C (Before the Lollipop update. I actually have no problem with the battery life, as many people are complaining about, My problems are: - Phone is superslow and laggy...