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    Thread Times up! Filling BBB report

    Long story short - I own the SM-G925P and I'm very displeased with it after receiving yet another update today that included more bloat ware to the device. I was upset with the last major update as well because it included applications like 'App Spotlight' App Spotlight allows Sprint to collect...
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    Thread [ROM] SM-G925P Stock Base [OE2]

    Download Link Kernel included: Stock Samsung 3.10.61-4349716 Install using TWRP nothing has been done to it yet other than root and zipalign. This is fully functional rom for the OE2 release. OE2 does not fix the RAM leak so far just dropped calls fix and added more bloat. I will be working...
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    Thread [ROM] SM-G925P Clean Generic

    Generic ROM for Galaxy S6 Edge G925P Presenting Generic ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6 G925P Features - Based on AOD6 Stock ROM - Stock Samsung Kernel - Rooted (SuperSU) - ODEX'd Instructions Download the ROM and place it on the internal memory. Boot to recovery (twrp) factory data reset...
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    Thread Galaxy S6 Edge Partition Layout

    cat /proc/partitions major minor #blocks name 8 0 62480384 sda 8 1 4096 sda1 8 2 4096 sda2 8 3 20480 sda3 8 4 4096 sda4 8 5 4096 sda5 8 6 4096 sda6 8 7 8192 sda7 8...
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    Thread [R&D] Serial dump

    Here is a serial dump from the processor may come to some use this was during boot between bootloader to normal boot. I'm unable to get it to dump again. Samsung S-Boot 4.0 for SM-G920P (Mar 29 2015 - 21:52:54) EXYNOS7420 EVT 1.3 (Base on ARM CortexA53) 3048MB / 0MB / Rev 10 / G920PVPU1AOCF /...
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    Thread [MOD][LB]AwesomeBeats Audio

    Original thread done by flashallthetime Here I suggest you use this if you have a recovery. I was originally going to have him post this in his thread, but I think it should be in it's own thread in case there is issues related directly to this method of installing. Normally this is installed...
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    Thread [MOD][VZW][AT&T][SPR] Native tether

    Requires root access I went ahead and patched the app that check's for subscription on Verizon when trying to enable WiFi or USB Tether. I may self have an unlimited data plan and have been declined tethering because of my use. This needs to be installed in the /system that means if you...
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    Thread [Tool][Win] Repair IMEI & Roaming ERI issues

    DISCLAIMER This tool is only to be used to restore your original MEID/IMEI, this tool is not to be used for anything other then that, by downloading this tool YOU agree that you will only be using it to restore a damaged MEID/IMEI. XDA, FTT, I or anyone else is not held accountable for actions...
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    Thread [Tool][Win][ICS]Razr Root

    I know there is other tools out there, I was bored and decided to write up a tool that runs the root script in a GUI for windows.I just wanted something to do and this is what I came up with. Special Thanks To: Regaw - AndroidLib pedrotorresfilho kholk miloj - Exploit binary First things...
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    Thread [HowTo] VS920 Upgrade ICS Video

    Video Here Apparently you cant directly show youtube video on XDA :S request to XDA lol. Still processing.. I had no mic. haha but you get the point.
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    Thread [Tool] LGNPST 1.3 Developer Edition

    LGNPST 1.3 Developer Edition For XDA *DO NOT HOST/LINK/REPOST/OR ANYTHING ELSE OUT SIDE OF XDA* WITH OUT MY PERMISSION [Questions] Q.) Where is the Right Click Register ? A.) I recompiled it into the installer, it will automatically install when installing LGNPST Q.) Is the Right Click...
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    Thread [Tool] VS920 Repair Utility

    This utility will help you recover your IMEI / MEID from a bad flash. WARNING: This software only allows you to write to the device if the IMEI / MEID is zero'd out or does not contain anything. DO NOT WRITE SOMETHING YOU DON'T WANT. IF YOU WRITE THE WRONG IMEI / MEID YOU ARE SCREWED. I do not...
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    Thread [Q] [Idea] XDA Login API for WIN/MAC/Lin apps?

    Not sure if others would like this or if you can even do it. I recently built windows apps to help XDA members. Now normally I would just place for XDA use etc etc. Truthfully that doesn't work. I'm not a fan of many other sites out there and was wondering if XDA had an API I could implant...
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    Thread [Tool] Fix Test Mode

    [METHOD 1] After flashing a fresh tot back to your device, you should have factory reset the device. This will get you out of test mode. [METHOD 2] So you have a ton of data and don't want to factory reset. Then use this tool. This is a screenshot of a good run.. Download V1.0.0.2 Software...
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    Thread AutoPoster For Motorola's Facebook

    I said I would make it and well last night I was bored and I made it. This is a program that will post to Motorola's facebook ever xx mins. You might get banned to post on there wall but who knows we might also get heard. The program will be open source ill post program first then code later...
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    Thread [Win32 Tool]GUI One Click Root and UN-Root / VZW / US ONLY / DOWNLOAD ADDED

    !!Check out the Video on how it works!!! : The method of rooting your Android device as described below is solely by your choice and your choice only! IT WILL WIPE YOUR DATA. IT WILL WIPE YOUR DATA. IT WILL WIPE YOUR DATA. I, XDA, and other forum...
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    Thread [Win32 Tool]GUI Root with Check and Recovery!

    ShiftRRv1.0 Shift Root and Recovery will be able to root you're phone in a pretty safe manner. The program is designed to only flash the eng boot if the MD5 checksums are correct. This does it by simply pushing / pulling the hboot from the phone and checking the MD5 as if you were to manually...
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    Thread Who needs 4G when you got cricket with X Well past 4G speeds :) Lets see your speed tests.
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    Thread Dumping, kernel, boot, recovery etc.

    Right now I'm dumping all possible partitions, So far i have dumped 1-9, 10 just reboots my device.
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    Thread Sprint LATEST OTA Dump

    Okay, can someone get pull their /system/framework and /system/app folders from the latest sprint OTA please.. Thank You.. Forgot to back them up :(
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    Thread [WIP]Phone Calls On CDMA TAB

    So I just picked one of these up and want phone calling ability on it. I have already flashed the phone to cricket, as this is the service I will be using it one. I found the APK's for the TAB that includes the calling. Of course that throws errors. Thats because you can't replace the...
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    Thread OTA_Supersonic_3.30.651.3-3.30.651.2 11/10/2010

    Here is the latest, It contains a new boot.img and recovery.img Anyone have any information on it ?
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    Thread [GUIDE] HBoot 2.02 S-OFF

    By downloading this software you agree that you are solely responsible for the damage/harm that may come from this tool. This tool and its author is not responsible for the damage/harm that may happen, while this tool is generally safe, it does not mean something can not go wrong. IMPORTANT...
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    Thread HBOOT 2.02 S-OFF Finally! Here is the picture of the 2.02 S-OFFed It has a custom recovery on it now. More info to come. If this has been figured out already sorry again! !!!UPDATE!!! Whats Completed, S-OFF Custom Recovery ENG Bootloader. HBOOT 2.02.0000 is...
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    Thread [REQ] Need simple widget made.

    I'm in need of a Widget made that will work on 2.1 and 2.2. This widget will need to make a su request and run just a few simple cmds. If you think you can quickly make this please get in contact with me for more details. Of course willing to pay for your time. amoamare
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    Thread EVO Not showing 1x / False 3G

    Ok so I have been messing around with the evo and doing a new rom for the whole cricket thing. One thing i have noticed while doing this is that the EVO DOES NOT drop down to 1x at all. So i decided to write a 1x PRL to the phone. The phone reports that it is ON 3G network. This is not...
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    Thread [TOOL] HTC EVO Boot Replacer

    This tool is made for the HTC EVO. It will replace the bootanimation for you automatically. No need to know any commands its very simple. V1 Only supports pushing the not the sound. Will update later. Must be rooted already. Must have dotNET installed. V2 Fixed Name. Fixed...
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    Thread First time cooking rom? Radio Issues

    So I'm cooking up my first rom on the EVO, well actually any droid based phone. I have successfully Ported over the incredibile rom and fixed the keys as they were not working. My problem is that I'm not getting any radio, I'm wondering where abouts would i go to read how to fix this or any...
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    Thread Porting Incredibile Rom to EVO ?

    Was wondering if it was possible to port the Incredible rom to the HTC evo? I tried finding an Incredible rom to base it off of but i can not find one. If anyone knows of one i can base it off that would be nice. *Note I'm not using this rom for sprint, it will be a rom for cricket.
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    Thread Rooting OTB 2.1 Eris

    I have now Rooted Two 2.1 Eris the last few days. I dont know if this has been covered, I did a search and honestly searching here is a little fetch. This is a place holder. POST here if you want to know how to root 2.1 or post here and let me know if its already been known how to root. Here...