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    Thread Possible Module question: Can a module be made to disable/redirect "in-app" links?

    Possible Module question: Can a module be made to disable/redirect "in-app" links? Greetings, I apologize if this has been asked before. I did some searching and didn't find any answers any place else. So, hoping someone can help. The biggest frustration I have as an Android user is all of...
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    Thread [Question] SMS/hr limit setting locations Nougat - need to write a script

    I send out about 125 texts at a time to individuals to notify them of available contract work. This needs to go out as SMS so they all don't get replies from each other as they would get PISSED if that happened! In Android v6.0 the location to make this change was moved. I now have Nougat and...
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    Thread solved - adb device not recognized

    I I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else. I did a couple of searches without finding an answer. I can not get my MotoX to be a recognized device via adb. I am running Windows8 and I'm trying to get adb access to my ATT MotoX (DAMN, I wish I had a dev verstion!). - It shows up...
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    Thread [Q] Pls help me hack a setting to send a large # of work related SMS messages.

    I use my device for work. I coordinate/schedule jobs in which there are many people who can work certain slots. So, I'll send out one text message to about 75-84 individuals. Then the ones who can work reply. Later, I send out another mass SMS advising of remaining slots to be filled. My issue...
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    Thread [Q] SMS Sync - Tried out for Transformer?

    Has anyone tested this app on the TF yet? Looks promising! If any of you report that it works well I'll be looking to purchase it!
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    Thread [Q] DroidX Froyo market issue

    Updated sucessfully to Froyo! Everything runs great.... Except that I can't connect to the market. I get a time out error/can't connect. Gmail and all other apps have no issues. I have tried this solution: and, this...
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    Thread [Q] iheartradio "fetching configuration"

    My wife has iheartradio installed on her Captivate. Today, for no apparent reason it stopped working. Now, when she opens the app it displays a red dot with this at the bottom: Fetching Configuration Version 2.2.2 I have tried everything I can think of. I uninstalled the app, I searched the...
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    Thread GPS Settings: Performance Options (improvement)

    Ok, There are a lot of posts and information regarding the GPS issue that some are experiencing. I am starting (yet) another post in the interest of compiling and maintaining information regarding that information in one location. As users/devs find out information I will update this post so...
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    Thread Captivate System Dump

    UPDATE: Got an account with - so, here is a new link: Select the gray "download this file" button in the center. Try this one. We'll see if it runs out of bandwidth or reaches a max download.... NOTE: I pushed the FMRadio.apk...
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    Thread [REQ] Captivate MMS.apk

    Can someone post the mms.apk from the Captivate? I was messing around with mine and corrupted it. pushed the one from the Vibrant - but, I'm still getting errors.
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    Thread Captivate - Radio [MOD] request

    The radio in the Captivate is ATT crapware - have to pay a subscription to ATT and it appears to download/stream data instead of using the built in radio. The Vibrant has an app - radio.apk I pushed the .apk to the Captivate - but, it doesn't work. Most likely it needs to be modified to work...
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    Thread Captivate - ATT app removal advice request

    Obviously, I have an ATT-Captivate. I have removed all of the ATT crapware - except for: ATT FamilyMap ATT HotSpot Locator ATT Music I have looked through system/apps and didn't see any likely candidates to remove. Has anyone else removed them - and, if so, what are the apk's named and where...
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    Thread ATT custom market

    Anyone know how to get rid of the custom ATT Market? I would like to replace it with the stock Android Market app so that I can see my list of downloads! I had over 70 apps installed on my G1. It would be nice to see the list of apps I had purchased to re-download - instead of seeing that...
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    Thread Acer nemoPlayer

    I watched a video of the player on Phandroid. Anyone able to pull the .apk and post it up here? I'd like to see if it'll work on the latest CyanogenMod!
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    Thread Dropbox

    I don't know if this is appropriate for this forum. If not than will a moderator please remove this post. I just invited a bunch of people to Dropbox (I picked up an invite from a user on this forum a few weeks ago). While looking around Dropbox's website I noticed that they are looking for...
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    Thread New App/Game XDA forum! Devs please read.

    I humbly suggest that all Devs who are making apps or games that are NOT device specific move their discussions/threads to the following forums: XDA Android Applications and Games Then we can allow much of the clutter on the Dream forum for just Dream specific software. This forum, since it...
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    Thread For Devs and Themers: New XDA forum added!

    I humbly suggest that all Devs who are Cooking ROMS and/or making software that is NOT device specific or are for multiple devices move their discussions/threads to the following forums: XDA Android Software Development Then we can allow much of the clutter on the Dream forum for just Dream...
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    Thread [Q] plugin.tmobile - what is this?

    I was checking out my applications with Advanced Tack Manager and found: plugin.tmobile Does anyone know what that does or is it safe to uninstall it? I am running my G1 - unlocked and on ATT network. So, I could care less about T-mobile specific apps. Thanks for any suggestions. I...
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    Thread [Q] fastboot-device not recognized issue

    Yes, I have searched... ALL OVER! I have the new 1.6 sdk installed. I'm running the Cyanogen 4.1.999 ROM Donut/1.6. I have adb working. But, I can NOT get fastboot to recognize my device. I have tried the following: I have uninstalled the mass storage device - problem here is that Windows...
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    Thread G1 on ATT network - SMS not sent (SOLVED)

    I purchased a G1 from craigslist. Turned out it was an ADP device. I updated the recovery image, updated to Haykuro SPL, and Cyanogen ROM. Everything worked except that SMS messages would not send... (I didn't try MMS messages). I checked and double checked everything. ON another forum I...
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    Thread changing notification bar shortcuts - Gmail

    Is it possible to add a shortcut to be used from the notification bar drop down/windowshade? I would like to be able to have the delete/view option for an email by long pressing in the notification bar/drop down window. Currently, we select the email to get into the Gmail app - then use that...
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    Thread H VK with T9 please

    Can someone please point me to the H VK file that has the T9 keyboard? I have found several links for the H VK apk and downloaded them... But, I am looking for the file that includes the T9 keyboard. Am I missing something? I read on one thread that the one with the T9 keyboard was about...
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    Thread HTC VK apk files - what is the diff between key.apk and HTC_CIME.apk

    I have both files: key.apk and HTC_CIME.apk I found the the post advising on how to install the HTC_CIME.apk into the G build first and installed that file without a problem. I like the HTC VK version better than the G (I have big finger tips!) and I liked the predictive text feature I...
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    Thread Soft Reset app

    Does anyone know if there is a soft reset/restart app available? I am checking out a bunch of themes and hitting "Menu+End+Call" at the same time is a pain! I am hoping there is a simple app that you just press, select to confirm, and it restarts the phone. I have had a similar app for every...
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    Thread using adb

    I feel like an idiot. I keep reading posts and instructions on how to use the adb/adb shell. Everything I read seems to indicate that the knowledge on how to open the adb command window is something that any idiot should be able to do... So much so, that no one explains how! I must be missing...
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    Thread Solved - Change root password

    I used the directions from Jesus Freke to install the Mod RC30 on my G1. Then I read and used the instructions provided by Stericson to change my password.... Only one problem! Now it won't let me access root with su or with my password. I wanted to use something generic first and if it was...